The Unfair Evaluation of High Performing School

The Unfair Evaluation of High Performance Schools.

High performance schools (HPS) is a programme introduced by the Ministry of Education to enhance the level of education in Malaysia. Schools which are listed as HPS will be monitored and guided in order to help these schools to maintain and attain their performances. The rationale in having HPS was to raise the quality of the best schools in the country to be world class, produce outstanding students and narrow the gap between schools within the system. These selected schools are given special allocation, autonomy, and able to choose their own students.
On 25th January 2010, deputy Prime Minister had announced the list of 20 chosen schools. These schools were chosen among schools that showed outstanding performance in field of academic, co-curriculum and niche area. 14 secondary schools were chosen and 10 of them are boarding schools. However, the selection of a few schools had resulted in dissatisfaction among the citizens especially those who work in education field.
Most of people complained about the unfair evaluation in choosing the HPS. This is totally true. Out of 20 schools selected as HPS, 10 of them are boarding school which we know that have the first choice in picking students compared to other school. This is unfair for school who received’ drop-outs’ as their students. By evaluating through this way, the Ministry of Education (MOE) is like comparing tiger to cat. Apparently, we will know that tiger will win. However, if HPS is divided into categories; HPS for boarding schools, HPS for rural schools and HPS for daily schools, it will sound fairer rather than just put all the schools into a bunch and just choose the creme le the creme.
In New Straits Time dated 28 January 2010, a reader sent his response to the newspaper asked MOE to think back of their decision. In his letter, he questioned the MOE how they expect schools without basic facilities to compete with the more established.

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