Wild Animals Protection

Whether or not to protect wild animals attracts much attention, which has never happened before. Some argues that the protection is a waste of money, for there is no enough place for people, not mention wild animal. As me, protecting animals is such a serious problem that we can’t shrug off lightly, instead, we should solve it as soon as possible.

The animals have the equal right of living with human beings. Although Darwin said that “survival is fittest”, the real reason why the number of wild animal is sharply decreasing is not natural elimination but human being’s destruction. So we need to stop destroying the habitant of wild animals and knock ourselves out to save the wild animals’lives.

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In addition, the existence of wild animal can keep natural balance. The circulation of world has lasted thousands of years. If one part of this circulation -the wild animals became extinct, the result should be unimagineable.

Last but not least, wild animal are precious deposit to human. For example, a least research proves that there is an unusual enzyme which can change fiber, such as leaves and bamboo, into edible things. This discovery can greatly solve the problem of food. The most important thing is that the magical enzyme can just be found from pandas. Therefore we can see that animal is not a waste but endless valuables to human.

In conclusion, it is unreasonable for people not to protect wild animal. After all, we can’t let the sad thing happen – our children can just learn what monkey and tiger are from pictures and TV.