Why Volunteer

Ms294 nyeree boyadjian
601. 3-24-11

Informational piece
New York citizens ages 14-24 should be required
To do 26 hours of volunteer work a year. This would be very salutary for society. There are so many ways to volunteer; any able pre adult can do it! You may be busy, although 26hours a year is a very reasonable amount. Most high school and college students would mind half an hour a week being donated to volunteering, because this can possibly interfere with your “hangout” time, but what’s more important then being a hero.

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There are different types of volunteering you can donate, or raise money, work with orphans and disabled kids, feed the poor and homeless, go green and help the environment, or save hungry and abused animals. Waukesha County has high school and college citizens making volunteering there priority. “I didn’t realize there was that much of a need” says college freshman Clarissa Wood. Solibsism can’t continue it’s unsatisfying. Older generations helped the future by creating great inventions using gas and plastic those materials pollute, and cause global warming. According to Wikipedia 45% of the world is air pollution. Since the inventions helped us a lot, we must repay the past, by saving our future, cleaning up the earth to cause a healthier, safer, and cleaner environment. For us and future generations, let them carry the earth the way it should be.

Of course college and high school students spend a lot of time in school and on homework. Obviously meaning they need as much time as they can get for relaxing. Also will it touch the heart if you’re required to do it?

Lets look at the bigger picture. How much better our world would become with the help of volunteers ages 14-24, 26 hours a year, in New York. Do the right thing. There’s so many ways to help its fun too! Warm your soul. Make a difference. As former.