The Picture of Dorian Gray


Title of Book: The Picture of Dorian Gray

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Author: Oscar Wilde

Main Characters: Dorian Gray, Basil Hallward, Lord Henry Wotton

What’s the story about?

There was a handsome and young man whose name is Dorian Gray. His picture were painted by Basil Hallward. When Dorian saw the picture, he was thrilled and he wished that he could stay always as young as his imagine in the picture. His wished was achived. The picture became old instead of him. He started living selfish.

Many years passed but Dorian stayed same as young in the picture. He fell in love with actress Sibyl Vane because of her beauty and acting ability. He broke up with her, hurtin her cruelly. And he realised his picture change, it showed cruelly in his face. He decided to ask Sibyl that did she married with him but she had already killed herself.

Basil was shocked because Dorian’s apperant indifference to Sibyl’s death. Basil wanted to see picture but he refused that. He told Basil thar picture had changed and had a life of its own. And than he decided to hide to the picture in the private locked room. So nobody would ever see it again and discover his secret.

After many years Dorian invited to Basil and they argued about his life. Basil heard that he had a terrible life. Than Dorian decided to show the picture to Basil. When Basil saw the picture, he was shocked. Dorian felt hatred for Basil and killed him.

Dorian wanted to be a good person. Dorian and Lord Henry argued about that. Lord said that people couldn’t change. Dorian wanted to start a new life so he destroyed his picture.

What happens in the end?

When he destroyed his picture, a terrible scary was heard around the house. The police arrived to death body they saw an old and ugly man like the picture. And the picture changed like Basil’s painted.

Write the most interesting thing in the book:

Altough he always stay as young as in the picture but he isn’t happy and he hurts.