Sin Taxes

Sin Taxes: Alcohol and Tobacco to be sacrifice to reduce costs of medical care
ENG 122 English Composition II
Dr. Sharon Hanscom
February 28, 2013

Sin Taxes: Alcohol and Tobacco to be sacrifice to reduce increasing costs of medical care
Using sin taxes to generate revenue for governments to reduce the cost of medical care have been a subject of discussion across the world. Products such as alcohol and tobacco have suffered the most because of the dangers that comes with it, and others are asking for taxes on junk foods, gambling, pornographic materials, and sugary soft drinks. These increases have raised lots of concerns such as; why people use alcohol and tobacco products despite the health issues associated with the use of these products? Why will the government increase only the taxes on alcohol and tobacco and not products and services such as pornography, gambling, junk foods, and sugary soft drinks? What will be the possible outcome after the increase in alcohol and tobacco? Are there other alternatives apart from alcohol and tobacco to reduce the increase in health care cost? And will people quit the habit because of the increase in the prices of these products? The solution to the increasing costs of medical care is to educate people about the importance of healthy living and the dangers and damages of alcohol and tobacco.
Due to the fact that alcohol and tobacco are some of the leading causes of a lot of the major health related problems, it is the right choice for the government to increase the levy to help fight for the increasing cost of health care cost and to prevent the teen age group from starting something they cannot afford due to the higher taxes on these products. According to research “WE MODEL a TWO-PERIOD SITUATION WHERE INDIVIDUALS CONSUME a SIN GOOD, WITH POSITIVE IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION BUT NEGATIVE IMPACT ON.

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