Unlimited Business Chance of Mine Industry in 2012

Time has quietly come to the year of 2012. As for the domestic industry, the infrastructure construction has lifted a new upsurge again; and what is happening in the international market? Many third world countries such as Africa and other countries has shown new dawn in the reconstruction efforts again; many such good news will promote the mining machinery industry to welcome a new year with unlimited business opportunities.

(1) Domestic infrastructure construction lifts a new upsurge.

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2012 is a year when the twelfth five year plan of our nation has a strong development. The new rural construction, security housing construction, highway, and railway and water conservancy facilities construction become a top priority. The tendency that our country has a strong support for buildings will certainly increase the demand for raw materials such as cement, sand and concrete and will provide mining machinery industry with new development opportunities.

In addition, as the policy of development of western regions is promoting continuously, the rich coal and rock resources in the western region will inject new and fresh blood for the industrial development of our country. For this reason, the research and development of highly efficient, energy saving and environmentally friendly crushing equipment, coal mining and manufacturing equipment has become the magic weapon of the mining machinery manufacturing companies for taking up the western market.

(2) Third world countries show new dawn in reconstruction efforts.

In recent years, the third world countries have had remarkable period of development, especially Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Tunisia and other countries, their national reconstruction will become the first priority for the new government to win over popular support and lay the dominant position after coming to power, and road and houses construction are inseparable from the support mining machinery.

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