The Truth About Cats and Dogs Movie Review

Major Characters

Abby BarnesJaneane Garofolo A charming and well educated veterinarian, who hosts a Los Angeles radio show called “The Truth About Cats and Dogs.” During this show, she tries to help pet owners who call in with their various animal-related problems.Noelle SlusarskyUma Thurman Abby’s neighbor, who is a tall, blond, and beautiful model who is trying to become a TV News Broadcaster, but who probably isn’t qualified to be one. She is not particularly educated, but she is also charming, and soon becomes Abby’s best friend.Brian.Ben Chaplin A sweet and intelligent English commercial photographer who has moved to Los Angeles. After calling up Abby’s show to ask a question about a dog he is trying to photograph, he asks Abby out, and soon becomes involved with both her and Noelle.RoyJames McCaffery Noelle’s abusive and horrible boyfriend.Ed.Jamie Foxx Brian’s friend and assistant at his photo studio.

Summary of the Plot

This is a movie about the nature of romance, and the role that physical attractionplays as part of it. It is the story of Abby, a charming veterinarian who is veryinsecure about how she looks. One day, Brian, a British photographer, calls in toher radio show to ask for advice concerning his dog. Abby is charmed by his cuteaccent and agrees to meet him for coffee, but in a sudden panic, tells him that sheis tall and blond and “not to be missed.” The problem is that she is none of that.However, her new best friend Noelle is all of that, and she therefore convinces Noelleto meet Brian and say that she is Abby. And so begins a difficult and funny relationshipbetween the three of them, all of them attractive in their own ways.Over the next few weeks, Brian goes out with Noelle several times, thinking she isin fact Abby. He quickly becomes confused though, for “Abby” is so much more articulateand intelligent on the telephone than she is in person. This seems especially true afterhe and the real Abby pass an amazing night talking (and doing other things) by phone.Adding to his confusion is “Abby’s friend Donna, who is in fact, Abby! Eventually,both woman seem to fall in love with Brian, but the situation has clearly spun outof control, and each of them realizes that the truth must come out.

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Some Words and Expressions that You may not Know

Abby agrees to meet a British listener, but foolishlytells him that she is tall, blond and beautiful.Don’t touch that dial! The “dial” refers to the button for changing stations on a radio, and thus this is another way to say “Keep listening to this station!”You’re on the air.

The expression used when you are being broadcast to a live TV or radio audience.I’m worried about my basset hound, Flotille. A type of small dog that always looks sad.Is it like a dry wheezing type of cough, or a phlegm-based cough? “To wheeze” is to make a whistling sound while breathing with difficulty. “Phlegm” is the mucus in your throat or nose.Now I got this awful looking rash.

“Awful” is an excellent word meaning horrible or dreadful. A “rash” is an outbreak on the skin which is often red.You’re saying he licked your face and now it’s all gross? “Gross” is an excellent and popular adjective for disgusting.Saliva. The water (or spit) that everyone has in their mouth.How long did this tongue bath last? A cute little expression for those moments when your cat or dog licks you, or perhaps if you’re lucky, your lover.This is a good time to talk about limits.

A very 1990s concept, referring to emotional limits that people should set for themselves, and in this case, their pets.Come on, baby, open up, it’s me. Here, meaning “please,” but the most semantically flexible phrasal verb in English, often taking on the meaning of the words that follow it.Absolutely. You’re sedating him, not poaching him. To sedate someone is to calm them down, usually by giving them a drug. To poach is to boil in water, but it is usually used for eggs, not people (or live fish, as is the case here!) We’re going to take a break and answer some more of your calls. The best way to say stop for a little while, or perhaps just relax.Fan mail. Letters that are sent to celebrities by their fans or admirers.Stinky cat problems. A somewhat old-fashioned adjective meaning to smell bad.There’s a caller on line three who says his dog is hysterical.

If someone is on line x, it refers to the telephone line used when there is more than one. Here, hysterical means acting crazy, though in a different context, this same word can mean very funny. He’s used to dealing with chowowa and poodles.

Two types of small dogs.Approach him in a submissive position. Get down on all fours.

“Submissive” is an interesting adjective meaning obedient, or inclined to follow orders. If you are “on all fours,” you are on your hands and knees, just like a dog or cat.Crawl toward him with you head cocked to one side. “To crawl” is to move while on all fours, as opposed to walking. If something is “cocked,” it is inclined or tilted to one side.Don’t make eye contact.

The moment when the eyes of two people (or animals) find themselves looking right at each other.Soothe him with your voice See how my voice is soothing? To soothe is a nice little verb meaning to make calm, peaceful or comfortable. Reach out your hand with your fingers curled like a paw.

To curl something is to twist it into ringed or circular shapes. A paw is the foot (or perhaps hand) of an animal. Are all your digits intact? Digits is a rare way to refer to fingers. If something is intact, it is not harmed in any way, but is still whole with all its parts.Just take it easy.

A common way to say calm down, as well as goodbye. These dogs. They’re in a union now. Short for “labor union,” those organizations that fight for the rights of workers.Were going to send you pamphlets on canine dental care. A “pamphlet” is a printed work or booklet, often used for an essay or advertising. “Canine” is the adjective referring to dogs!Come on, let’s roll.

An alternative and very slangy way to say let’s go.”Don’t get too attached to this dog and get all weird on me. Weird is a great and useful adjective meaning strange. The whole sentence is one way to say Don’t get too emotional.”His mouth is all juicy like his gums sprung a leak, or something. If something is “juicy,” it is full of juice or moist (though this usually describes food and not gums!). If something “springs a leak,” it begins to lose liquid through a small hole.They dribble when they’re hungry. A fairly rare verb meaning to drool, or let saliva run down one’s face.Tulips or roses. A beautiful flower that is common in Holland.Rollerskates. Shoes with wheels for skating on the street. It’s terribly itching.

Refers to the physical sensation when you need to scratch somewhere on your body, but note itchy is more common.I got this terribly bad case of mange and was wondering if you could recommend some ointment. Mange is a disease that animals get where they have heavy itching and lose their hair. Ointment is another word for a type of cream that is used to treat various skin conditions.Canal. A man-made river. Venice, Italy is famous for them, and there are in fact canals in the Venice area of Los Angeles!I’m 5’10”, blond, and hard to miss.

Note that for height, one can say the numbers, without using the words feet and inches. If someone is hard to miss, they’re so distinct or pretty that you’d notice them in a crowd. Abby meets Noelle, and both soon meet Brian, but not under the conditions that Abbey would have preferredI’m sorry, I heard dumb bitch and assumed you were talking to me. “Dumb” is an excellent alternative word to stupid. “Bitch” is a very crude and common word for a mean or unpleasant female. There’s a lot of us dumb bitches in L.A.

The most common way to say Los Angeles, which as you probably know, is America’s most wonderful city.Mind your own business! What you might say to someone who is asking too many questions about your personal life.Why don’t you go before I use this bow on you in ways that you’ve only imagined. A “bow” is the stringed tool used to play musical instruments such as a violin. This is Abby’s creative way of telling Roy to leave.Wow, that was, I don’t know what that was. “Wow” is a funny little exclamation often used when one is impressed.You have got to have a boyfriend, or the next thing you know, it’s just you and a cat and 40 candles on a birthday cake. Noelle’s way of saying people need to find a life partner when they’re young, or they’ll find themselves alone when they’re old.Violin bows are like cars. They go from low-end like Hundai to your Porsche-like bows. I got this, like, Toyota bow. Cars, violin bows and anything else can go from low-end (cheap) to high end (expensive). Hundai, Porsche Toyota are car companies.Give me some time and I’ll upgrade your bow. To “upgrade” is to replace a product with a new or better version. A common verb when discussing computer software.I’m taking broadcasting lessons. The word associated with television and radio transmission.Broadcasters are so dignified.

A key adjective which means deserving of respect.They get the information beforehand.

— That’s why it’s so cool.

Beforehand is one way to say before another person or event. Cool is a very common slang term meaning good or fine.How about you play hooky and we go score ourselves a cappuccino? To play hooky is a colloquial way of saying to not go to class or a job. To score something is a very slangy way of saying to get or obtain something. Cappuccino is a popular type of coffee.A vase. The glass or container used to hold flowers or plants.Lovely to meet you. You didn’t show up yesterday. “Lovely” is this context is a British way to say nice. “To show up” is a very common phrasal verb meaning to arrive or come.I didn’t want you to think I’m a weirdo.

A great little noun referring to a strange or bizarre person.What you said was so clever and perceptive.

“Clever” is more common in England than the US, and means smart, or mentally quick. If someone is “perceptive,” they are fast to notice and understand the world around them.I taught him a trick.

In this context, a skill or action that is done to impress. For example, teaching your dog to get you the morning newspaper.Wild horses couldn’t stop me. Since wild horses are so powerful, this sentence implies that the person is absolutely determined to do something. You’re a scardy cat. A old expression that children often use, meaning cowardly or just simply very scared. To call someone a chicken is more common. I’m a bit more trepidatious.

An educated word meaning fearful, scared or very cautious.I’m not some big dumb dog that goes bounding after the first guy she sees. “To bound after” someone is to chase or follow them.You’re the dummy.

An excellent and slightly gentler alternative to idiot or moron.He has a preconceived notion—you. Over.

A preconceived notion is an idea about something that is already in a person’s head. “Over,” of course, can mean “finished.” You puke, and they line up to hold your hair back. “To puke” is a very colloquial way to say vomit. “To line up” is to make a line, usually one person immediately behind another.Nice trick, moron! Another classic insult noun in the tradition of idiot and dummy.I have got to keep the calories down. Technically, a unit of nutritional energy, and the word that people become obsessed with if they want to lose weight.Do you hear a bizzing? — I’ll get it. Noelle is saying bizzing for the sound that bees make, but it is in fact buzzing. The I’ll” contraction is noted to show that it is what you say when you’re just about to take an action, such as answering a phone or killing a bee! Do NOT say I will get it!It’s dead — No kidding.

A funny and sarcastic expression that you would say when someone tells you something that is completely obvious.What’s wrong, Abby? — Nothing that a rooftop and an AK-47 won’t take care of. An AK47 is a well known type of powerful machine gun, occasionally used by crazy people shooting from city roofs. Noelle (as “Abby”) and Abby (as “Donna”) get to know Brian.I’m shedding.

I’m extremely nervous. “To shed” is to lose hair, but it is usually done by cats or dogs, and not people.I’m going to freshen up.

A nice little phrasal verb meaning to clean oneself, or perhaps put on more comfortable clothes.She’s got a loopy story—help her with the punch line.

“Loopy” is a very slangy way to say ridiculous, or perhaps not believable. A “punch line” is usually the last sentence of a joke.J&ampB and Corona. Well known brand names of scotch and beer.It’s about men and women and how they interact.

To interact is a useful verb referring to the effect that two or more beings have on each other, or perhaps how they communicate.We all have our insecurities.

An important word referring to those things that people feel vulnerable about or lack confidence in, such as their own looks, intelligence, or financial situation.I think it’s nice to screen me for Abby. “To screen” is to filter out the undesirable, or in this case, to protect someone by making sure that her admirers are OK.Goat cheese? Oh, that’s the stuff that smells of vomit. — No, that’s Parmesan.

A well known type of Italian cheese. Mine is more of a fromage.

The French word for “cheese.” Used only by French lovers.I got them through a freakish inheritance.

“Freakish” is an interesting adjective meaning very strange, abnormal or unexpected. An “inheritance” is the money or property that one legally receives after someone else dies.She thought you’d be all bent out of shape about it. To be bent out of shape about something is an interesting way to say upset or angered about.Friends should look out for each other. To look out for someone is to watch them in order to make sure that nothing bad happens to them.Cheese balls. Balls made of bad processed cheese. A cheap American snack. I was mesmerized by his eyebrows. To be mesmerized by someone (or something) is to be totally amazed, transfixed or hypnotized by them.Rejection kills. Disappointment only maims.

In this case, rejection refers to the situation where one person tells another they are not interested in becoming romantically involved. To maim is a powerful verb meaning to disable, often by tearing off the arm or leg of a person.They just pay the rent. The words an artist will use to describe various works that he does (in this case, photographs) that help pay his bills, but are not seen by that person as real works of art.She knows more about this artsy kind of stuff. A useful colloquial adjective referring to painting, photographs and other media that is considered to have at least true artistic potential. Noelle learns how to be a turtle doctor while trying to be a TV Broadcaster, and Abby discovers the world of cosmeticsWhen I heard there was a vet in the house, I assumed they could come over.

Vet is a short word for veterinarian, or animal doctor. To assume something is to take it for granted, or believe it’s a given. Note that “to come over” usually implies to go to a person’s house. Tortoise. A type of turtle.He’s got pneumonia.

A deadly disease in which the lungs become infected. We got a hypodermic of antibiotics, but we can’t get him out of his shell. A “hypodermic” refers to needles for giving medical shots. “Antibiotics” are medicines used to fight bacteria and other harmful agents in the body.He’s amiably tolerating my presence until he can be with you. Someone who is amiable is friendly, but this is a relatively rare adverb. To tolerate someone is to accept them, even if you don’t necessarily like them.Hold him steady. Another way to say “hold him so that he doesn’t move. How do I a get hold of his legs? — Very simple, you’re going to poke him in the butt with your finger. “To poke” is a good little alternative verb for stick or push. A “butt,” of course, is an ass, or derriere. Butt is the most neutral.Your palms are sweating. The part of a person’s hand between the fingers and wrist.Malls make me nauseous.

Malls are streets closed to cars with lots of stores. To be nauseous is to be sick to one’s stomach.You and I combined make the perfect political prisoner We act self-righteous and starved.

A person who is “self-righteous” believes that they’re opinion is morally correct. Starved means very hungry. Over the years, many well known political prisoners have refused to eat as a form of protest.Blush. In this case, a type of cosmetic you put on your cheeks.There’s a TV station in Riverside looking for an anchor and they asked if I’d audition next week. An anchor refers to a news anchor, or the person who is the major broadcast journalist for a TV news program. To audition is to try out for a job, such as an actor in a play.79 people drowned on a passenger ferry.

A small ship that transports people, often between the same two locations, such as Dover England and Calais, France.Stymied by the dense fog, rescue workers could only hear the desperate screams of the victims. Stymied is an educated word for being frustrated due to an inability to act. Here, dense is another word for thick.You might want to make the carnage a little less upbeat.

Carnage is another word for a massacre, or great amounts of violence and bloodshed. Upbeat means happy or cheerful.The face cream neutralizes the free radicals that attack the skin. To neutralize something is to make it harmless. Free radicals is a new term referring to subatomic substances that are supposed to harm the body, but in reality, nobody knows what they are, including people who love to use the words! What’s your skin regime? A ridiculous way to ask “What kind of stuff do you use on your skin?” A “regime” is a system of therapy or governmental rule.They’re staging a coup.

A coup is a widely used French word for a sudden and often violent change in government, but, as here, used metaphorically in various other contexts.Men don’t buy all this expensive crap in hopes women will want them. A vulgar but common and important word meaning bullshit, junk, and/or lies, depending on the context. If I were a guy, I’d think women would be lining up to go out with me. If I were is noted simply to show that the subjunctive verb tense is still used in English! To go out with someone is a very common way to refer to dating, with romantic possibilities. I’d fuck you. — Thank you, I know you would, honey. The very common, very vulgar and much loved verb meaning to have sex. Cleverly used here for laughs, since while men use such words without thinking about it, women are generally more diplomatic when speaking among each other (At least that’s what I’m told -) ). Noelle discovers that Roy is a loser, while Brian and the real Abby have the best phone call either has ever had.There’s something off balance about her. An interesting way to say odd, strange or not quite right. She’s articulate on the phone, but in person she’s scatty.

Articulate is an excellent adjective to describes a person who knows how to express themselves well. Scatty is rarely used in the US, but scatterbrained is used to describe someone who doesn’t have the ability to concentrate or focus. Anybody that fine, it doesn’t make any difference. As a new slang word, fine can mean physically beautiful.Loser Guys and How to Spot Them. [Headline seen in the film] A loser can colloquially refer to any person who has a bad personality or is just undesirable. To spot someone is to detect or find them. Low self-esteem.

A very popular psychological concept referring to how individual people view themselves. Self-esteem can be either low (negative) or high (positive).You’re the voice, I’m just the body — And what a body it is! Noted here for the grammatical style, which is used to place emphasis on what the previous speaker had just said.What are you up to? — Nothing, just hanging.

To be up to something is a common way to simply say doing something. To hang is short for hang around, which is a slangy way to say passing time doing nothing in particular. How about we talk? An alternative way to ask Why don’t.?”You know what kills me about him? A colloquial way to ask “you know what I really don’t like about him?No, people never let you pet their stomachs. To pet something is to stroke or caress it gently.Is that portentous, or merely noteworthy? — It’s rank, actually. “Portentous” is an educated word meaning important due to what is implied for the future. “Noteworthy” means deserving to be noticed. As an adjective, “rank” means bad smelling.I love an animal-like pungent stench.

“Pungent” is strong or sharp smelling. A “stench” is a very bad or rotten smell.You’re kidding.

You don’t strike me as the shy type. “To kid” someone is a common way to saying to tease or lie to them, or to simply speak without being serious. “To strike someone as shy” is to appear shy to that person. Do you have a position on pickles? — It’s more of a deeply held belief. In this case, a position is a viewpoint or perhaps political belief. If a belief is deeply held, you feel strongly about it.Oh really, a pickle conviction.

Another way to say a deeply held belief!When it comes to tuna fish, I am emphatically anti-pickle. A powerful adverb meaning absolutely.My mother triumphed over this ordeal of placing herself in front of the lens.

To triumph over something is to defeat it, or be victorious. An ordeal is an excellent word for a horrible or very difficult experience. A lens refers to the glass lenses of a camera. Don’t do that, then, or we’ll chicken out.

To chicken out of something is a slang expression meaning to become too scared to do it.Give me a second to collect myself.

To collect oneself is to calm down and organize one’s thoughts.It will be awkward and then strange and then weird and then awful.

Three great adjectives: “Awkward” means socially undignified or embarrassing. “Weird” means very strange or unexpected, and “awful” means truly horrible or very bad. Let’s wait for another night to screw it up.

To screw up something is a widely used phrasal verb meaning to do something very poorly, perhaps creating many problems. I have a mining mask on. A mining mask is the type of face protector that men who work underground in coal mines would wear.I said shut up, Jesus! Commonly used to express emotion such as anger or surprise.It turns out that Roy is a loser. A great phrasal verb which means to appear, used when the speaker is surprised by what she has learned. Have you ever noticed how Superman and Clark Kent are never in the same room at the same time? In the famous movie Superman, Clark Kent and Superman are actually the same person. So? — Sew buttons. Noted here simply to show the use of a play on words. Noelle agrees to tell Brian the truth, but just can’t seem to do it.It’s kind of dark — Yes, I was in a dark mood when I took that. Noted to show that dark can refer to moods, as well as be the opposite of light.This stuff is left over from a shoot I did. Stuff is a critical word meaning things or material. For a photographer, a shoot is the act of taking (shooting) pictures.It’s the letters Simone de Beauvoir wrote to Sartre.

Two famous French philosophers/writers.It’s funny how self-conscious we are, considering. To be self-conscious is generally to be overly concerned with what others think about you. A real problem when dating!Me, too. I’m completely feeble-minded.

“Feeble” is weak, and thus this means mentally slow. Probably more common in England than the US.All you have to do is get near me and I turn into this gibbering idiot.

“To gibber” is to speak quickly with words that are crazy or make no sense (“gibberish”). In the US, a “blithering idiot” is more common. An “idiot” is a very common word for a stupid person.You’re clever, funny, modest and sweet. Clever is intelligent, and much more commonly used in England. Modest is another way to say humble. I’ve messed up really bad. “To mess up” something is to do it poorly. Similar to “screw up”She’s been licking her belly.

— Is she sensitive in that area? Belly is a cute word for stomach.Pot-bellied pigs. A person (or animal) with a pot-belly has a big stomach. Often, people will simply say that such people have a pot. You’re on in 60.

— Is it OK if I hang around and watch? The first sentence is a short way to say “you will be on the air in one minute.” “To hang around” is a very common way to say stay, watch, and/or do nothing in particular. I refuse to degenerate into some misogynistic clich&eacute.

Having said that, how can you do this to me? “To degenerate” is another word for deteriorate, or fall apart. “Misogynistic” is an adjective referring to a person who hates women, and a “clich&eacute” is an overused or unoriginal expression.I was all set to do it. “To be set to do” something is another way of saying ready to do it.Maybe it was all the cake he fed me. — What is that, the twinkie defense? “Twinkies” are sweet sponge cakes that children love. This refers to the legal defense that some have made that they committed crimes because they had eaten too much sugar, and therefore are not really guilty of the crime (!!)We find out how he feels about us in a roundabout kind of way.

An interesting way of saying “indirectly” (as opposed to directly asking him).If you were stranded in the bubble thing in Arizona This refers to “The Biosphere,” a huge plastic tent that was built in the Arizona desert to see how people could survive for up to a year without direct interaction with the rest of the world.Who would you take with you? Time Magazine’s Woman of the year or Playboy’s Playmate of the year? In general, Time’s person would probably be very intelligent and Playboy’s Playmate would be sexy and beautiful. I object to both of these categories on both of our behalves.

To do something “on behalf of” somebody is to do it for them.What is idea number two? — We go over there, get shit faced, and see what happens. An interesting, crude expression meaning to get drunk. Abby and Noelle return to Brian’s studio but can’t seem to tell him the truth, and Brian confides in “Donna” what he truly loves about Abby.Your eyes—They’re extraordinary.

A good word for amazing or beyond what is usual, or in this context, beautiful.Yes, just swap.

To swap is an interesting verb meaning to trade one thing for another (You can, in theory, swap anything, from food to wives). I’m hammered.

I gotta go home. A slang word for drunk (or possibly stoned, from illegal drugs). Secret rendez-vous? — You know it. A commonly used French word that simply means a meeting. (“You know it” can be a stylish way to say “Yes, you’re right).So you’re telling me she’s no longer young and attractive and you’re seeking my approval to have her put to sleep.

“To put an animal to sleep” is a gentle way of saying to have it killed, usually done when it is old or suffering. I hope that aesthetically unpleasant dog of yours bites you in the ass.

“Aesthetically” is an educated word that refers to physical beauty. Your “ass,” of course, is your butt, rear end, etc.Don’t hang up. I hate hang-ups.

One hangs up the phone, of course, but this is noted to show that even phrasal verbs can be made into nouns.We started wrestling around and kissing, but he kept calling your name. To wrestle is a sport involving hand-to-hand fighting, but Noelle uses wrestling around for kissing and related things.I’m avoiding a guy who calls me Abby and I’m very frustrated that I screwed up a friendship with the nicest woman I ever met. Again, a heavily used phrasal verb meaning to do badly, or as here, to badly damage or harm.Deep cleansing. A silly expression referring to skin cleaning promoted by various cosmetic companies. I must be in a daze I didn’t hear you. A good little word referring to a stunned or confused condition when you can’t really think. Note a person can also be dazed.Department stores I get that too. The huge stores that sell clothes, furniture and everything else.It’s a photo album. I had her initials embossed.

Your “initials” are the first letters of your first and last name. “To emboss” something is to burn or carve a name on to a surface.She’s not talking to me for a week. It’s driving me mad.

“To drive someone mad” is another way of saying to make them crazy.I heard her on the air. She was brilliant — That’s a bit much, don’t you think? “Brilliant” means very smart, but it’s much more used in England.Before I listened to Abby on the radio, I wouldn’t have really given a cat the time of day.

This is Brian’s way of saying he didn’t care at all about cats.You look like a cat lover from way back.

In this context, “way back” means “for a very long time.”Do you have this thing in England, “the Freshman 10?” Freshman year in collage is the first year. This expression is Abby’s reference to the fact that many Freshman woman gained 10 pounds after arriving at school.I meet a woman I’m attracted to, and it’s very exciting, and then I get over her and we have nothing in common. To get over someone is to no longer be emotionally effected by them, or perhaps even interested in them. Or the opposite happens. There’s lots in common, fabulous woman, but there’s no excitement, no spark.

A spark is a tiny burning particle that causes a fire to ignite. In this context, used to mean emotional or sexual excitement.Let’s enjoy her personality, thereby igniting all your lust and passion. Have you ever thought about that? “Thereby” is a connecting word meaning approximately “therefore.” “Lust” is a great little word meaning sexual desire.You’re shivering! — So chivalrous, thank you. To shiver is to shake uncontrollably, usually because it is cold. Chivalrous means very polite and honorable, as when men agree to open the door of a car before a women gets in.There’s nothing disgusting in there, is there? A critical adjective meaning gross, horrible or repulsive.You can hear the moment when the sun hits the hills. A romantic, poetic, and perhaps ridiculous thing to say.I need to talk with you 10 minutes so we can clear everything up.

“To clear up” something is a common phrasal verb meaning to clarify or discuss a possible misunderstanding.You look gorgeous.

A powerful adjective meaning very pretty or beautiful.I’m more of a mystery type of girl, or maybe a romance.

Here, these words refer to types of books (or movies). I used to only date guys who didn’t speak English. It took ages to find out it wasn’t working. If something takes ages, it takes a very long time.The cats and dogs are covered.

If something or a particular situation is covered, this means that it has been taken care of.I got an appointment.

Another word for meeting. Brian arrives unexpectedly at Abby’s apartment, and soon learns the truth about Abby and Noelle.I don’t think he can be dissuaded.

Tell him to come back in half an hour or I’ll call the whole thing off.

“To dissuade” someone is to convince them not to do something. “To call off” something is an alternative way to say cancel it.You’re the boss! A funny little expression people use when they agree to let the person their speaking to make the necessary decision.She’s a little bit out of it.

I think she’ll call you later. An interesting expression meaning that the person is feeling tired and confused, or possibly sick.I made this list. If I could just run it byyou once to get a female opinion on it. To run something by someone is to discuss it in order to get their opinion or point of view on it.Then we could make any adjustments that you think it might need. An important word meaning minor changes. The verb is to adjust. I love your eyes. When they fix on mine, they burn into me and I forget what it is I wanted to say. When a pair of eyes fix on something, they continue to look or stare at it.Maybe she’s right. Maybe I am rushing things.

“To rush things” is to do them in a hurry, and note it can be used for anything, from making dinner to starting a romance. I want to read you to sleep every night and wake up to you playing violin every morning. Parents will “read their children to sleep,” by reading kid’s books out loud as they fall asleep in bed. Adults rarely do this.I love her for who she is, and if she weren’t beautiful, it wouldn’t matter.

The weren’t” is noted here to show that the subjunctive tense is alive and well. If something “doesn’t matter, it’s not important. The truth is Helen of Troy.

Helen was a beautiful Greek goddess. Men die for that shit. If something is “to die for,” it’s very highly valued or loved. This is Abby’s way of saying that men are absolutely obsessed with the physical beauty of women. The truth is that you would not be so enamored of Abby if she looked like. “To be enamored of” someone is to be fascinated or charmed by them.Attractive. A key word meaning appealing or pleasing, but if describing a person physically, often it is not quite as strong as pretty.Is this some kind of weird game you two play for kicks? “To do something for kicks” is to do it just to have fun, but not for anything serious. You pick up a guy together and see how much you can screw him up? “To pick up” someone is a very widely used phrasal verb meaning to try and attract, in hopes of later sexual or romantic adventures. In this context, to “screw up” someone is to hurt or confuse them, either physically or emotionally.A practical joke? — Not a joke, “ha ha.” A “practical joke” is a joke designed to make a particular person feel stupid or confused. “Ha ha” is the sound of a laugh.I get it! You’re a comedy duo.

Of all the meanings of to get, one of the most common is, as here, to understand. A duo is a two person team.Besides, he’s got this small personal habit that just drives me crazy.

“Besides” is another way to say in any case, or regardless. “To drive someone crazy” is a common expression meaning to annoy, irritate or perhaps frustrate them. How did your audition go? — I Didn’t make the cut.

Still not dignified enough for the news. To make the cut is to succeed well enough to be called back for more interviewing or testing. Dignified is an important adjective meaning poised, graceful or showing self-respect.You should give it a shot.

A common colloquial expression meaning simply to try!You dumb bitch.

A crude and common word for an unpleasant or mean woman. With time to reflect, Brian must decide whether to forgive them, and then decide which of the two he truly loves.You can leave it on the stool.

A type of backless chair found in most bars.The situation got completely out of control.

If something is out of control, it can’t be managed or contained.It’s mentally exhausting feeling really bad about something you can’t really do anything about. An important word that means very tiring.All of that stuff doesn’t come in a perfect package.

A box or container, or in this case, a human body.I’m at the mechanics getting my tune up, and there she is looking back at me. A tune up is what your car needs every 30,000 miles of driving (oil change, new filters, etc).You know what tipped me off? When she was dealing with that turtle, and she was like. “To tip off” someone is to show something that makes that person think there is something suspicious happening.My German shepherd is driving me insane.

A “German shepherd” is a type of dog. “Insane” means crazy.He peed in my bed. “To pee” is to piss, take a leak, or more officially, to urinate.People are very good about hiding their emotions, but your dog tearing up your apartment was trying to tell you something. Note that you “tear up” a piece of paper, which is to rip it into two or more pieces, but if you tear up an apartment, you are probably causing a lot of general damage and chaos. Am I supposed to put on my poop shoes and just go out shopping? “Poop” is a gentler alternative to shit, or more officially, “feces.”Were going to wrap it up! “To wrap something up” is a colloquial way of saying to finish it.So is humiliation on skates for your amusement, or am I missing something? “Humiliation” is the act of being completely embarrassed or having one’s pride or dignity taken away.The humiliation was just a bonus.

An important word meaning a little extra something, such as an additional few hundred dollars pay at the end of the year.Come on, boy — No, this is beneath you. Never stoop! If some behavior is beneath someone, this means it is too embarrassing or humiliating and they should not do it. To stoop is to lower one’s back or neck in a servile manner. Mine wasn’t that bad. Hank’s was pathetic.

A powerful word meaning “so bad that it deserves pity.”