Task 1 from Ncfe Teaching Assisant Course

Task 1- 1.1

The Expected Pattern of Development for Children and Young People from Birth to 19 Years

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* Social Development
* Physical Development
* Intellectual Development
* Communication and Language Development
* Emotional Development

In this booklet you will see the different stages of development from birth to 19 years. Hopefully the information in here will be of some help to you.

Social Development

Children’s social development involves social skills as part of the socialisation process. Socialisation determines how children relate socially and emotionally to others. The socialisation process involves the development of:
* Acceptable behaviour patterns
* Self-control and discipline
* Independence (including self-help skills e.g. feeding, toileting and dressing).
* Awareness of self in relation to others
* Positive relationships with others
* Understanding the needs and rights of others
* Moral concepts (understanding the difference between right and wrong.

Age Range | Social Development |
0 to 3 Months | * Cries to communicate needs to others * Stops crying to listen to others * Responds to smiles from others * Considers others only in relation to satisfying own needs for food, drink, warmth, sleep, comfort and reassurance. |
3 to 9 Months | * Responds positively to others especially family members. By 9 months is very wary of strangers * Communicates with others by making noises and responds to own name * Begins to see self as separate from others |
9 to 18 months | * Can respond to simple instructions if wants to * Communicates using limited range of recognisable words * Shows egocentric behaviour * Is unintentionally aggressive to other children |
18 months to 2 years | * Resounds positively to others * Communicates more effectively with others * Responds to simple instructions * Wants to help adults and enjoys imitating their activities.