Terrorism in Pakistan: Its Causes, Impacts and Remedies

Terrorism in Pakistan: Its Causes, Impacts and Remedies
* Introduction
* What Is Terrorism
* Islam’s Response to Terrorism:
* Causes of Terrorism:
Internal Causes
Socio-Economic Causes
1) Injustice:
2) Illiteracy:
3) Poverty And Unemployment:
4) Food Insecurity:
5) Dissatisfaction:
Political Causes:
1) Non-Democratic Set-Up:
2) Improper Government Set-Up
3) Absence Of Law And Failure Of Law Enforcement Agencies:
Religious Causes:
1) Role Of Madrassahs:
2) Religious Intolerance:
External Causes
1) Afghan War: 1979
2) Iranian Revolution:
3) War On Terrorism: 9/11
Factors Boosting Terrorism:
1) Anti-Terrorism Campaign And Drone Strikes:
2) Negligence Of Government:
3) Persecution Of Innocent Muslims In Kashmir And Palestine:
Steps Taken By Pakistan:
1) Ban On Terrorist Organisation
2) Operation Rah-E-Nijat
3) Operation Rah-E-Rast
Impacts of Terrorism:
1) Civilian Loss
2) Economic Cost Of Terrorism:
a) Agriculture Loss:
b) Manufacturing Cost:
c) Declining Foreign Direct Investment:
d) Diminishing Tourism:
e) Internally Displaced People/internal Migration
4) Social Impacts;
5) Political Impacts:
6) Psychological Impacts:
7) Religious Impacts:

Shortage of water in Pakistan
As we all know, Pakistan is facing severe shortage of water. There are two main reasons, one due to persistent droughts-which is beyond the control of a man, and the other due to miss-management of water resources.
Impact on economy / society
1. Less water means less agricultural yields, meaning they cannot fulfill the food requirements of the nation, so they need to be dependent on other countries.
2. Due to less production of main crops, which are wheat, cotton, sugar cane and rice, the Industries related to them will suffer adversely
3. Less agricultural outputs.

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