Teen Issues

he Types of Peer Pressure Teenagers Face In today’s world, teenagers are influenced by many things. Some of those things includetelevision, music, and sports, but the most important influence on a teenager is their peers. Teenagers desire approval from their peers more than anything else. They will go to any extremeto fit in. When their peers do something, they want to do it, too. Teenagers want to blend in withthe crowd. There are many different types of things teens are pressured to do by their peers suchas drinking, smoking, doing drugs, having sex, and being thin. The pressure to drink is one type of pressure that teenagers face from their peers. Almostevery teen has tried alcohol, and many are regular drinkers. Teens think drinking makes themlook cool. At parties and other social gatherings, teens are pressured to drink because it isconsidered an expected party activity. Alcohol doesn’t seem dangerous to many teenagers,therefore, they continue to drink.

Curiosity and lack of knowledge about drugs are two major reasons why teenagersallow themselves to be persuaded by this type of pressure. They are persuaded to do iton dates by their friends or even the person they are on the date with. Doing drugs is another type of peer pressure for teenagers to face. Being thin is also a type of peer pressure for teens to face in today”tms world. A second type of peer pressure on teenagers is smoking cigarettes. Premarital sex is an additional type of peer pressure on teens. Teens have premarital sexbecause they are curious and because everyone else is doing it. The pressure on teens to smoke is everywhere. The peer pressure to be thin is everywhere. Teens see smoking everywhere andcan be very easily persuaded to try smoking by their peers. Eating disorders result from this obsession with being thin and beingaccepted. These pressures are a major crisis forteenagers. If they give in to the first pressure, they could very easily be swayed togive in to another pressure. The.

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