The Quite American

The Quiet American: Choose a novel which explores in an effective way a theme which is important to you.
A novel of which explores a certain theme, the abusive corruption of American power is Graham Greene’s “The Quiet American”. Greene’s novel is set in the French colony, Vietnam, which is soon to be lost to the Communists. His narration and description of characters such as Alden Pyle the titular “Quiet American” of whom is proud to be American and is working for the Economic Aid Mission of which is known as the “third force”. The other is Thomas Fowler, who is actually narration the whole story and gives a clear inclination that he strongly dislikes the idea of Americans entering a country of which is not theirs and taking over it.
Both characters are completely different in the way they believe Vietnam should be run. Fowler , a veteran reporter who cannot show an opinion to what the Americans are doing to the culture of Vietnam however shows what he really believes later on in the text. Fowler being British; is effectively the representative of Europe where as Pyle is obviously the representative of America having two different views on what America is doing to Vietnam. Greene uses first person narration and flashbacks to emphasise how he feels over what he did to Pyle however uses cynical language to make it clear that he is not really sorry for his Fowlers actions. There are certain parts to the novel where it shows that Fowler is more than a veteran but experienced in both living in Vietnam but conflict as well. Also it shows the contrast between Pyle and Fowler, for example Fowler and Pyle are walking in the city where a bang goes off; Fowler automatically knows that it was a “Grenade” however Pyle naively thinks that it was “A car backfiring.
Throughout the novel the tension between Fowler and Pyle increases showing the political conflict between America, France and Vietnam. An example of the tension is when Pyle tries to take Phuong off of Fowler as.