Xingbang Third-Generation Sand Making Machine Installation Instructions

Xingbang third-generation sand making machine installation instructions
mill the material to be broken, and then smash the key equipment.Is an essential part of stone crushers the mine processing equipment.Mill maintenance and repair of a direct impact on the operation rate and service life of the mill.In the process of how to properly maintain and overhaul the following given to introduce the role of: 1, roughly two, one is to protect the cylinder, followed by the steel ball at a specific speed raised to the required height, so that the ball was Falls like the whereabouts of the rolling mill to achieve the desired effect.The choice of liner you want to select a high quality, wear-resistant material that is to have high hardness and high.Mill liner wear by 70% or 70mm long the crack should be replaced.Of oil in the mill put into continuous operation a month should be all released, thoroughly cleaned and replaced with new oil.After the combination of repair about oil change once every six months.Lubrication points, lubrication and oil level at least every four hours, check again. 3, O’clock the mill operation, the the the temperature rise of of the main bearing lubricating oil does not exceed 55 ? 4, the normal operation of the mill, the transmission shaft and reducer temperature rise does not exceed 55 ? the maximum does not exceed 60 C. 5, large and small gear transmission is smooth and no abnormal noise.Necessary, timely adjustment of the gap. 6, ball mill running smoothly, without a strong shock. 7, the motor current should be no unusual fluctuations. , The connected fastener loosening, joint surface spill water of the five tax evasion, seamless mine phenomenon. 9, the ball is added according to the wear in a timely manner. 10, the bolt is loose or damaged should be repaired promptly. 11, grid ball mill, grate plate wear and tear can not be welding repair should be replaced. 12, the liner bolts for damage caused by the liner loose should be replaced. 13,.