Thirteen Movie Review

Major Characters

TracyEvan Rachel Wood A pretty and smart but confused 13 year old girl in a Los Angeles middle school who decides she wants to become “cool” and popular. Evie.Nikki Reed Tracy’s new and beautiful best friend, who becomes a bad influence with her lifestyle of drug use, smoking, sexual promiscuity and constant shopping, among other things.MelHoly Hunter Tracy’s alcoholic but well-intended mother, who desperately tries to save her daughter from destroying her own life, while also trying to raise her son and take care of her boyfriend and herself.MasonBrady Cobert Tracy’s brother, who loves to surf, and is well aware that his sister is starting to have serious social problems.BradyJeremy Sisto Mel’s boyfriend, who often lives with Mel and her family, who is trying to improve his life by beating his addiction to cocaine and other drugs.Brooke.Deborah Kara Unger Evie’s guardian or caretaker, who could be her aunt or cousin, but is definitely not her mother.CynthiaCynthia Ettinger A good friend of Mel’s who tries to warn her that Evie is a very bad influence on Tracy.Javi.Charles Duckworth Another 13 year old kid who is the first boy that Tracy becomes sexually involved with.

Plot Summary

This film is the story of Tracy, a pretty but confused and insecure 13 year old girl from Los Angeles, who falls under the dangerous influence of Evie, another13 year old, who is considered the sexiest and most popular girl in their school.Tracy lives with her mom, Mel, who is struggling to raise both her and her brother,Mason, while also taking care of her drug addicted boyfriend, Brady. Unfortunately,when Tracy becomes best friends with Evie, Tracy’s life starts to fall apart asshe becomes involved with all of the social problems associated with young, outof control teenagers.Evie, who was sexually abused as a child, moves in with Tracy’s family after itbecomes clear that her caretaker, or cousin, Brooke, is not able to control her.Evie is heavily involved with drugs and boys, and even worse, with such activitiesas stealing, piercing (pushing needles through body parts) and even sadomasochism,in which people take pleasure in physically hurting themselves and others. Tracy,who started out as an innocent kid, soon learns all of these unpleasant and dangerousehaviors, and in so doing, she becomes a parental nightmare for her loving butoverwhelmed mother. In short, this movie is a disturbing but realistic look atthe lives of young teenage girls today, and as such, it is also a revealing lookat the endless struggles of modern American life.

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Some Words and Expressions that You May not Know

Tracy starts her journey from Mel’s innocent daughter to Evie’s troubled best friend.I can’t feel anything. This is so awesome.

“Awesome” is a much loved adjective among the young that means excellent, great, or more colloquially, cool.That’s your brain cells popping.

“To pop” is to burst or explode, but it is only used with small objects. OK, I’m going to plunk you. A very slangy verb that means to hit or strike. Rarely used.Come on, come on, let’s go. The most versatile phrasal verb in English, though only used as an imperative (command). Here, it means hurry up.Let me fix this before somebody gives you the wedgie from hell. A silly word which refers to the act of pulling up a person’s underwear into the crack of their ass. If something is “from hell,” it’s very unpleasant.What’s up, guys? A very common and colloquial way of greeting a person after having not seen them for a while (an alternative to “What’s new?”).Looks like she grew up this summer. — No shit! The first sentence is a way for young teens to comment on the physical changes that girls go through at their age. “No shit” is a crude but fun and common way to say that what was just said is totally obvious.Be cool, dude.

— What’s up, Evie? “Be cool” is a way of telling a person to be nice and helpful, or in the right context, calm. “Dude” is the most overused and ridiculous sounding word in English for guy, and in the last few years, even females have started to use it when talking to each other. Avoid using it.Hair gel, baby. “Gel” is a jello-like substance that is used in hair styling.Hey, what’s happening? Another very common alternative to “What’s new?” when greeting a person after having not seen them for a while.Jesus, a two dollar tip.

They ate half the lasagna.

“Jesus” is a widely used way of expressing emotion such as anger or frustration. A “tip” is given as an addition to the regular bill for a service, such as at a meal at a restaurant. “Lasagna” is a type of Italian pasta.You’re way too generous.

If a person is “generous,” they give much time, money or energy to others without expecting to be paid back in return.Did dad send you the check this month? — Lay off him, Tracy. “To lay off’ a person is to stop complaining about or bothering them after having done so for a while. “He was crippled, but only his body was cracked.

” If a person is “crippled,” they are disabled and perhaps unable to walk. This is a somewhat dated word. If something is “cracked,” it has a line or split running through it, though if a person is cracked, it could mean they’re crazy.I have to pee, and she hasn’t eaten anything. The most common way to say to go to the bathroom, or more specifically, to urinate.There’s some stuff on the stove. “Stuff” is a common word for things in general, and a “stove” is a burner, often on the top of an oven, for frying food.I just haven’t been to a meeting all week and you know I need to go. Be aware that Mel is talking about AA, or an Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, which is a popular way for alcoholics to try and stop drinking.”Let’s just leave it at that and choose the holy book of lies.” If you just “leave it at that,” you agree not to talk about it anymore. The “holy book” usually refers to the Bible (If something is “holy,” it is believed blessed by or connected to God).”Denying to herself what she thought happened.” In this context, “to deny to yourself” something is to pretend you don’t believe what you actually think you do. Wow, that’s really heavy.

“Heavy” can be a very slangy word for philosophically profound, deep, or important (Mel is talking about Tracy’s poetry).That’s Morio’s cake. He’s 12 years sober.

To be “sober” is to be not under the influence of alcohol (or other drugs). This is a way of saying Morio is an alcoholic, but hasn’t drunk for 12 years.I want a piggyback ride.

To get a “piggyback ride” with somebody is to be carried around on their back (and neck) while they walk around.I can’t baby sit. — Baby, cut me a break.

A very slangy way of saying “Be nice and helpful in this difficult situation.” A more common related expression is “Give me a break.”I heard she’s got a huge scar on her back. A mark that is left over on skin after it has been cut or injured.She’s not a wonder woman.

An alternative way of saying a super woman, or somebody with amazing powers and talents beyond (normal) female humans.I’m wearing lip gloss.

A type of clear lipstick that makes lips very sexy.That girl from chem class Who let her out of the cabbage patch? “Chem” is short for chemistry. A “cabbage patch” a small piece of land where cabbages are grown, though the context of this second sentence means that the girl in question looks socially strange, awkward or nerdy.How come?! — Because I look stupid? Hello! Remember that “How come?” is a common way of saying “why?.” Note that with the right tone of voice, “Hello!” is a fun way of saying that the other speaker is either saying something totally obvious or totally stupid.Mother scores! A slangy and young person’s way of saying that a person has done something right, or gotten something that is good or well deserved.I could rinse these off. — Right on! A dated but still occasionally used way of saying good, cool, or excellent.For the project, I’m doing J-Lo.

A reference to Jennifer Lopez, a popular entertainer with kids under 18.We can go shopping on Melrose.

A famous street for shopping in Los Angeles.Cute shirt. An important word meaning pretty or attractive in a delicate way. Here, it’s refers to clothes, but it’s more common for people and animals.I have gymnastics today. A popular form of physical exercises designed to develop strength and balance, as well as a competitive sport in which individuals perform on such objects as the parallel bars and swinging rings. Hey, come clean this shit up! Note that “shit” can be used to describe any kind of mess or disorder.Really disgusting.

A powerful adjective meaning repulsive, gross or revolting.I only brought 10 bucks.

A “buck” is a very common colloquial word for a dollar.Loser! A common insult noun to describe a person who is stupid, socially awkward or just has big problems. Much loved among the young.You keep in mind that you work for me. One way of saying “don’t forget.”I totally just stole this! — No fucking way! “Totally” is a popular filler adverb among young people. Avoid it! “No fucking way” is a vulgar way of saying “I don’t believe you.”Holy shit! — I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much money in my life! “Holy shit” is a fun but vulgar way of expressing great surprise or other similar emotion (If something is “holy,” it is connected to God).Let’s go shopping! — Hell, yeah! A young person’s enthusiastic way of saying “Yes! I agree!” Mel meets Evie, and Tracy discovers drugs, tattoos and boys.Mason, just out of curiosity, who do you think is the hottest girl in school? “Out of curiosity” is a common way of saying “because I’m curious or would like to know.” If a girl is “hot,” she is considered very sexy.Guess who I hung out with today? — Bull! “To hang out with” a person is to pass time with them. “Bull” is a way of saying something just said is a lie or nonsense, although “bullshit” is much more fun and common.Yeah, tomorrow he’s just going to tune up your car. “To tune up” a car is to adjust or change some of its individual parts so that it will continue to run well.So Brady, how was the half way house? A “half way house” is a place where alcoholics and drug addicts stay for several days or longer, often after getting out of jail, in hopes of being able to stop using the drugs they are addicted to.Evie, this is my mom. — No way, she’s like the hot big sister. “No way” is a common way of saying “I don’t believe you.” In this context, “hot” means sexy or gorgeous.We’ll find some really cute platforms or maybe some of that body glitter.

“Platforms” are shoes that have very tall heels to make the people that wear them look taller. “Glitter” is tiny pieces of paper or foil that shine.Mom, you can just drop us off and then go run an errand or something. “To drop off” a person is to take them somewhere in a car and leave them there. An “errand” is a small job or task that needs to be done, like going shopping or dropping off the mail at the post office.Brooke is just my guardian.

A term for a person who is not a parent, but is legally responsible for a child as if they were their mom or dad.Evie, Brooke says you’re not allowed on Melrose without adult supervision.

A reference to the adults (parents or guardians) who are at least temporarily responsible for making sure kids don’t get into trouble.You love the leopard fur? — But not for 75 bucks, baby. “Leopard fur” is the hair or coat of a leopard, which is a type of big, fast and wild cat.Check this out! The design is.feng shui.

“Check this out” is a slangy way of telling a person to look at something. “Feng shui” is a Chinese word that refers to how well a building fits into its surrounding environment, as well as the to the light and balance of the building itself.Only way the movie would’ve been decent was if Britney had her big ass booty hanging out all over the car. In this case, “decent” means good or not bad. “Big ass booty” is a ridiculous way of referring to a person’s ass, behind or derriere.Christ! I at least wanted to see some tits. “Christ” is a way of expressing anger, frustration or other emotion. “Tits” is a vulgar way of referring to a woman’s breasts. “Boobs ” is safer.You guys want to get high? Four bucks a hit.

“To get high” is to become effected by marijuana or other drugs that put you in a strange (and often enjoyable) psychological state. A “hit” is either a puff on a marijuana cigarette or a small amount of another type of drug.Let’s trip! In the context of drugs, “to trip” is to get high or feel stoned.Tracy, you hounded me for weeks for this damn game! “To hound” a person is to constantly bother them, often by trying to convince them to do something. “Damn” is a crude filler term that is used to express anger, frustration or other emotion.I dropped acid at the park. — Evie, I think my nose is melting off. “To drop acid” is to take the powerful illegal drug acid (or LSD), which, among other things, changes a person’s perception of time and reality.You want me to ground you? You know you’re not allowed out after dark! If a parent “grounds” their child, they refuse to let them leave the house for a period of time, as punishment for having done something wrong.I’m making your fave.

A short way of saying favorite.Can you hold it a minute? :” That’s how you get a bladder infection, you child abuser! In this case, “to hold it” means to wait. A person’s “bladder” is the organ in their body which turns liquid into urine, which is later peed out. A “child abuser” is a person who physically or emotionally harms children.French toast is my favorite too, Mel. A type of thick bread that is toasted and served with butter and pancake syrup.Move your G-string down South! A very thin strap of cloth that fits between a girls legs and is popular among those who dance near naked on stage.Dude, that’s so gross! That’s my brother! A useful and powerful adjective meaning disgusting or sickening.You’re designing a habitat which the four of you will live in for two years. A “habitat” is a scientific word for a place in which a person, animal or plant can live.Find creative ways to recycle the elements.

“To recycle” a product is to use it again after it has already been used. In this case, “elements” are natural products such as water and wood.All right, settle down, class. One way of saying calm down, especially to a loud group of students.That’s why I need to be here at the library. They have tutors.

A “tutor” is a person who usually helps one student at a time in a particular subject, such as math or English.You haven’t had your tongue pierced.

“To pierce” a body part is to make a small whole in it by pushing a sharp needed through it.You never did anything with that crusty tattoo guy, right? — Yeah, he ate my pussy.

If a person is “crusty,” they are impolite and ill tempered. A “tattoo” is a drawing that is burnt permanently into a person’s skin. “To eat a girl’s pussy” is a crude way of saying to perform oral sex on her (“Pussy” is a crude slang term for a woman’s sexual organs).I’m kidding, idiot! “To kid” somebody is to talk to them in a joking or not serious manner. “Idiot” is an excellent word for a stupid person, moron, jerk, etc.We were researching. I’m in charge of the gray water module for the Biosphere 2 project. — Cool.

A “module” is unit or topic of study. A “biosphere” is an artificial habitat or place for studying certain environments, usually to see how people can live within them. “Cool” is the most common colloquial way of saying good or excellent.I’m taking advanced physics, Mel. The mathematical study of physical objects, speed, light, etc.I’m happy for him that he’s finally paying off his debt.

If you “pay off your debt,” you pay back the money that you owe to other people or organizations.I’ll make some turkey and cheese on whole wheat.

— Evil food! A popular type of bread.If you drink 10 glasses of ice water a day, you’ll burn 300 calories.

“Calories” are the units of energy contained in food, and since they turn into fat, they are much thought of and discussed by overweight people.Mom, three strikes and you’re out! How many times are you going to let him fuck you over?! “Three strikes and you’re out” is an expression from baseball that means in this context that if you make three mistakes, you can no longer continue as normal but must stop doing what you’re doing. “To fuck over” a person is a crude way of saying to mistreat or abuse them. This is so fucked up! If a situation is “fucked up,” it is marked by major problems and may be unsolvable. Crude and common.I thought I had a bunch of 20s in here. I’m going to have to write you a check. In this case, a reference to $20 dollar bills.Hey, if this gets you laid, you owe me double! “To get laid” is a common way of saying to have sex.Conference time, now! You do not pull a scene like that in front of a client! Even Cynthia! A “conference” is a meeting of a group of people, though in this case, Mel is saying this to suggest she and Tracy have to sit down and talk. “To pull a scene” is a slangy way of saying to act out loudly or dramatically in front of other people. A “client” is a person who pays for the professional advice or services of another (Lawyers and hair stylists have clients). Tensions rise in the family as Tracy continues to get more into boys and deeper into trouble.Evie, I’m sorry, but I think it’s time for you to go home. Mel’s diplomatic way of telling Evie she must leave.Brooke had a convention in Bakersfield She said she sent you an email. A large meeting of people, usually with the same business or political interests.He grabbed my throat and he threw me against his van “To grab” something is to quickly and forcefully take or seize it. A “van” is a large, tall car that is popular for camping.Where’s your mother, baby? — She passed away.

“To pass away” is a common way of saying to die.Whoa, that sounds like a big deal! “Whoa” is a widely used way of expressing surprise or other emotion. If something is “a big deal,” it is considered important.He’s our fucking father! Note that “fuck” is used as an adjective and adverb. Crude but common. You know, you’re going digital on me! Today, “digital” refers to anything involving computer technology. This is Mel’s slangy way of saying Tracy is using computers a lot.He gets to go to some black-tie event.

Something for NASA.

A “black-tie event” is a very formal dinner, speech or other gathering in which the men dress up in black ties and expensive clothes. “NASA” is the National Aeronautics Space Administration, which is responsible for the US government’s space programs, such as the exploration of Mars. He’s going to try and have brunch on Sunday. — Terrific Then we might as well be on the fucking moon. “Brunch” is a meal that combines breakfast and lunch (often with lots of eggs and bread). “Terrific” is an alternative to excellent or great. “Might as well” is a way of saying should, or in this context, expressing a cynical or skeptical attitude. She smokes. — No shit, the same brand.

“No shit” is a crude but fun way of saying something that was just said is obvious. A “brand” is a product name (such as Camel for cigarettes).A sewing kit. This is probably going to hurt worse than your tongue. — I don’t give a shit.

A “kit” is a small box of tools designed to help do something, in this case to sew. If a person “doesn’t give a shit” about something, they don’t care about it. Crude but common. Oh fuck, what the fuck did you do?! Added to Wh questions to express anger or other emotion. This is much more vulgar then “the hell,” which is also very common.Yeah, we just spilled a coke, Mel. “To spill” a drink is to accidentally let it fall out of its container. These are tight, Mel! — Thanks, they only cost six bucks. “Tight” is a young person’s slang word for attractive or good. I don’t just waltz into your room and screw around with your stuff. “To waltz” is to do a type of dance, though to “waltz into ” a room is to enter it without knocking on the door or asking permission. “To screw around” with something is to use it, often without being very careful. When have you ever seen me mess with anything that was yours, mom? “To mess with” something is to use it, often without being careful.Fuck her. Note that “fuck you” can be used with any pronoun as a way of expressing great anger or contempt.Oh hey, grab some oatmeal.

“To grab” something is to forcefully or quickly take it. “Oatmeal” is a popular hot breakfast cereal.You should put some chocolate chips in it. Small pieces of chocolate that people add to hot cereal and other foods.Come on, Tracy. You know you get mean when you don’t eat. If a person is “mean,” they are unfriendly and aggressive.Does Brooke have a boyfriend? No, she dumped him. “To dump” a boyfriend is to leave or break up with him.All of a sudden Melinda has a ghetto booty.

A ridiculous expression for an attractive ass (A “ghetto” is a poor section of a city, which in the US often refers to poor black neighborhoods. A “booty” is a silly word for a person’s derriere or ass).I think she stuffs.

“To stuff” material into a small container is to force it in, even if there is little room. In this context, “to stuff” is to put something under a girl’s bra to make her breasts look bigger than they really are.That slut ain’t got shit compared to these double cheeseburgers. A “slut” is a very disrespectful term for a girl who has sex with lots of boys. “Ain’t got shit” is a vulgar way of saying “doesn’t have anything.” This is a totally ridiculous way for one girl to say her breasts are much bigger than another’s (A “double cheeseburger” is a never used way to refer to breasts. Melons and tomatoes, also silly, are more common).Tracy, can I holler at you? “To holler” is to scream, though here it’s used as a slangy way of saying to talk to.I was wondering if you want to, eh, if you wanna go kick it some time. “I was wondering if.” is a good way to start a sentence when you want to ask somebody out on a (possibly romantic) date. Note that “want to”—-&gt “wanna” in rapid speech. “To kick it” is a rare and very slangy way of saying to go out on a date, or possibly just to spend time together.Here’s my cell We’ll be hanging around.

— Straight.

See you guys later. “Cell” is now a common way of saying cell phone. “To hang around” with a person is to spend time with them. “Straight” is a ridiculous slang word for good, OK, or cool.She’s my cousin, not my mom. You got it? “Do you understand?’Hey boys, my friend wants to suck your dick.

“Dick” is a common slang word for a penis.Here’s my pad.

A “pad” is a colloquial word for house or apartment.Tracy, meet the lovely Brooke LaLane. A common British word for pretty or attractive. She’s a model slash actress. — Slash bartender whose about to be late for work. A “slash” is the “/” sign, and thus if you say a person is a “model slash actress” (model/actress), you are saying that she is both of those.They were removing asbestos from the locker room today, so we got the whole gym period to do our homework. “To remove” something is to take it away. “Asbestos” is a dangerous material that was used in construction years ago before they realized it causes cancer. A “locker” is a locked metal box for storing things. In school, “gym period” is the period of time set aside for physical activity such as gymnastics, running and team sports.Tracy, you’re going out with Javi! “To go out with” a person is to spend time with them doing possibly romantic things such as going to movies, dinner, etc.Where’s my other cutlet? — Incoming cutlet! A “cutlet’ is a small piece of meat. If something is “incoming,” it is flying through the air, like a missile or bomb.You get to make out with Javi. “To make with” somebody is to do sexual things with them such as kissing and sexual touching, but it does not mean actual intercourse.You want me to prove it, lesbo?! — Hell, no! A “lesbo” is a stupid way of saying lesbian, which is a gay female. “Hell no” is a slangy way of saying “absolutely not.”Don’t do anything I would do. Note that you normally say “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” when you are trying to tell a person not to do anything wrong, dangerous or illegal.Remember the part where Josh is smoking a joint with beer? A “joint” is a marijuana cigarette.He made that up! — He jumped when that teacher got a pencil stabbed through her hand. “To make up” a story is to say something you create, that is not true. “To stab” a person is to push a knife into their body.If everybody married somebody from a different race, then in one generation there would be no prejudice.

“Race” refers to the large ethnic groups that people are divided into (Generally, White, Black, and Asian). “Prejudice” is negative feeling toward a person based simply on the race or other group they belong to.It tasted kind of nasty.

An interesting word for disgusting or dirty, but often used in a sexual sense to mean indecent or obscene.What? We didn’t go over that one. “To go over” something is to explain it. How about, you’re jail bait! “How about” can mean what about or why not. “Jail bait” is a interesting term to refer to girls who are sexually attractive but so young you could go to jail if you have sex with them.Tracy, come here. Check out his white boy ghetto lips.

A silly way of referring to the fact that Luke has big lips that look like a black man’s.Luke, where’s your bong? A tube that is used for storing and smoking marijuana.Just get the fuck out of my house! A very vulgar way to say “Leave!”Get off me, you fucking pervert.

A “pervert” is a person who is considered to be sexually sick, or sexually interested in things that are considered abnormal or bizarre.Luke, chill out.

— Take your fucking weed and get out. “To chill out” is to calm down. “Weed” is a slang word for marijuana (It usually refers to unwanted plants that can harm wanted grass). The family falls apart, Mel turns to Cynthia for help, and Evie tries to protect her position in the house.Can you guys give me a hand? — Mom, I’m not your fucking slave! “To give somebody a hand” is to help them do something.This is not how I raised you! I want you to be civil with me! To be “civil with” a person is to be polite and respectful with them.She’s always fucking drunk! — Like you never have! A slangy way of saying “It’s obvious that you have, too.”Thought we’d just crash here for a couple days, until my check comes in. “To crash” is a slangy way of saying to sleep at somebody else’s house.I think I’m coming down with diphtheria or something. “To come down with” a disease or medical condition is to start to show the first signs of it. “Diphtheria” is a rare but dangerous disease. “Wanna bone?” Nice, what’s the occasion? “To bone” is a silly slang verb meaning to have sex. “What’s the occasion?” is a way of asking a person why they’re doing what they’re doing at this particular time.You fucking hard-ass.

That’s why you’re my sponsor.

A “hard ass” is a person who is very firm, disciplined or strong in dealing with themselves or others. A person’s “sponsor” is somebody who supports and helps them, often financially, to accomplish something.It’s like Zen chicken. That’s weird, right. “Zen” is the Buddhist philosophy of accepting things as they are, and still being happy or content. “Weird” means strange or bizarre.It’s a gross bloody war movie, and I’m a pacifist, like Gandhi. “Gross” means disgusting or revolting. “Bloody” is a much loved adjective in England for horrible or awful. A “pacifist” is a person who believes people should never fight or go to war.Yes, Brady, you are so awesome.

A much loved adjective among the young that means excellent, or more colloquially, cool.I got popcorn and butter in a separate foil packet.

“Foil” is a type of very thin metal or aluminum. A “packet” is a very small pocket or container.Mothers, lock up your sons! “To lock up” a person is to put them in a prison or hold them in a small room.You know I got my ass beat for what happened the other night. If a person gets their “ass beat,” they are physically attacked or beaten.Why don’t you get us some sodas or something and tell Conrad to get his ass here on his break. “Sodas” are carbonated drinks like coke and root beer. If you tell a person “to get their ass over here,” you’re telling to come over, in a crude way.You stupid fucker! A very vulgar insult!I’d like to see how that thong looks like on my bedroom floor. — Too bad you’ll never know. A “thong” is a skinny and often sexy type of underwear.What the fuck is that? — Voodoo juice my friends made. “Voodoo” is a type of religion that has lots of evil ghosts or spirits.Don’t be back washing.

“To back wash” a drink is to spit what was in your mouth, back into the bottle or glass you’re drinking from.Hey, want to suck my cock baby? “Cock” is a vulgar slang word for a penis.Javi spilled a coke all over his pants and he couldn’t perform.

This is Evie’s way of saying Javi couldn’t get an erection to have sex.What the fuck is wrong with you? A vulgar filler that is added to Wh questions in order to express emotions such as anger or frustration (It’s much safer to say “the hell” instead).I can’t help it if the movie ran late! — Bullshit, Tracy, we checked the theatre. If a person “can’t help it,” they are unable to prevent something from happening. “Bullshit” is a classic way of referring to nonsense or lies. Should we talk about how you get stoned every night with Rafa? — She knows I smoke pot, Tracy. To get “stoned” is to get high under the influence of drugs like marijuana. “Pot” is a common word for marijuana.Look at your pupils! You’re so fucking busted! A person’s “pupils” are the dark middle points of their eyes. If a person is “busted,” they have been caught doing something wrong or illegal.Don’t you call me a fucking slut! A silly slang word for a girl who has sex with lots of guys.Stop with the food thing already! — Fuck it! “Fuck it” is a common way of saying that it doesn’t matter, or in the end, it’s not important. Fine! I hate your nasty store brand food! In this context, “fine” is a way of saying OK, and “nasty” means disgusting or unpleasant. “Store brand” foods (Safeway Coke) are those that are considered cheaper than national brand names (Coca Cola). God damn it! Goddamn dollar fifty a square foot floor! “Goddamn” is a vulgar filler term to express anger or other emotion. Note in the US, materials such as floor tile are priced by the square foot.Something peed in your bed! We’ll change the sheets. “To pee” is to urinate, or more colloquially, to piss.Mom, you’re dealing with this. “To deal with” something is to handle or it or try and take care of it.You know what, Tracy. You’re going to have to lay off her. “To lay off” a person is to stop bothering or criticizing them.Don’t you tell me what to do, you fucking cokehead! A “cokehead” is a slang term for a person who is addicted to, or dependent on, the drug cocaine.This place is fucking with my head.

If something is “fucking with your head,” it is making you feel emotionally or psychologically upset or disoriented.I want to get loaded.

This usually means to get drunk, though it could also mean to get stoned on illegal drugs.He’ll read the big book in that scratchy voice. If a voice is “scratchy,” it sounds irritated or ragged, perhaps like an old phonograph record that has scratches in it.So what’s up with the spoons? “What’s up with” is a common way of asking what is happening with something when it appears something strange is going on.Brooke does this every morning and she still has huge bags.

Note that as a person ages, they develop “bags” under their eyes.This family needs some healing.

“To heal” is to slowly get better after an injury, but note that there can be both physical and emotional healing. Who bought you that wet suit?! A tightly fitting rubber suit that is worn by surfers in order to protect them from the cold water.She’s my cousin. My mom was a crack whore.

A poor prostitute who is addicted to the drug crack (which is a deadly form of cocaine). A true symbol of society’s great social problems. Look mom, there’s a huge swell.

I gotta get pounding.

“Huge” is extremely big, and for surfers, a “swell” is a situation in the ocean that brings huge waves. “Have got to”—&gt “gotta” in rapid speech, and “to pound” is a slangy way for surfers to say ride the waves.Are you a bored-licensed therapist? If a doctor is “bored-licensed,” they have been officially approved by a group of professionals in their field to practice their jobs or specialty. In this case, a “therapist” is a type of psychologist or family counselor. She’s a psychic! Cynthia, do you remember when you tried to bring back grandma and Hampton ended up humping your leg? A “psychic” is a person who claims to have supernatural powers such as predicting the future or talking to the dead. Here, “to bring back” a person is to bring them back to life after they’ve died. “To end up” doing something is to finish by doing it, and if a dog “humps” a person’s legs, they rub themselves up and down the leg in a sexual manner.I can handle this. “I can take care of this.”It’s perfect for pooping on the go. “To poop” is to defecate, or more crudely, to shit or crap.What’s that on your shirt? — It’s none of your business.

If something is “none of your business,” the speaker is saying that the information is personal or private and not to be discussed. Very common. Mom, what is it with you and poking me? “What is it” is a way of asking a person why they’re acting strangely. “To poke” a person is to jab or hit them with a finger or pointed object. I’m a mummy! I was born 2,000 years ago! A very old body that has been preserved by being wrapped in fine cloths, just as the Ancient Egyptians did after their leaders died.I’m really starting to lose it.

In this case, “to lose it” means to lose control of one’s own emotions or mental stability.No bra, no panties.

A common word for women’s underwear. Tracy’s dad arrives to explain why he is never there for her, and Brooke recovers from horrible plastic surgery.I want you to take her for a while. — I can’t I’ve been on the phone all morning trying to get out of this thing. “To get out of” a meeting or other obligation is to find a way to avoid doing it. I gotta tell you right up front that I can’t take you this weekend. If you tell a person something “right up front,” you tell them immediately without trying to make excuses, even if it is embarrassing or disagreeable.Look, baby, you have got to cut me some slack, ok? “To cut a person some slack” is to be accepting with them, or to stop bothering them, even if they’re telling things you disagree with (“Slack” is the extra rope that is not needed when tying it between two objects).I am trying to kick ass at this new job and I am trying to get you and your mom more money. “To kick ass” at a new job is to do super well at it.No, I can’t. I’m with a client right now. A “client” is a person who pays for the professional advice or services of another (Lawyers and hair stylists have clients, but note here, Tracy’s dad is using the word to describe his own daughter!).Fuck this work shit! A grammatically interesting string of vulgar words which basically means “This work is awful and it isn’t worth doing it.” What is the problem? In a nutshell.

To explain or answer something “in a nutshell” is to answer it very briefly, by clearly discussing only the most important or critical points.Good morning, Mom. — Knocking is real good. “To knock” is the verb you use when you tap on a door to see if anybody is home.Brooke will pay you to take me. — She won’t be like all the other freeloaders.

A “free loader” is a useful word for a person who lives with others, eats their food, and generally costs a lot of money, but doesn’t offer to contribute or pay for anything in return.She was abused by her uncle when she was nine. An unpleasant word that generally means physically or emotionally mistreated, and it often implies in a sexual manner.Why did you put me on the spot in front of that poor little girl? I can’t reject someone like that to her face. “To put someone on the spot” is to suddenly force them to make a difficult decision, often in public, when they were not ready to make it. “To reject” a person is to not let them have what they want, or in this case, to refuse their desires to be with them.I got a C+.

In most schools, grades for a class are A, B, C, D, and F, with a + (plus) and a minus (-) for those grades in between.Let’s just say my mother isn’t gonna get a bumper sticker this year. A “bumper sticker” is a message of some type that is stuck on the bumper of the back of a car. A popular bumper sticker with some parents says “My child is an honors student,” which is an excellent student, but Tracy is implying that her grades are so bad that her mom won’t be able to have a bumper sticker like that.I want to bleed more. Make an effort, bitch! A horrible word for a mean or abusive female.Her uncle got seven years. In this context, seven years means seven years in prison for having committed a crime.You’ve stretched beyond the limit. This is Mel’s way of saying that Tracy’s behavior has gone past the limit of what is acceptable (“To stretch” is to reach or extend one’s body or arms).She’s been molested and abused by practically everyone who is supposed to take case of her. “To molest” a child is to sexually abuse or touch them in sexually inappropriate ways.How do we look, darling? An alternative word of affection for dear, honey, or sweetheart.Today is the due date?! — We left you a bunch of messages, not to mention a note on your locker. The “due date” for a project is the day it is supposed to be finished. “Not to mention” is one way of saying “in addition to.”My grandmother.she passed away.

A gentle way of saying to die.Go to the counselor, Tracy. At a school, a “counselor” is a person who helps students with academic or class-related problems and sometimes even psychological problems.Knock it off, you guys! A great phrasal verb which means “stop it!”Do you want to go to the boardwalk and sell some shit? A “boardwalk” is a walk that is created along a beach, often filled with shops. In this case, the “shit” that Tracy is talking about is probably drugs.We’re doing a play.and I’m a mermaid.

A “mermaid” is a mythical creature or animal with the head and upper body of a woman and the tail of a fish.You had plastic surgery?! Why&#151You were so pretty? “Plastic surgery” refers to the surgery that people undergo to improve their physical appearance, or to look younger, such as having wrinkles removed or their noses made smaller. Is this like a standard procedure? A common term for anything that is considered normal during a particular process or activity (It is a standard procedure during plastic surgery to be put to sleep during the operation).They had to tuck the skin somewhere. “To tuck” skin someplace is to gently place it underneath some other skin (Bed sheets are tucked into the bed).I didn’t realize they’d have to do the whole fucking crop circle.

“Crop circles” are large patterns of circles that are carved into the earth on certain farms or fields throughout the world (crops are farm products such as wheat or corn). Oh God, I’m a mess.

Note that a mess is usually a scene of disorder with lots of things or dirt lying around, but if a person is a mess, it means that they have serious emotional or life problems, and probably need serious help.That’s OK We’re going to split.

A slangy way of saying to leave.Evie, that was hilarious.

Now come pick me up. An excellent adjective which means very funny.God, are you jacking off in there?! “To jack off” is the most common slang verb meaning to masturbate (to give oneself sexual pleasure).I’m with a client. Work mode.

If a person is in “work mode,” they are thinking about and psychologically prepared to continue working, as opposed to relaxing.I can’t fucking wait until you move to your dad’s. — What the hell did you say? Note that especially among younger speakers, “fucking” as a filler adverb, and “the hell” as a filler to Wh questions, are very commonYou’re so nasty.

I heard that you got used! In a sexual context, “nasty” can mean indecent, obscene or willing to do anything even if it is considered abnormal or dirty.Shit never happened, but believe what the fuck you want. Tracy’s crude way to say “It’s not true, but I don’t care if you think it is.”You made Fs on your last three tests and you haven’t turned in any homework.

An important word in school that refers to the work that teachers expect their students to do at home for the next day’s class.On that basis alone, you’re going to fail. You’ll be held back in 7th grade. “On that basis” is a way of saying “for that reason.” If a student is “held back,” they are not allowed to go on to the next grade until they take their current grade all over again.Your name was brought up in impact group today. Evie Zamora turned in your fake I.D.

If your name “comes up” in a conversation, people mention or discuss you. “I.D.” is short for identification, and refers to things such as a driver’s license or school card. If a piece of ID is “fake,” it is not real or authentic.And there’s the matter of cheating in math class. “Matter” is another word for topic or subject. Mel steps in to save Tracy from Brooke, Evie and herself.Your mom sent me to pick you up. Come on, hop in.

“To hop in” a car is to get in, often quickly or with lots of energy.What the hell?!. They found my stash and I had to tell them. A “stash” is a slangy word for a small amount of hidden drugs such as marijuana (“To stash” something is to store it in a secret place).Who the fuck do you think you are, going in my room? This is Tracy’s very aggressive and vulgar way of telling Brooke that she has no right to enter her (Tracy’s) bedroom.You’re lucky I got there before the cops did, honey. A common colloquial word for the police.We jacked it, OK? It’s not like your broke ass ever has any money to give me! “To jack” something is to steal it, but this is very slangy and rare. If a person is “broke,” they no longer have any money.When Brady went to the halfway house, what happened to our phone, our cable? A halfway house is a home for alcoholics and drug addicts who are trying to beat their addiction before they go back into society. “Cable” refers to paid cable TV (This is Tracy’s angry way of saying that paying for Brady’s life left little for Tracy and her family). Christ, you’re not that dumb, are you? — I didn’t know it went that far! A common way of expressing emotion such as anger or frustration.We’ll be moving to Ojai, so you won’t be seeing Evie again. A town about two hours North of Los Angeles.You’re really cruel, Tracy. I mean, I’m sure you can be a sweet kid when you want to, but right now you’ve really been a bad influence.

If one person is “a bad influence” on another, the first person’s bad behavior starts to appear in the second.Tracy was playing Barbie before she met Evie! Barbie is the name of a famous doll that innocent young girls used to play with. This is Mel’s way of telling Brooke that the real bad influence was Evie, not Tracy.Did she teach you how to beat the crap out of her as well?! “To beat the crap out of” a person is to brutally beat up or attack them, and most likely to seriously injure them.Don’t even start with me! I’ve seen the bruises.

— What the hell did you tell her Evie? “Don’t start with me” is a way of saying “Don’t start telling your lies because I won’t believe you.” A “bruise” is a black, reddish or other colored marking on the skin caused by an injury. What the fuck? We were just goofing! The first sentence is a vulgar way of saying “What are you talking about&#151You’re not making sense.” Note that to “goof off ” means to play around or do something in a not serious way, but “to goof” is rarely used. She cuts! — It’s none of your business, you fucking Frankenstein.

In this context, “to cut” is an awful verb meaning to cut oneself with a knife or blade. Frankenstein is a famous character from literature who is basically like a monster in the shape of a very large man.This child is my business, you little cunt! Perhaps the most obscene word in the English language! It can mean either a woman’s sexual organs, or a disgusting, abusive woman. “Cunt” is much more vulgar then bitch, so it’s generally advised that you avoid using it!Who would want to be in this shithole, anyway?! A crude slang word for a dirty and poor place.