When Harry Met Sally Movie Review

Major Characters

Harry Burns.Billy Crystal A young political consultant who moves from Chicago to New York to begin his new career.Sally AlbrightMeg Ryan A student who drives with Harry to New York in order to become a journalist.Marie.Carrie Fisher Sally’s best friend, who is always looking for a husband.JessBruno Kirby Harry’s best friend, who is a writer.

Plot Summary

This is the story of two cute people, Harry and Sally, who meet for the first timein 1977 when they find themselves driving together from Chicago to New York City tobegin new lives. Although the 18 hour trip is interesting for both of them, they decidethat they are too different from each other to even be friends, and thus, while bothsettle in New York, they do not try to stay in contact. However, over the next severalyears, Harry and Sally run into each other several times, and even though Harry had oncetold Sally that men and women can never really be friends because “the sex always getsin the way,” little by little, they become very close friends. Eventually, each one tries to help the other recover from their own failed relationshipswith other partners. Sally introduces Harry to Marie, and Harry introduces Sally to Jess,but things do not go as planned, and it is in fact Jess and Marie who decide to become anew couple. Thus, Harry and Sally find themselves alone together one more time, and onceagain each is forced to try and understand their relationship, as it changes from thatof acquaintances to special friends to perhaps something even more

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Some Words and Expressions that You may not Know

Harry and Sally meet for the first time, and soon discover why they’ll probably never be friends.You want to drive the first shift? A shift is a period of time in which work, or in this case, driving, is done.I have it all figured out.

To figure out something is to understand it. Very common.It’s an 18 hour trip which breaks down into six shifts. A complex phrasal verb which means “to divide into.”Mileage. The word for the distance that is traveled, broken down in miles.We’ve got 18 hours to kill before we hit New York Used here colloquially, meaning to arrive at.Suppose nothing happens to you. An interesting verb when used as an imperative (command), which tends to mean What if? or Just imagine that.Until the smell drifts into the hallway. T drift is an interesting verb meaning to move slowly, often with the idea that air or wind is causing the movement.Amanda mentioned that you had a dark side.

Note that people can have different sides to their personalities. In this case one that is sad, cynical or gloomy.That doesn’t mean that you’re deep or anything If a person (or a statement) is deep, that can mean that they are philosophically profound or interesting.A fleeting thought that jumps in and out. A fleeting thought or idea is one that lasts just a very short time before leaving.When the shit comes down, I’m going to be prepared. A crude and colloquial way to say “when things get bad.” Used here to specifically refer to the act of dying.Casablanca. A famous city in Morocco, and, of course, a famous movie made in the 1940s starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.I probably sound very snobbish to you. “Snobbish” is a way of describing people who look down on others as being inferior to themselves. However, you should note that “snobby” is a much more common variation of the word. .and so would any woman in her right mind! Somebody “in their right mine” is sane, or not crazy.If you need a root canal, Sheldon is your man. A very painful type of tooth operation.Humping and pumping are not Sheldon’s strong suit.

Humping and pumping is to have sex, though this is never used. Someone’s “strong suit” is their specialty, or what they are good at.Oil and vinegar on the side.

A way to request that certain foods such as salad dressing or sauce be served with a meal, but apart from the other food.Apple pie a la mode.

A French term meaning “with ice cream.”So how come you broke up with Sheldon? “To break up” is the definitive verb to use when two people who have been romantically involved end a relationship.You’d be off with Sheldon, the wonder schlong.

Schlong is a funny Yiddish (Jewish) word for penis. The use of wonder before any noun means excellent, or smart.I am not with you! When with is used with emphasis, as here, it means that the person is dating or romantically involved with the other.Suspicious. An important word to describe the actions of someone who looks like they’ve done something wrong or illegal.Empirically, you are attractive. Empirically is a word that means based on scientific experiment or observation, and is often used by scientists. Attractive is used to describe a person who is either good-looking or has a good personality.So, you’re coming on to me. A critical and complex phrasal verb: “To come on to” someone is to make a sexual advance, and note that it can be a noun, as in “that was clearly a come-on.”Let’s just say for the sake of argument. A common and interesting expression which means approximately even if this were true.I take it back, OK? To take back something is to retake something that you have already given away, but note that you can only do this with physical things, and not words that have left your mouth!Oh Jeez, what are we supposed to do, call the cops? Jeez is an interesting way to express anger, skepticism or frustration. Cops is a widely used word for the police.Just let it lie.

A dated way to say just forget about it.This is not a come-on in any way, shape or form.

A interesting expression used to show that one thing is not at all like another, but in fact completely different.No, you pretty much want to nail them, too. As used here, to nail is a crude and colloquial way of saying to have sex with someone. Not particularly common.The sex thing is already out there, so the friendship is ultimately doomed Note that in very colloquial speech, thing can be used after any word following the to refer to a general situation. Doomed is a powerful adjective that suggests a person will face a terrible event, such as death. Several years later, Harry and Sally find themselves on the same plane, and soon remember why they’ll probably never be friends.High school sweethearts. A couple that became romantically involved in school.After our junior year, his parents moved away. Remember, schools are divided into years: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior.Are you still with the D.A.’s office? A D.A. is a district attorney, the lawyer who prosecutes accused criminals for the state. The P.D., or public defender, is the person who defends them.Thank God he couldn’t place me. If you can’t place someone in your mind, you may recognize the person but not remember how you know them.He made a pass at me. Like come-on, a common word for a sexual advance.Do you have any Bloody-Mary mix? A popular drink made with vodka and tomato juice. Then add a splash of Bloody Mary mix.and a little piece of lime. To splash is what the water does when you jump in the pool, but a splash is just a tiny amount of liquid. A lime is a type of lemon, but smaller and greener.You went with her! In the right context, to go with somebody means to be romantically involved with them! Fair enough. An excellent way to respond if somebody says something to you that you think is convincing, or just a good point.That’s why I have never taken anyone to the airport at the beginning of a relationship. No difficult words here, but worth listening to carefully since this captures the heart of Harry’s philosophy and personality.You look like a normal person.but you’re the angel of death.

A silly way to refer to a very bad person.It’s nice to see you’re embracing life in this manner. “To embrace” is a interesting verb meaning literally to hug, or, as here, to eagerly accept.The whole thing.”the whole-life-of-a-single-guy thing.” Note again the use of “the X thing” construction, used commonly among certain people (including Harry and Sally).Over-bite. When a person’s upper teeth stick out past their lower teeth.What goes through your mind? A nice variation of what do you think about?This is an amendment to the earlier rule. An excellent legal word, referring to writing that is added to a document after it was already written and approved, but is accepted as just as true and valid as the original writing.The person you’re involved with then accuses you of being secretly attracted to the person you’re just friends with. Two of the most important words in the movie. If two people are just friends, they’re not romantically involved.Come on, who the hell are we kidding?! “To kid” someone means to lie to them, but in a playful manner. This is therefore a very colloquial but common way of saying that “we don’t even believe ourselves. As you already know, come on is the greatest and most versatile phrasal verb in English, here simply expressing frustration and skepticism.So I ditched Ruberta. To ditch someone is a colloquial way of saying to leave them behind, without them knowing where the person went.I went through his pockets in bed. To go through a person’s pocket or wallet is to search it. Harry faces a painful divorce and Sally breaks-up with her boyfriend, but each has their friends.The point is, he’s never going to leave her! Answers the questions What’s the point?” or “What are you trying to say?”So what else is new? A great question that you would ask if somebody tells you something that is obvious, or already old news.You mean Joe’s available?! In the right context, another way to say single, as opposed to married.You had a date on national holidays! In the US, this is the 4th of July, Labor Day, etc.The clock is ticking. An expression that often refers to the biological clock, or the desire of women to have children before they’re too old.You’re in such great shape.

A very useful expression to describe a person who is very healthy and looks good.I’m in a mourning period “To mourn” is to experience great sadness after a tragedy such as the death of a family member.You fixed me up with him six years ago! “To fix up somebody with someone else” is a common colloquial way of saying to arrange for two people to meet to see if they would be interested in becoming involved with each other.A transitional man. Serving only temporarily as a link from one to another.If you don’t grab him, someone else will. To grab someone is to physically seize them, but it is used here to mean attract, or perhaps become involved with.She wants a trial separation.

A sad little phrase referring to the period when couples agree to live apart to see if they should get an official divorce.Like this is supposed to cushion the blow.

A cushion is a soft pillow, and a blow can mean a sharp hit, so this is another way of saying to lessen the (emotional) pain.Incentive A critical word meaning motivation.Oooh, that’s harsh.

“Harsh” literally means irritating or severe, though more generally, it can mean cruel.You don’t bounce back from that right away. To bounce back from something is to recover from it.I’m a writer, I know dialogue, and that’s particularly harsh. Dialogue refers to spoken words that come from a movie or play.She can sub-let his apartment. To sub-let is to rent from a renter, and not directly from the landlord.The words are still hanging in the air, like a balloon attached to a mouth. An interesting way for Harry to say the words are still very much on his mind. The balloon refers to the words that are printed in comic strip cartoons when characters are speaking.When did this woman book you for this gig? To book is to reserve, or arrange for. A gig is very colloquial for a job or show, and is a widely used word in show business.One was wearing a T-shirt that says don’t fuck with Mr. Zero.” If you “fuck with” somebody, you are probably doing something that will make them angry. Crude, but widely used.So humiliating. — Tell me about it.

An interesting expression that you would use when someone tells you something that you completely agree with (ie.”yes, it really is humiliating!”).I knew that even though we were happy, it was an illusion. An “illusion” is a false belief or unrealistic fantasy.One day she will kick the shit out of me. “To kick the shit out of a person” is to physically attack and hurt them, though here Harry uses it to mean hurt emotionally.Marriages don’t break up on account of infidelity.

A powerful word meaning lack of loyalty, or most often and more specifically, sleeping with or becoming involved with someone who is not your spouse.Well, that symptom is fucking my wife. Another clever but crude line from Harry. A symptom is usually the sign of a disease, rather than the disease itself. I just happen to see his American Express bill. A well known credit card.Briefcase The case that most businessmen use to hold their papers. Harry and Sally meet again, and soon find that a friendship is possible, after all.Someone is starring at you in personal growth.

Personal Growth refers to a section of many bookstores that have self-help books, such as How to Stop Being Shy.He’s cute.and he’s also obnoxious.

A good adjective meaning disagreeable and offensive, and perhaps loud or vulgar.This is just like in the movies.when the lady vanishes.

To vanish is an interesting way of saying disappear.Contemptible. Deserving of contempt, despicable, horrible, disgusting, etc.Yeah, well, what you going to do? When said with a sigh of despair or sadness, a nice little way to say Yeah, but that’s life.”She and Gerry never did it any more. When referring to couples, to “do it” refers to having sex.She just said it matter-of-factly.

An interesting way to say very casually, or without emotion.The kids just took every sexual impulse they had out of them. Here, used to mean desire. Note that when you take out something, you remove it.We were in the cab playing I-spy.

A game little kids play where they put their hands over their eyes, look through their fingers and scream out what they see.It’s this cold, hard ceramic tile.

A type of floor covering used in kitchens and bathrooms.I mean, I am really over him.

To be over somebody is to no longer be hurt by them.Obituary column. The part of the newspaper which lists all the people who have just died, and usually gives a brief summary of their life.Then you tip the doorman. A person who works in large apartment buildings who does various services for the tenants. Very common in New York.Real Estate. The term for houses, condominiums, apartments, etc.You were just so uptight then. Uptight is a strongly negative adjective meaning tense, nervous or very socially conservative.OK, you’re still hard as nails.

“Nails” are the pointed metal tools that are used with a hammer. Thus, this expression means cold, or unfriendly.I didn’t want to sleep with you, and you had to write it off as a character flaw.

In this case, to write off something is to decide it is unimportant. A character flaw is a small problem in a person’s personality.What is the statute of limitations on apologies? A legal term referring to the time that must pass before a person can no longer be charged with a crime.We both lived in tenements.

A word referring to poorly maintained apartment buildings.The Lower East Side. The Bronx. Two different parts of New York City.All right, fine. Have it your way! What you might say after you’re too tired to argue anymore.Maybe I’m coming down with something. “To come down” with a cold or other medical condition is to start to feel the first symptoms of it.Last night I was up to 4 in the morning watching “Leave it to Beaver” in Spanish A classic TV show of the 1950s, about a typical American kid.I feel weird when my leg wanders over.

“Weird” is a great and common adjective meaning strange. “To wander over” is to move or travel without thinking about where you are going.Ooo, Ingrid Bergman. Now she’s low maintenance.

A great colloquial expression, as is it’s opposite, “high maintenance.” This usually refers to the care and energy needed to take care of a house, but it is now used for people!Probably a 24 hour tumor.

They’re going around.

A tumor is a growth on the body that can be a sign of cancer. If a medical condition is going around, it’s spreading from person to person.I’ll stay up and moan.

To moan is a key verb referring to the sound you make when very sad or sick, or, funny enough, when having sex! (Uggghhhhhhhh.)I’ve nailed the compulsories, so this is it, the finals. Harry loves the verb “to nail,” in this case used to mean to have done very well. Here, referring to the various levels of competition in his Olympics dream.My mother disguised as an East German judge gave me a 5.6 It must have been the dismount.

The act of getting off of a piece of gymnastic equipment, or for Harry, getting off of a girl after having sex with her (Note that a score of 5.6 is good, but not as good as a perfect 6.0!).He rips off my clothes. “To rip off” is a more forceful and potentially violent way of saying remove.Well, sometimes I vary it. “To vary” is a useful verb meaning to do things in differing ways.I would be proud to partake of your pecan pie. An old-fashioned verb meaning to have, or take part in.What do you have, a hot date? A great expression! Not just a date, which makes you nervous enough, but a hot one, because (s)he is so smart, rich, sexy, etc.I think you should wear skirts more. A cute dress (more or less).Hieroglyphics The writing of the ancient Egyptians, found on cave walls.An ancient comic strip about a character named Sphinxie. Comic strips are the cartoons that appear each day in the newspaper.You know, Harry, I think you should get out there, too Here, referring to the wonderful world of romance and dating!He starts flossing with it at the table! “To floss” is every dentist’s favorite verb, since it means to clean between the teeth, using dental floss or other string-like tools.Ethiopia A major African country which has suffered horrible famines.So, I down shift into small talk To shift means to change, and often refers to the stick shift on a car, though here it refers to Harry’s style of speaking. “Small talk” is the conversation people often engage in when they are getting to know each other, such as about the whether.Michigan State. Northwest. Two universities, both a part of the “big-ten” sports division.Anxiety attack. Feelings of extreme nervousness and discomfort that often arrive suddenly, and can be very difficult to control.Why can’t you give me credit for this? To give someone credit for something is to acknowledge or admit that what they have done is a good thing.Jerk! — Creep! Excellent insults, along with idiot, moron, and asshole(!)It’s very freeing.

Harry’s way of saying liberating.Its a whole new perspective.

A very important word meaning point of view. People can usually begin to see things in better perspective, but only after time passes.She actually meowed! A meow is the sound that cats make (Dogs, alas, only bark).I’m not always thinking about how to get her into bed. As you’d expect, to get someone into bed is to have sex with them. Sally shows Harry how women can fake itSquash. A sport that’s similar to racquetball (It is also a vegetable).You are a human affront to all women. “An affront” is a total insult or offensive presence.What are you saying? That they fake orgasms? “To fake” is to pretend, in this case in order to trick or deceive. An “orgasm” is a sexual climax, and one of the really great words in any language.Get out of here! “Leave,” obviously, but also a classic expression that when used in the right context, as here, actually means “I don’t believe you! Even more amazing, this expression is sometimes reduced to simply Get out!I’ll have what she’s having. One of the great lines in this movie, but put here to note the use of a stative verb (to have) in the progressive tense! and Harry and Sally meet Jess and Marie.If neither one of us is with anybody, you got a date — Deal.

In this context, a common and cool way to say OK, or I agree.He was the head counselor at the boy’s camp. A “counselor” is a person who advises others on school, jobs, relationships, etc.Where is this place? — Somewhere in the next block.

The square or rectangular areas of a city, in between streets.If by some chance you hit it off, we could still be friends. If two people who meet “hit it off,” then they like each other, or in some contexts, may even become romantically involved.Instead of drifting apart.

Two people who “drift apart” become more distant over time.Jess, Sally is a great orderer.

Note that you “order” food in a restaurant, but this noun rarely is ever used, except perhaps by people like Harry.I’ve never quoted anything from a magazine in my life! To quote is to use the exact words said or written by another [ ].That’s amazing! A common and cool word meaning fantastic or unbelievable.Get over yourself! Here, meaning “You are so amazing!,” but in reality, never used this way.Well, it spoke to you, and that pleased me. A poetic way of saying “you enjoyed it.”You have to admire people that can be that articulate.

“Articulate” is an excellent word referring to people who express themselves well, often with clarity and force.He’s going through a rough period. He’s been having a difficult time with life recently.”I don’t want you to reject him right now. To reject is a painful verb referring to the decision of one person to not get romantically involved with the other.Sally’s very vulnerable right now. “Fragile,” and in this case, emotionally speaking.Don’t make any moves tonight. A common way to refer to sexual or romantic advances.So I sneak into her village. To sneak into a place is to secretly enter. Jess and Marie discover each other, and Harry and Sally find themselves together and alone again.There’s great stuff here. A key word meaning “things,” but note it’s a non-count noun.It also makes great fries.

A short way to say French fries (ie.potatoes, McDonalds style!).Here are the lyrics right here. Lyrics are the words that are written for songs.Trust me, she looked weird.

Trust me is another widely used way to say Believe me! Weird is an excellent and useful word meaning strange or odd.She must be retaining water. To retain is to keep, though Harry’s use of it here is ridiculous.In a city of 8,000,000 you are bound to run into your ex-wife. If something is “bound to” happen, this means that it is almost certainly going to happen. “To run into” someone is to see them by random chance, or without having made any plans to do so.We’ll let Harry and Sally be the judge. To let someone be the judge is a common expression when you want them to decide the truth of something.Case closed. The point has been proven, or perhaps, the matter is settled.What’s so awful about that? “Awful” is a powerful little word meaning horrible, disgusting, etc.Bar stools. The tall chairs that one finds at bars.I want our friends to benefit from the wisdom of my experience. “To benefit” is to gain happiness or advantage. “Wisdom” is an interesting word referring to a combination of good judgment, common sense and intelligence.The legal firm of “that’s mine-this is yours. A very hostile way to refer to divorce lawyers! Law firms are usually referred to by proper names, such as Jones, Smith and DavisOne day you’ll go 15 rounds over who is going to get that table. Boxers “go 15 rounds” in a boxing match, but here Harry is talking about the fighting that takes place in general when couples break up.He just bumped into Helen. Like “run into,” a common phrasal verb describing when two people see each other who had no plans of doing so.A wagon wheel coffee table. Refers to the wagons of the “old west,” which horses pulled.A lecture series on social graces.

A “lecture” is an official speech or talk. “Social graces” refers to the type of behavior that is expected among the upper classes.I’ll sign up.

To sign up is to enroll or join a class or organization. Very common.I don’t have to take this crap from you! A crude but common noun, meaning nonsense, abuse or perhaps offensive behavior. A good alternative for “bullshit.”What the hell does that have to do with anything? Added to “Wh questions” in order to express anger, surprise and other emotions. Very common.I don’t see that turning Helen into a faint memory A faint memory is one that is distant or fading.It’s an ape, going ape! Planet of the Apes! “To go ape” is a funny way of saying to go crazy, while “Planet of the Apes” is a popular movie from the 1970s.”Baby talk” is not a saying! A “saying” is another word for an “expression.”Oh, but “baby fish mouth” is sweeping the nation.

If something is “sweeping the nation,” it has become very popular.De-caf. Short and common for decaffeinated coffee.Did Julian seem a little stuffy to you? An interesting word meaning very formal, or perhaps a bit snobby.Harry doesn’t even like sweets.

Refers to sweet foods, like cake and ice cream.Emily is terrific.

An alternative adjective for great, wonderful, etc.Ted Kennedy. A Senator from Massachusetts and brother of the late President.He’s got a big case to do and blah blah blah. A great expression which lets the listener know that there are many more little details to the story, but they aren’t worth discussing.She’s a paralegal.

A person who works in a law office assisting lawyers.I’m difficult. — You’re challenging.

When used to refer to a person, “challenging” is a diplomatic word for one who is hard to get along with, or, of course, difficult!I’m too structured, I’m closed off.

If a person is too “structured,” this probably means too concerned with rules or details. A person who is “closed off” is perhaps hard to reach or communicate with.It’s just sitting there like this big dead end.

A dead end street has no way to exit except to turn around. A situation that is dead end is one without the possibility of progress or success. Harry and Sally seem to make a very big mistake, and Sally and Jess get Married.It’s really no trouble. A polite thing to say if you go out of your way to help someone and they continue to thank you.You have all the video tapes alphabetized on index cards? Small rectangular cards on which people often take notes.What’s the matter? What’s wrong?” The thing to say if someone looks sad or upset.One thing led to another. A clever expression which describes how something developed, if it was unexpected.It’s like killing two birds with one stone! An old saying which means to accomplish two things at the same time. Strongly disliked by bird lovers.But then I felt suffocated.

To suffocate is to die from lack of air.It would have been great if it had worked out, but it didn’t If things “work out,” they are generally positive or successful.It’s Jane Fonda on the VCR.

VCR is the Video Cassette Recorder. Until DVD players become more popular, the machine most people will use to play movies.No, I’m not up to it.

Here, meaning “I don’t feel like it. I am so relieved that you think so! An important adjective implying a person feels better because their pain, fear or anxiety has been taken away. To relieve someone is to lesson or ease their pain or fear.He was seeing this anthropologist.

A person who studies the origins and physical and cultural development of mankind.We are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of Marie and Jess, and to consecrate their vows of matrimony. The usual language at a wedding ceremony. Consecrate is a very official word for declare, while matrimony refers to marriage.Boy, the holidays are rough! Literally, this means to have an uneven surface or one covered with bumps, but as here, a very common way to say difficult. Note the use of boy at the beginning of a sentence to show emotion.I just try to get from Thanksgiving to the day after New Years. The American holiday of late November in which families get together to eat Turkey dinners and celebrate the arrival of the first English settlers in the new world.Why can’t we get past this? “To get past” something is to finish discussing or thinking about something in the past.Is one of us supposed to be a dog in this scenario? An outline of a possible story or series of events in the future.I didn’t walkout. — No, sprinted is more like it! To sprint is to run as fast as possible.Let’s just get one thing straight! “Let’s at least agree on this one thing.You looked up at me with these big weepy eyes. To weep is to cry, and thus weepy is filled with tears.You took pity on me!? Pity is the emotion you feel when you feel sorry for someone.I’d like to propose a toast to Harry and Sally. The act of raising up wine glasses at a celebration in order to thank or honor people who are present.If Marie or I had found either of them remotely attractive An interesting adverb often meaning “just slightly.”It is also the season of groveling.

“To grovel” is a funny little verb meaning to beg or humble oneself in a humiliating manner, often while lying on the ground.I’m through making a schmuck of myself. If you are through with something, you are finished doing it. A schmuck is a Yiddish (Jewish) word for a stupid person or fool. Harry and Sally discover that you really never know what can happen between two people.I am not your consolation prize.

A prize or gift given to a person who does not win the game, but deserves something just for playing.What’s so bad about this? You got Dick Clark, that’s tradition. Dick Clark is a famous TV personality who has been hosting New Year’s eve celebrations for decades.The Knicks. The professional basketball team for New York City.I don’t know why I let you drag me into this. To drag is to pull, so to drag someone into something is to force them into a situation that they didn’t want to get involved in.This is the perfect time to catch up on my window shopping.

“To catch up on” something is to finally do it after having not done so for a certain period of time. “Window shopping” is to look at store windows to see what is for sale, but not necessarily to buy anything.I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you’re looking at me like I’m nuts.

A “crinkle” is a wrinkle, and “nuts” is a good slang word for crazy.”Should old acquaintance be forgot.” An “acquaintance” is simply a person that one knows, although it is sometimes used for a friend who is not particularly close. The lyrics above are from a classic song that is sung every New Years.We had this enormous coconut cake “Enormous” is extremely big, or huge.It makes it very soggy.

“Soggy” means soaked, which is what cereal becomes when it sits in milk for a few minutes.The coconut soaks up a lot of that stuff. “To soak up” is to absorb.