The Last Supper

“One of a Kind”
An Analysis of The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci

The Last Supper designed and created by Leonardo da Vinci is an iconic and highly recognizable piece of art. The artwork’s high recognition not only stems from its deep religious roots but also the unique and subtle beauty that the humongous painting contains. Leonardo began the instantly famous painting in the year of 1495, and concluded his work in the year of 1498. During this three-year work period, The Last Supper was being created, polished and perfected. As a result of his time and dedication The Last Supper is ultimately one of the highest recognizable pieces of religious art still today. In fact to this day The Last Supper is studied, critiqued and analyzed by many, as well as continuously loved, admired and cherished. Although other artists had most definitely portrayed this scene before, and many of these portrayals were done exceptionally well, no artist had developed the scene the way Leonardo da Vinci had in his version of the religious last supper. This fact is what makes his depiction of The Last Supper so idyllic compared to the other various portrayals by other artists. Now because the actual existence of “the last supper” is based on different beliefs and is not one hundred percent for certain in everyone’s faith, the true meaning and the viewer’s understanding of the painting ultimately lie within their heart and mind. Due to the fact that The Last Supper is connected with the aspect of religion, people become more attached and drawn to the piece because they have a deep inner connection with the meaning behind the painting. Today replicas of the painting can be found any and everywhere. From posters, to mouse pads, to coffee mugs, the epic painting The Last Supper has become widely acknowledged all around the world. The painting is also admired for its perfected appearance and overall deeply religious rooted meaning.
The Last Supper was created on the wall of.

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