Pollution becomes more and more serious day by day. Generally, pollution is divided into three main groups. There are air pollution, land pollution and water pollution. Land pollution is considered as the most serious pollution problem in the earth. This is because men was live at land and develop the land without concern the effect to the earth. When men realize the seriousness that pollution happened at the earth, men start to nervous and more take care the earth because is men’s home. Without the home, men also can be extinct. Land pollution has many causes and effect that may affect the human being.
Disposal of non-biodegrable waste can cause the land pollution. Example of non-biodegrable waste was container, bottle or can made by plastic, electronic goods and others. Besides that, agricultural waste such as crop, animal manure, residues of the farm land like pesticide and fertilizer also can cause land pollution. Industrial waste such as dumping of toxic materials can make the land pollution become more worse. The land pollution also can cause by the garbage dumping like the leftover food, fruit, and vegetable peels and also other non decomposable solid materials. Those wastes can make the environment become uncomfortable if the wastes did not handle well. It is our responsibilities to protect our environment because the earth is polluted by men’s action of careless.
There are other causes that cause the land pollution. For example, increase in urbanization can cause the land pollution. Construction uses up the forestland because of the exploitation or destruction of forest. The other causes that will cause the land pollution are the process of mining. Mining is defined as the formation of piles of coal and slag. Those activities that human always do is to develop the country or town. So that, the country or town can be more develop. But human did not think about the forest if they use up the forest. Those trees provide men oxygen so that men can breathe..