Promiscuity of the Average Teenager

Ron is a 2009 graduate of Thunder Ridge High School. and is currently a freshman at UC LA. During his senior year at Regis, he becomes involved with Amy, a junior at Cherry Creek. By the end of the year, Ron thinks he loves Amy, but Amy is unsure. They do some physical exploration (mostly kissing) but Amy says she isn’t ready to have sex. Ron respects her wishes. Over the summer, Ron and Amy realize a long distance relationship is going to be difficult to maintain, so they agree they should both be free to date other people and see how they feel when Ron comes home at Thanksgiving.

When Ron arrives at UCLA, he can’t believe the California lifestyle, the parties, the number of incredibly hot women who seem to want to have sex. While at Regis, Ron was lukewarm about Catholicism and thought what it says about premarital sex is way out of date. After all sex is natural and should be fun, or so say most of his buddies who constantly ask him if he’s gotten Amy into the sack yet. So, he decides that if these more progressive California women want him, he’ll have “safe sex.” In the first six weeks, he “hooks up with” and has one-night stands with three different women he meets at parties. He also goes to one beach party where he persuades a girl to perform oral sex on him. She asks him to reciprocate but he refuses because he doesn’t know what to do. She gets pissed and throws a beer in his face. After each encounter, it is clear that no further dating, or contacts will be made with his partners. It was just for fun.

He then meets Karen from Vermont who seems more interested in him intellectually and emotionally than the other girls. After dating for a couple of weeks, they have protected sex. Karen is a virgin. Ron doesn’t tell Karen about the one-night stands or the girl at the beach because she doesn’t ask. He believes that with sex it’s a “don’t ask, don’t tell” with regard to past conduct.

Meanwhile, Ron starts to get phone calls and texts from Amy.