Technological Failure

I think a lot of folks, including myself sometimes think of modern technology as if it were a magical autonomous entity capable of overcoming anything from energy constraints to natural disasters, and in certain cases, personal issues. When I stop and think about it, as technology rapidly increases, often times I never think about the consequences of if a failure were to occur, nor the likelihood of it happening at all. In reality, the likely hood of technology collapsing is high considering our circumstances. My point isn’t to predict some sort of a catastrophic event, but it’s to share with readers my experiences and opinions I possess that have changed the way I think and act when it comes to the possibilities of technological failure.
Now days we live in a technological society, as you know, complex societies tend to collapse. Our way of living as a whole, is so suffused with, and linked by overwhelming production. All that’s needed to disable us, is for the power to go out for a week. Without power, our computers, water heaters, electric lights, refrigerators, elevators, credit card machines, and cash registers will cease to function. Probably after a couple hours of the outage, all modes of transportation will come to a halt, leaving many stranded as prey, not knowing what to do next but wait. I can’t help to imagine what things would be like if something like this were to occur and lasted up to six months to a year. I wonder how many people would have the ability to survive. I’m pretty sure that more than what I would expect won’t. I just don’t want to be part of the exterminated.
These are a few of reasoning’s of how technology may be vulnerable, and how the possibilities of a catastrophic event may be witnessed during my lifetime that could lead to the destruction of technology.
Global warming and other climate changes is a threat. You don’t have to be smart to figure out that the climate’s changing and that it has.

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