Teenage Pregnancy

How Is Teenage Pregnancy Impacting Our Society?
In 2007 nearly forty percent of babies in the Untied States were delivered by unwed mothers (Ravitz 1). Teenage pregnancies have become a major problem in the United States, and we need to find a way to address this problem. Once we find a way to drop the rate of teenage pregnancies and dropouts in school the United States economy will benefit in a positive way. Teenage pregnancies are impacting our society in a negative way by causing the poverty line to increase, as well as the amount of kids dropping out of school. Therefore we should teach comprehensive sex education rather than abstinence to lower teenage pregnancy, and find a way to keep teen mother in school rather than dropping out.
Almost half of all teenage mother and over three-fourths of unmarried teen mother began receiving Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) within five years of the birth of their first child ( Corthran, Helen 19). This means that more than half of teen mothers and over three-fourths of unmarried teen mothers are living in poverty, and on welfare. Knowing that 1.7 million out of wed births occurred in 2007( Ravitz 1), would show an increase in the poverty line. From 1975 to 2005 17.6 percent of teens under the age of eighteen live in poverty (Wikipedia). Many of those kids under the age of eighteen are teenage mothers. In order to keep the poverty line from increasing we should find a way to keep teenage mother in school rather than dropping out. This way these mothers can get a higher education to get a well paying job to support their child. A drop out who has never graduated high school will make $459 dollars a month, (Buckingham 93), so if a teen mother drops out of high school she will have a difficult time supporter herself and her child even with welfare.
However if we were to provide in school daycares for the teen mothers they would be able to stay in school, and pay much less than having to pay for an all day.