Steel Recycling

Waste management!

Iron scraps which are a raw material are used again by steel

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management factories.Steel is 100% recyclable; however,

when discarded to landfill, it takes up to 200 years to completely

decompose. Recycling steel diverts these products from landfill,

and enables the material to be reprocessed, thereby conserving

raw materials.

Recycling steel cans helps to protect our environment in three ways:
1. it saves precious natural resources for the future generations.

This is also called ecological sustainability.
2. It saves energy therefore saving money.
3. Reduces cans going to landfill so the amount of salinity and

pollution underground will decrease.

Magnetic Separation: Because steel is attracted to magnets, it can

be easily separated from other recyclables like paper in a recycling

facility with magnetic belts. Different kinds of steel do not need to

be separated out.

Detinning: Many steel cans will have a layer of tin on them, which

will be removed since tin is recycled on its own. This is usually done

by a specialized steel company,.