The Reason Why The Young People Prefer To Live In Town

Young people are always active and keen on learning; so most of them prefer to live in town.

First of all, living in town, they have many chances to widen their knowledge. Nowadays many language schools and centers open in town. They can go to any evening classes to improve their foreign languages such as French, English, Russian, German, Japanese and Chinese. Experienced teachers and professors are ready to provide them with what they want to know. Besides that, they can go to public libraries or English speaking clubs to broaden their knowledge and improve their English speaking skills.

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Second, living in town, they can keep abreast of current affairs all over the world by reading newspapers, magazines or by watching television or listening to the radio. In the morning, they saw Kuwait occupied by Irag troops but in the evening, they saw them driven out of this oil-producing country by powerful allied forces.

Third, our country is open to all foreign investments and town is the cradle of industrial development. Therefore, upon graduating from university, they can have favorable opportunities to make full use of their ability.

Finally, there are many comfortable means of communication and entertainment in town. They can go anywhere they like and after a hard day’s work they can enjoy minutes of recreation by watching interesting films on a large screen in a modern and air-conditioned cinema in town.

For the above-mentioned reasons, an urban life has always been a fascinating appeal to all young men in the world.