The Biggest World

NOV, 15
The Biggest World
Some people in their daily lives spend a lot of hours on the internet networks. According to the A new Pew Internet & American Life Project report says 73 percent of Americans say they use the Internet, up from 66 percent in January 2005, with a lot of the increase coming from those over 50.Using the internet has been becoming part of our lives, we cannot live without it. The services of the internet are giving people more solutions to achieve their daily works successfully. Three categories of online activities I enjoy doing when I use the internet network are categorizes according to their different services.
One category of online activities is online shopping. The shopping at the internet has become popular because it provides most of the consumer demands. The consumer can valuate and buy the products and the services that are displayed in the websites of the internet without having to leave his house. One example of an website shopping is Nike store, which can actually provides all kings of sport stuffs on his online store to both gender. The visitors of the online Nike store can use several languages commensurate with language that they have spoken. All the athletes persons visit the website for buy their stuff because the materials is provided with less price and high qualities. The Amazon website, one of the largest companies selling products on the internet world, is another online shopping website. The website provides many services for customers. Buying is one of processes is introduced by Amazon, is involved the the used and new stuffs. Selling is another process, which allows to the customers to sell their property on the website. Amazon use security system to protect his customers from electronic theft.
Online live sources is another category of online activities. Live sources is an important part of online activities, and millions of people visit the Live websites to get world.