Beliefs and Practices
Public worship on Sundays at a church.
Spread the gospel (New Testament).
Jesus Christ was sent to earth to sacrifice himself for our sins.
Sin separates man from god.
Texts and writings
Bible (old and new testament).
Did ache-first Christian document.
Two major gods or divine figures
God- supreme creator of the universe-All knowing all loving all powerful.
Jesus- was sent to earth to spread the word of god and sacrafist himself for everyone’s sin.
Two major human figures
s. Marry – was chosen to give birth to Jesus.
Joseph- was chosen to be the father of Jesus.
C.29-32-Ministry and crucifixion of Jesus
34-64/- Pauls ministry and correspondence
68-100-new testament was written
313-constantine issues Edict of Milan
596-mission to Germanic peoples
742-814-charmagne,”holly roman empire”
1095-1099-first crusade
1202-1204-fourth crusade; sacking of Constantinople
1453-constinople falls to Turkish Muslims; angel of exploration begins
1483-1546-martin Luther Swiss reformer
1726-1750- great awakening in America
{draw:frame} number of peole practiceing :2.1billion
Beliefs and practices
Public worship
A man wears a skull cap and a prayer shawl
Each person is free to choose to do good or evil
One should lead a good life and fallow god’s word in the torah
The dead will be resurrected
Texts and writings
The Talmud
The torah
Assert ha –dibrot- the ten commandments
Halakhah; Jewish law
Two major gods or divine figures
Archanangle Michael
He is one of the archanlges, who is also represented as the advocated of Israel. Has the job of guarding the children of Israel. He is an angle. He accompanies the souls of the pious and helps them to enter the gates of.