Why a College Egucation Is Important To Me

Why a College Education Is Important To Me

These days, a college education is not something that you take lightly, it is

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essential for success. Some people find it hard to determine the value of a college

education. Receiving a college degree can provide a higher salary, more opportunities

and self worth. Even though I agree with reasons above, I have additional reasons I feel

that a college degree is important to me.

First, this degree will upgrade us to a better life. For years we have just

been making ends meet. It would be great to have a good salary so we could have a

few extras like snowmobiles, gators and yacht. The last twenty five years I’ve worked in

factories with most of the time working second shift. I Missed out on a lot of my

children’s activities, I should have time for my grandchildren now, but I do need to

relocate because I have a daughter in Texas, and a son in Oklahoma and I would like

to move somewhere in the middle.

Second, education is important due to my background I’m from. I can remember

when I was very young we had a farm where, we milked 32 head of cattle by hand every

morning and night. My father a third generation dairy farmer had a strong work ethic

even though he only had an 8th grade education. He used to tell us stories when he was

young of how he and his brothers used to go out into the cornfield and pick corn, in the

middle of winter to make corn meal mush, just to fill their bellies. We worked very hard

in those days and the work never stopped, there was always something to do. Education

didn’t have much meaning back then; my eldest brother dropped out of school for work,

the next in line did also, and not one of us graduated from high school until later in life. I

however was the first to break the mold of my ancestry I dropped out and did a tour in the

Army. After leaving the service, I received my G. E. D. at Ferris State College.