Studying Abroad

1. Many students choose to attend schools or universities outside their home countries. Why do some students study abroad?

Considerations have to be taken into account when we are talking about studies, which portray an important role in our lives. People might want to study in their own countries as well as study abroad. Students study abroad in order to learn another language, to experience a new life in a new country, or even to get a master or doctorate degree.

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To begin with, one reason that makes students to study outside of their own country is the fact that they want to learn another language. Nowadays, more and more students from countries such as China, Korea, and Japan are attending high school classes in Canada or USA in order to expand their number of language. When I moved to Canada, I took English classes at high school and fifty percent of my classmates were from the oriental countries. Most of them didn’t know English and came to Canada especially to learn it. Thus, the number of students from the oriental countries who are willing to learn another language in the north-American countries has been augmenting lately.

Some people want to study abroad to begin and experience a new life in a specific country. Let us suppose that someone who is living in Philippines has just completed an Italian course. Now, he wants to make some studies there to improve his language and attend classes at university. Consequently, as a lot of people do, he might begin his life there, and get a job as soon as he finishes the university that he is attending at. Therefore, many people go to another country in order to get a degree, to begin a new life, and to experience a new culture.

Nowadays, getting a master or doctorate degree in a foreign country has been being more easier than before. My father is an example of this common case. He got his degree in Brazil, then consequently he noticed that he need more than a simple degree. As a result, he moved to.