What Makes Art Art

What Makes Art, Art?

Art can be so many forms including pictures, sculptures, architecture, and

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poetry. Art is indefinite, expressive expression and a medium used by people so they

can express their ideas, fears, and their joy’s. Artist takes the experience of life and

translates them into a visual object, shapes, colors, and sizes for others to see and

to enjoy. As a casual observer of art, one is able to relive the feeling or experience

the artist or person was trying to show. No matter what cultural setting it comes

from art apparition and the enjoyment can erase the barriers and the limits that

Allows cross cultural understanding and appraisals. The knowledge of art is

measured by someone’s experience. No one person can know art, but it’s possible

for someone to be briefed in the art field and the understanding of it. There are

no experts in art because the rules change everyday when it comes to art.

Everyone sees art differently in their on eyes. Where some people may see the

objects, demission, and the patterns. Where others may not see anything at all.

Take impression art for example a person who is to view and study the painting

may see it in many different ways, so the viewer can interpret it into what the artist

was thinking and feeling at the time of the painting. For me, the snow on the

ground is art. For example the way it falls on hill and ditches it looks like waves to

me. Also, how it stays on top of the houses and the sun hits it and it makes it shine.