Should Middle School Students Use the Net?

Is it a good or bad idea for middle school students to use the net? Should middle school students use the net?

Different people have different opinions. On the one hand, some people hold the idea that the net is very useful to middle school students. With it, they can get information about the world quickly, which may have influence on their lives and studies, and can also open up their eyes to the outside world. If you like reading, on the net, you can do it .There are all kinds of books about lecture, art and any other subjects. If you like music, when you’re tired, you can enjoy music to relax yourself as you do something else. If you have free time to study further, good teachers can be found on the net. They will teach you online freely. Of course, we can’t list out all of the advantages of net, but all of these will be good for middle school students.

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On the other hand, some people think the net is bad for middle school students’ lives and studies. Because they feel middle school students are just kids, they can’t control their action and they take interest in every new thing. Surfing the Internet is new to them and it’s very easy to make them not be able to concentrate on their studies. If they’re interested in the net, they’ll always think of it even when they study and sleep. They’ll spend more time on the net than their studies, and sometimes they even don’t care about their health. They spend their money going to the net bar instead of buying their breakfasts and dinners. When they have no money but can’t help going to the net bar, maybe they’ll do something wrong against the law. That’ll be so terrible. I ever heard there were students who died at the net bar. I hope that never happen again.

Should middle school students use the net? I think we must lead them to use it in a right way. That’s my feeling.