Princess September


I have chosen the story, which was written by Somerset Maugham, Princess September, which is a short story, and very interesting story about author’s imagination. I would like to give brief introduction about the writer because he is my favorite writer. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) novelist, playwright and short-story writer; has been recognized as a great master of contemporary prose writer. He won fame by novels like Cakes and Ale and Razor’s Edge, plays like The Breadwinner and Caesar’s Wife and a large number of short stories. The story “Princess September” was written while Maugham was staying in a hotel at Bangkok, soon after recovering from an attack of malaria.
The reason behind choosing this story is its simplicity and touchy theme of the story. The story itself is very simple and its language is also simple to understand the entire story. Its story-telling technique is very good. The most powerful reason to choose this story is its theme – a story with a moral theme, freedom is the true secret of happiness. This theme of the story that is touches my heart. When I seat to read the story I imbibed with the characters of the story. When you read the story at first time it seems to be like a fairy tale but story has so much powerful imagination in itself. Every human being has its own fantasy, even child also has a fantasy we cannot escape ourselves far from this fantasy. This short story reveals the fantasy of human mind and human nature. Human nature is very complicated thing to understand. Human tendency is that to possess something which is liked by him. This little story also describes the psychology of human nature as well as human behavior.
Here I would like to quote the famous line of the world’s greatest scientist, Albert Einstein that was published in the local newspapers often, “imagination is more important than knowledge”. These are the words of the great scientist who believes that knowledge is ephemeral but imagination is.

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