Voice Of Democracy

Veterans of America have made our country what it is today, full of freedom and safety. A lot of people say oh, yeah I am proud of the veterans, but are they really? Are they really thinking about what they are saying? Much of what the United States of America is today is because of what the service men and woman have done to protect our freedom.
There are so many things that they have given to us for which we are thankful. The biggest thing is peace throughout the United States and beyond. There are many injustices happening throughout our world. Since the U.S. is the only super power left, many of our top leaders feel that we should be the nation whose responsibility it is to correct such injustices. Because of this, our veterans have fought for the future youth of not only those in America but also for those in foreign lands. Some might think that if we have one huge war, then all of this fighting would end. That is what most Americans thought during world war I and then again during world war II.
Freedom, freedom is what everybody in this world wants, and who has it? America, particularly the youth of America, has freedom because of the heroes that stood up for their own country and their beliefs. All these teens and children are going to grow up, and when they do, they get to go to college. They get to get a job of their choice when there are so many choices out there. The reason we have these and many other freedoms is because of the sacrifices of our military personnel, our veterans of the United States of America.
Responsibility and honor are two American attributes that have been resurfacing in the past few years. This has been seen recently in those youth who have stepped up and volunteered to serve for our country. Even though they know they will surely be going to Iraq or Afghanistan, they willingly do so as a gesture extending from past veterans to the present. They are well aware of the sacrifices previous veterans have made to.