Why I Love My Pakistan

Everybody loves his country because patriotism is a natural passion. We like the earth where we are born. We like it because it feeds our bodies, illuminates our minds and saves our souls. Here we live among our near and dear ones who share our pains and pleasures. We feel a sense of security, closeness and companionship. Everything that it possesses belongs to us. Its beautiful valleys, high mountains, surging rivers and its values, customs and traditions all are dear to us. But my love for my country is not only because of these earthly and material things. i do love the scenic beauty of my country. But outer beauty is just superficial and temporary. It can attract permanently only when it has also some great ideal hidden in it. My country has this ideal which we call the ideology of Pakistan. And my love for my country is due to my love for its ideology.
Ideology is a set of ideas, beliefs and doctrines that the people of country want to follow in every field of life. As we belong to a Muslim country, our ideology can b nothing but Islam. Pakistan movement was started in the name of Islam. Before the partition, the Muslims of the subcontinent were leading a miserable life in India. The English were their political rulers while the Hindus were their social and economic rulers. They had been living with the Hindus for many centuries. But the two nations had nothing common between them. their religious, customs, traditions, cultures and languages all were different.
They neither intermarried nor interdined. The friend of the one was the foe of the other. The English rulers always sided with the Hindus. After 1857 it was crystal clear that the Muslims would never be able to lead their lives according to the teachings of Islam if they continued living with the Hindus. Keeping all this in view, the Muslims of the subcontinent decide to launch a movement for a separate homeland. At last, by the collective efforts of the Muslims of India, Pakistan emerged on the map.