Rural Development In India

Close to 70% of India still resides in rural and semi urban areas. It is in rural India that a vast potential of talent and untapped creative and intellectual energy lies. If this group of people is not empowered, the nation as a whole cannot flourish and develop. With the focus of developing this human force, Dr. Kiran Bedi started to think of ways to empower the rural India. Since women stand at the fore front of most activities of rural lives, the most impactful intervention was to initiate active participation of women in the decision making policies. The rural development initiatives of Navjyoti India Foundation saw the light of the day with Women’s Panchayat at Bhondsi in 1996. But that was just the beginning of a dream lived well that continues to grow from strength to strength every day. At present Navjyoti’s scope of work spans across 30 villages in Sohna block. Every month close to 400 women are being empowered, 100 children educated, countless families are being touched and smiles shared. Read More…»

Rural development has always been an important issue in all discussions pertaining to economic development, especially of developing countries, throughout the world. In the developing countries and some formerly communist societies, rural mass comprise a substantial majority of the population. Over 3.5 billion people live in the Asia and Pacific region and some 63% of them in rural areas. Although millions of rural people have escaped poverty as a result of rural development in many Asian countries, a large majority of rural people continue to suffer from persistent poverty. The socio-economic disparities between rural and urban areas are widening and creating tremendous pressure on the social and economic fabric of many developing Asian economies. These factors, among many others, tend to highlight the importance of rural development. The policy makers in most of the developing economies recognize this importance and have been implementing a host of.

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