Why Did War Break Out In 1939

Why did war break out in 1939?

In 1939 the Second World War started. It was led by a very religious man who had high hopes for his country, his name was Adolf Hitler. Many people believed that there were four main reasons for the start of the war: The Wall street Crash, League of Nations, Hitler’s ambitions and Appeasement.

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The Wall Street Crash affected the whole world. It was where companies were selling lots of stock at low prices. The prices began to rise and they still had people buying them. On the 3rd of September the stock market reached its Highest. Prices then fell as people refused to buy their products because of high prices. On the 29th of October 1929 only 16 Million products were sold. The market had lost 47 percent of its profit in 26 days. The German economy was very badly hit. In 1933, Hitler became Prime Minister of Germany and he was very worried about the problem and really wanted to do something about it.

In 1918, President Woodrow Wilson of America proposed the idea of the League of Nations. This meant that countries could sign this and they would be part of an alliance. They would work together to stop war and to create peace. But America did not join the league. They said that they didn’t want to be the world’s policemen. Also, they said that the League was too slow; it had no power and no army. All decisions made in the league had to be the same.

Hitler had countless ambitions. Many of these included Power and Land. Germany’s future depended on its need for more Lebensraum-Living space. He wanted all people of German blood to live in Germany and for this he needed land to house and feed them. He demanded Land from the East, as many Germans lived there. On March 13th 1938, Germany took over Austria-this was against the rules in the Versailles Treaty. By March 1939, Hitler had also taken over Czechoslovakia. Many wondered why this did not lead to war. As Hitler got away with more and more he thought that Britain and France would.