Rome and Juliet – 1

The Impact of the Balcony Scene in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

In this play of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ each scene is a huge contrast to
the previous. Not only the scenes, but almost every aspect of the play
is countered by another body/scene/setting that gives the whole idea
of opposites that capture the audience’s attention and makes it ever
so more interesting and more impactful. The balcony scene, possibly
the most well known and loved, not forgetting intelligent love scenes
in the English language has a huge impact upon the audience and the
story line in the play. It comes at a time where one sees in the main
characters another side, a contrast to before. The setting is
completely different to the previous scene as well as the atmosphere,
actions, mood and even language used.

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The atmosphere of this scene is very leisurely. It is all so calm,
peaceful, and romantic. Romeo and Juliet are under the stars. It’s so
beautifully written and perfectly molded into the play. The previous
scene was the party and within that the atmosphere was completely the
opposite of this, everyone was shouting, hardly romantic, loud noise
and music contributed to the mayhem and everyone was having a good

Aside from the atmosphere the actions of this scene are that of a very
different matter. There are so many different movements going on and
there are mixed feelings and obviously contrasts to the next scene.
There is lots of excitement as Tybalt gets angry as he sees Romeo in
the party ‘This, by his voice, should be a Montague. Fetch me my
rapier, boy’.

Romeo and Juliet are talking together, un-doubtly flirting with each
other. The party would have seen people flirting with each other, but
not in such a meaningful and loving way as Romeo and Juliet. People
would have been shouting at each other, in order to be audible as
there was very loud music and there would have been several guests
drunk as a peacock.