– AN HR must-know activities

– Provides new employees;

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New ideas to the organization


Before putting up or before conducting a recruitment and selection process, the first step that an Hr must do is planning. HRP is a both a process and set of plans. It is how the organizations asses the future supply and demand for human resources. Human Resource Planning determines the number and type of employees to be recruited into the organization.

• WHY conduct HR PLANNING?

1. For more effective and efficient use of human resources

2. For more satisfied and better developed employees

• HR Planning Process (4 Distinct Phases or stages)

1. Situation Analysis and environmental Scanning. The strategic plan must adapt to environmental circumstances, and HRM is one of the primary mechanisms that an organization can use during the adaptation process. Without an effective HR plan to support the recruitment and selection functions in the organization, it will be impossible to move fast enough to stay competitive.

2. Forecasting Demand for Employees This is estimating not only how many but also what kinds of employees will be needed. Forecasting yields advanced estimates or calculations of organization’s staffing requirements.

3. Analyzing the Current Supply of Employees/ Inventory of Manpower. This is to determine how many and what kinds of employees the company currently has in terms of the skills and training necessary for the future.

4. Action Plan Development. After analyzing both the supply of and demand for future workers, these two forecasts are compared to determine what, if any, action would be taken.

The Recruitment and Selection Process


– Is the process of finding and attracting applicants who are interested in and qualified for position vacancies.

– Refers to the process of attracting potential job applicants from the external labor.