Planet of the Ape Movie Review

Major Characters

George TaylorCharlton Heston
A brave and resourceful American astronaut from the 1970s, whose
space ship lands centuries later on a planet that is ruled by apes.

ZiraKim Hunter
An ape who is an animal psychologist, who tries to help
Taylor after he is captured by other apes in her society.

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Cornelius.Roddy McDowall
Zira’s fianc, who is an ape archeologist who also tries to help Taylor.
He has a very controversial theory that says apes evolved from humans.

Dr. Zaius.Maurice Evans
The minister of science and “defender of the faith,” who does not like
humans and is convinced Taylor is a threat to all of ape society.

NovaLinda Harrison
A beautiful young human female. Like all humans on this planet,
she is apparently mute, which means she is dumb and unable to speak.

LuciusLou Wagner
Zira’s teenage nephew who tries to help her save Taylor.

LandonRobert Gunner
One of Taylor’s two colleagues who is on the spaceship with him.

Dodge.Jeff Burton
An African-American astronaut and the other colleague
who is on the spaceship with Taylor and Landon.

Plot Summary

This film, one of the truly great science fiction movies, tells the story of
George Taylor, a cynical, intelligent and determined American astronaut who takes
off in a spaceship in the early 1970s, only to discover that he has woken up
hundreds of years later, relative to life on earth. As far as he can tell, his
spaceship is also hundred of light years from earth, or perhaps trillions of
miles away. This is all possible because his ship had the technology to travel
at near the speed of light, and according to Einstein’s theories, if a person
could travel at near the speed of light, they would age more slowly than people
back on earth.

In any case, Taylor and his two fellow astronauts, Landon and Dodge, are almost killed
as their spaceship crashes into the water of what appears to be a very hot and
uninhabited planet, covered largely by desert. They soon discover that in fact there
is both plant and animal life, and to their amazement, there are creatures very much
like human beings, except they are all mute (they can’t speak). Even more shocking,
the planet appears to be run by a community of apes, who unlike the humans, do speak,
and who in fact have created a society that is as technologically advanced as human
civilization was back on earth, around the time of the renaissance (the 1600s). Like
humans, they study science, practice religion, and among other things, use guns, and
like human societies, there are both good and kind apes as well as bad and abusive ones.

After Taylor is captured, the friendly apes Zira and Cornelius try to treat him
with kindness, in part because they are convinced that he can speak, which no other
humans in their world can do (at first, even Taylor can’t talk, but this is because
his throat was badly injured when he was shot by an ape when he was caught). Soon
though, both Zira and Cornelius themselves are in trouble with their own community,
since their belief that Taylor is an intelligent human being who can speak is seen
as “heresy,” or a claim which is against the teachings of their ape religion (which,
among other things, says apes are the smartest and greatest animals on the planet).

After it becomes clear that Taylor does speak, the situation becomes worse for Zira
and Cornelius, who are formally accused of heresy for suggesting Taylor is a “missing
link” between humans and apes. In deep trouble, Taylor, Nova, Zira, Cornelius and Lucius
journey toward “the forbidden zone,” both to escape, and to find more evidence for
Cornelius’ own theory of evolution. Dr. Zaius and the ape police follow them, and all
arrive at the cave where Cornelius had first seen the archeological evidence for his
theory. After some more exploration, all the apes seem to realize something shocking
about the relationship between man and ape, and Taylor soon discovers something even
more amazing about the planet itself.

Some Words and Expressions that You May not Know

Taylor, Landon and Dodge land on a strange and distant
planet, perhaps 2,000 years after they first left earth.

Until we reach touchdown.

The act of a spaceship landing on a planet.

I’ve tucked my crew in for the long sleep.
“To tuck in” a person is to put them into bed, with the edge of the
blankets secured under the mattress. A “crew” is the group of people that
help run a vehicle or plane, such as pilots, astronauts and stewardesses.

Six months out of Cape Kennedy.

The place in Florida from which American rockets are still launched.

In a vehicle travelling nearly the speed of light, the earth has
aged nearly 700 years since we left it, while we aged hardly at all.
A “vehicle” is anything that transports people, from a car to a plane.
Note the above sentence is based on Einstein’s theory or relativity.

You who are reading me now are a different breed.

In this context, “to read” is to hear and understand.
A “breed” refers to a specific type, group or class of animals.

Time bends, space is boundless.

It squashes a man’s ego.

If something “bends,” it curves. If something is “boundless,” it never
ends. “To squash” an insect is to crush it completely. A person’s “ego”
is a psychological word for self-respect or self love.

Does man, that marvel of the universe, that glorious paradox
that sent me to the stars, still make war against his brother?
A “marvel” is anything that causes great wonder, amazement or astonishment.
If something is “glorious,” it is marked by great beauty or splendor.
A “paradox” is a statement (or thing) that seems to be self-contradictory
(such as “the harder I work, the less I accomplish”).

Get out a last signal!
A “signal” is any kind of sound, sign, or message
that communicates something to others.

Blow the hatch, before we lose all our power!
In this case, “to blow” means to forcefully open. A
“hatch” is a small locked door, usually on a plane or ship.

It’s no use! Abandon ship!
If a captain screams “abandon ship!,” they are telling you to get off the
ship as quickly as possible, probably because it is going to sink or crash.

She’s sinking. Going, going, gone.

The poetic way a person describes something as it slowly disappears.

Where are we? Do you have any notion skipper?
A “notion” is another word for an idea, and “skipper” is
one way of referring to the captain of a ship or plane.

We’re some 320 light years from earth on an unnamed
planet in orbit around a star in the constellation of Orion.
A “light year” is the distance an object can travel if going at the speed
of light. If a planet is “in orbit” around a star, it is circling around it.
A “constellation” is a specific group of stars.

We weren’t programmed to land in the water.
If a computer is “programmed” to do something, it is instructed to do
it by the computer scientists or software programmers who run it.

We’ve had enough sleep to hold us for a while, to start earning all that back pay.

Here, “to hold” a person is to keep them alive and going. “Back pay”
is money that is owed a person for work that was done much earlier.

Dodge, run your soil test.
“Soil” is another word for dirt, earth or firm land.

Got your sensors? Geigercounter?
A “sensor’ is any device or machine that measures things in
the atmosphere. A “geigercounter” measures radiation in the air.

One pistol. 20 rounds of ammo.

A medical kit.
In this case, a “round” is a unit of measurement, and “ammo”
is a military slang word for bullets, or ammunition.
Hey Landon, join the expedition.

A journey or trip that is done for a specific
purpose, often to investigate or study something.

You don’t seem very cut up about it. — It’s a little late for a wake.

To be “cut up” about something is to be emotionally upset about it. A “wake”
is a funeral in which people observe the body before it’s buried.

You’ve gone gray.

Apart from that, you look
pretty chipper for a man whose 2,031 years old.
If a person has “gone gray,” their hair has turned a gray or silver color
as they’ve grown older. “Chipper” is a good adjective meaning happy and
healthy or spirited.

I read the clocks. They bear out Haslein’s hypothesis.

A key word in science for an educated guess or theory, that
often needs to be tested by experimentation, to see if its true.

We’ve been away from earth for 2,000 years, give or take a decade.

In this context, “give or take” means approximately, or
within certain limits. A “decade” is a period of 10 years.

Time’s wiped out everything you ever knew. It’s all dust.

“To wipe out” something is to completely destroy it. “Dust” is the tiny particles
of matter that float in the air and need to be vacuumed from bookshelf surfaces.

It’s a fact, Landon. Buy it. You’ll sleep better.
In this context, to “buy it” means to accept or believe it.

There’s just a trace of carbohydrates.

the hydrogen is locked into the Nitrates.

A “trace” of something is just a slight amount of it. The next three
words are all scientific: “Carbohydrates” are an element that form food,
“hydrogen” is a type of atom that helps form water, and “nitrates” are
another type of chemical element.

We’ve got 72 hours to find it. That’s when the groceries run out.

“Groceries” are the types of food that people buy to prepare later
at home. If a quantity of something “runs out,” there are no longer any left.

Come on!
The most widely used and versatile phrasal verb in English, here meaning “Let’s go!”

Water check. — Eight ounces.

A unit of measurement 16 “ounces” equals one pound

It doesn’t add up.

Thunder and lightening and no rain.
A colloquial way of saying “It doesn’t make sense.”

Strange luminosity, yet there’s no moon.
“Luminosity” is the state of giving off or reflecting light.

If we could just get a fix.

In this context, a “fix” is the position or location of a ship.

You’re 300 light years from your precious planet
Your loved ones are dead and forgotten for 20 centuries.
If something is “precious,” it is highly valued or much loved.
A person’s “loved ones” are their closest friends and family.

Ah Taylor, quit riding him.
In this case, “to ride” a person is to continually tease, harass or bother them.

You get hold of that and you hang on
to it, or you might as well be dead.
This is Taylor’s very direct or blunt way of telling Landon that he has
to accept the painful truth that he is far from home and can never go back.

He’s prepared to die! Doesn’t that make you misty?!
If a person is “misty-eyed,” their eyes are moist or
wet because they are emotionally touched by something.

Chalk up another victory for the human spirit.
“To chalk up” a victory is to note or mark it.

Clue me in on something Why did you sign on for this trip?
If you tell a person to “clue you in on” something, you are asking them to
tell you some secret information that will allow you to understand what’s going
on (a “clue” is a piece of information that will help you solve a problem).
“To sign on” for a mission is to agree to take part in it.

You were the golden boy of the class of ’72 When they
nominated you for the big one, you couldn’t turn them down.

A “golden boy” is a slangy way of referring to a man with great accomplishments
or potential. The “class of &#14572” is a way of referring to the school class (in this
case, a class for astronauts), that graduated in 1972. “To nominate” a person for
a prize or honor is to officially propose or suggest that they receive it. “To turn
down” an honor or award is to not accept it, or to decline it.

There’s a life size bronze statue of you standing out there, somewhere.
The type of statue that is made to honor a great national hero
(Bronze is a type of brownish element that looks like copper).

Never let it be said that we forget our heroes.
A poetic way of saying “We always remember our heroes.”

Climb off my back!
Landon’s way of telling Taylor to stop bothering or harassing him.

There’s one last item, immortality.

An “item” is a small object of attention or a separate piece of news or
detail. “Immortality” is the ability or state of being able to live forever.

With our lovely Lieutenant Stewart dead, it looks like you’re the last of the line.
“Lovely” is a British word meaning pretty or attractive.
A “lieutenant” is a middle rank or level in the military.

Why can’t I read you? — Don’t bother.

Here, “to read” means to understand, and “to bother” means
to try (“Don’t try to understand me, because you won’t be able to”).

He’d walk naked into a live volcano if he thought
he could learn something no other man knew.
A mountain that has the potential to explode with hot rock or lava.

You’re no seeker, you’re negative.
A “seeker” is a person who is always looking
for new adventures or perhaps just the truth.

You thought life on earth was meaningless.

You despise people!
If something is “meaningless,” it has no meaning, or more generally,
no importance. “To despise” a person is to hate them with great emotion.

The hell with the scarecrows.

“The hell with” is a way of expressing contempt, disdain or anger.
“Scarecrows” are man made stick figures that are set up to scare
the birds away from crops and other plants on a farm.

Blessed are the vegetarians.

“Vegetarians” are people or animals that don’t eat meat This is a
religious way of saying that God will take good care of the vegetarians.

They look more or less human, but I think they’re mute.

“More or less” means basically or approximately.
If a person is “mute,” they don’t know how to speak.

We got off at the wrong stop.
This is Dodge’s way of saying that they’re far from where they want to
be (If a person gets off at the wrong bus stop, they can easily get lost).

Look on the bright side If this is the best they’ve
got, in six months we’ll be running this planet.
“Look on the bright side” is a good way of telling a person to look at the
positive aspects or parts of a situation, rather than just the negative ones. Taylor finds himself trapped in a world where
apes who speak rule over humans who don’t.This beast has lost a lot of blood.
A scientific word for any non-human animal.

There’s no probe here.
A thin instrument used for exploring the inside of the human body.

They stink, and they carry communicable diseases.
If a disease is “communicable,” it can easily be passed
or transmitted from one person or animal to another.

I’m little more than a vet in this laboratory.
A “vet” (or veterinarian) is an animal doctor.

You know how he looks down his nose at chimpanzees.

— But the quota system has been abolished!
“To look down your nose” at a person is to view them with disdain or
snobby contempt. A “chimpanzee” is a type of monkey. A “quota system”
reserves a certain amount of space for a select group of people. “To abolish”
something is to eliminate it.

I’m an animal psychologist, that’s all. We have no authority.

“Authority” means power or influence.

The foundations of scientific brain surgery are being laid
here, in studies of cerebral functions of these animals.
In this context, if a foundation is “laid,” it is created or built.
“Cerebral” is an adjective that refers to the brain.

They’re still dirty, and their bite is septic.

A medical word that refers to anything which
causes a bad smelling bacteria or germs.

The minute you open the door, he goes into his act.

One way of saying he starts to behave in a ridiculous way.

They’re all tame until they take a chunk out of you.
If an animal is “tame,” it is domesticated to be gentle and not dangerous.
A “chunk” is a good word for a big piece, in this case, of a person’s body.

That Bright Eyes is remarkable he keeps trying to form words.
A good adjective meaning amazing, noteworthy, or extraordinary.

You know what they say Human see, human do.

In English, “Monkey see, monkey do” is a saying which expresses
the belief that stupid animals can imitate behavior, but don’t really
understand what they are doing.

Good morning, your excellency.

A formal and rare way of addressing an important person, such as a king.

I’m so glad you could come.
A common adjective meaning happy or pleased.

I could swear he’s answering you. — He has a definite gift for mimicry.

If a person has a “gift for” doing something, they have a skill or
talent for it. “Mimicry” is the act of imitating a person’s behavior.

I wonder how he’d score on a Hopkins manual dexterity test.

A “manual dexterity test” is a test to see how skilled a person is at
using their hands (“manual” refers to hands, and “dexterity” means physical
speed, coordination or skill).

He can be taught a few simple tricks, nothing more.
In this context, a “trick” is an act or procedure that looks magical
or like it would be impossible to do (such as a dog playing cards).

I must caution you, experimental brain surgery on these creatures is one
thing, and I’m all for it, but your behavioral studies are something else again.
“To caution” a person is to warn them. A “creature” is a scientific word for
an animal. This is Dr. Zaius’ way of warning Zira not to study man too carefully
or she’ll learn things she probably shouldn’t know.

To suggest that we can learn anything about simian
nature from the study of man is sheer nonsense.
“Simian” is an educated adjective for anything related to apes
or monkeys. “Sheer” means complete or unqualified.

Besides, man is a nuisance.

he migrates to our greenbelts and ravages our crops.

A “nuisance” is anything that constantly harms, injures or causes problems.
“To migrate” is to move from one place to another and a “greenbelt” is an area
where green vegetables are grown. “To ravage” something is to destroy it or
violently lay waste to it. A “crop” is a food planted in the ground, usually
on farms, such as wheat or various fruits.

The sooner he is exterminated, the better It’s a question of Simian survival.
“To exterminate” an animal is to kill it, without mercy.

Something’s bothering him.
“To bother” a person is to annoy, irritate or disturb them.

He’s been prying around the lab for two days.
“To pry around” a place is to look into all the hidden and closed off areas,
where others would prefer you didn’t look. A “lab” is a place or large room
where equipment and perhaps plants and animals are stored for scientific
investigation. It is short for “laboratory.” Zira and Cornelius get to know the amazing talking Taylor,
as Dr. Zaius grows ever more suspicious of all three.You know my fianc&eacutee?
Your “fianc” is the person you are going to marry.

I hear you’re planning another archeological

— With the academy’s approval, Sir.
An “archeological expedition” is a trip to the location of an ancient civilization,
in order to dig for its bones, houses and other artifacts that will show how they
lived. In this case, the “academy” is a university or academic group of very educated
people with a lot of political power.

Cornelius, a friendly warning—As you dig for
artifacts, be sure you don’t bury your reputation.
An “artifact” is an archeological term for any object created by a human,
from a toy to a book, that can be studied to see how ancient societies lived.
This is Dr. Zaius’ way of telling Cornelius that he will be seen as a fool if
he tries to promote any theories that are considered ridiculous or heresy,
such as his (Cornelius’) theory that apes evolved from humans.

What’s Dr. Zira trying to prove? — That man can be domesticated.

“To domesticate” an animal is to tame it so that they
can be gentle and safe house pets, like cats or dogs.

Those fools and their torches! Do you have any ointment?
A “torch” is a large stick with a burning fire at the end, used to
give light, or perhaps to be used as a weapon. “Ointment” is a type
of slave or cream that is used to treat skins problems.

Natural born thieves, aren’t they?
A “thief” is a crook, or a person who steals from others.

Give me a collar and leash I’m taking him out of here.
A “collar” is a band or strip worn around the neck, and a
“leash” is a strap that is used to control a dog or other animal.

He’s vicious, doctor! Besides, it’s against the rules.
If a dog is “vicious,” it is extremely violent, aggressive or dangerous.

It’s a stunt! Humans can’t write!
A difficult action requiring great skill, often performed
or undertaken to gain attention or publicity.

Flight is a scientific impossibility.
The act of flying.

You came ashore and marched across the desert?
A word to describe the beach or land near the edge of water.

And reached the jungle?! — Out of the question!
If something is considered “out of the question,” it is believed to be impossible.

Why do you insist on provoking him?
“To provoke” a person is to do or say something
that is likely to make them angry or upset.

No creature can survive in the forbidden zone.

A “creature” is any kind of non-human animal. A “forbidden zone” is any area
where it is prohibited or illegal to visit (Here, the Eastern desert).

How do you account for me?
“To account for” something is to explain it.

What about your theory?! The existence of somebody like Taylor
might prove it. — Do you want to get my head chopped off?
A “theory” is an educated guess or hypothesis that needs to be tested to be
proven true. If you “chop off” a person’s head, you take a knife or ax and
slice right through their neck until their head falls off.

Cornelius has developed the most brilliant hypothesis.

the ape evolved from a lower order of primate, possibly man.
In this context, “brilliant” means exceptionally intelligent or clever, and
a “hypothesis” is a theory or educated guess. A “primate” is any type of animal
that is related to apes, monkeys or humans.

In his trip to the forbidden zone, he discovered
traces of a culture older than recorded time.

A “trace” of something is a very small amount of it. “Recorded time” refers
to the period of time when humans (or here, apes) first started writing down
what happened in their societies.

The evidence was very meager.

“Evidence” refers to any object, outward sign or official testimony that
would tend to prove the truth of something. If evidence is “meager,”
it is thin, weak or not very convincing.

That was before Dr. Zaius and half the academy said my idea was heresy.

Here, “the academy” refers to a powerful group of scientists. “Heresy”
is a powerful word for a much hated opinion or belief that goes against
religious or political beliefs that are considered absolute truths.
What if Taylor is.a mutation, a missing link
between the unevolved primate and the ape.
A “mutation” is a biological word for any animal that is born with a fundamental
change compared to previous generations. A “missing link” is an animal that is
believed to show the connection between two distantly related animals, such as man
and ape (A “link” is a rung in a chain that connects two other parts of the chain).
Here, an “unevolved primate” refers to an animal, humans, that are not considered

Touchy, isn’t he?
If a person is “touchy,” they are very sensitive or easily upset.

If he were a missing link, the sacred scrolls wouldn’t be worth their parchment.

If something is “sacred,” it is considered holy or blessed by God. A “scroll” is
a rolled up material that is used to write on, and “parchment” is a type of paper
made of plant or animal skin that is used for writing.

We both have fine futures. Marriage, stimulating careers, I’m up for a raise.

If a person’s career is “stimulating,” it is intellectually exciting or
interesting. If a person is “up for a raise,” they are likely to get a raise
in pay soon.

You know Dr, Maximus, our Commissioner for animal affairs.
A “commissioner” is the head of a governmental or business group
(In this case, the group responsible for how apes treat other animals).

No animals allowed outside the compound, and most especially without a leash.

A “compound” is a walled in area that contains a group of buildings,
and a “leash” is a strap or rope that is used to hold and restrain dogs.

We’re conducting a new experiment. — Wouldn’t
that more properly be done in your office?
“To conduct” a scientific experiment is to perform it or do it.
“Properly” is an adverb that means appropriately or correctly.

What’s up, Lieutenant? — We’re taking number four over to surgery.
“What’s up?” is a very common way of greeting a person, which basically means
“Hello, what’s new in life?” A “lieutenant” is a middle level rank in the military.

How come? — The vet’s going to geld him.
“How come” is one way of asking “Why?” A “vet” is an animal doctor (short for
veterinarian), and “to geld” an animal is a horrible medical verb meaning to
castrate him, or remove his testicles

Dr. Zira won’t like it. She wants that pair to mate.

“To mate” is a biological word meaning to
have sex, for the purpose of reproduction.

“Weep if you must, but make an end of sorrow.

This is Shakespearean English “To weep” is to cry or shed
tears with great emotion. “Sorrow” is great sadness or grief.

A gorilla to remember.hunter, warrior, defender of the
faith, cherished husband, beloved father, generous master.

A “gorilla” is a type of ape. A “warrior” is a solider. If a person is “cherished”
or “beloved,” they are much loved. If a person is “generous,” they give easily to
others, and in this context, a “master” is a great leader.

He was a font of simian kindness.

A “font” is a container for water, or more generally, a source. “Simian” is
an adjective that refers to apes or monkeys, and “kindness” is the quality of
being nice, gentle and warm.

The dearly departed once said to me “I never met an ape I didn’t like.”
A poetic way of referring to a person who has just died.

In heaven’s name, get rid of that creature!
“In heaven’s name” is a way of expressing great drama or emotion.
“To get rid of” a person is to eliminate them, drive them away or
possibly even kill them.
He’s now in the custody of the ministry of science.
To be “in the custody” of a person is to be under their control.
A “ministry” is another word for a department, within a government.

Take your stinking paws off of me, you damn dirty ape!
A “paw” is the foot of an animal such as a lion or dog. “Damn” is a
crude filler word added to express emotion such as anger or frustration.

Damn you, you hairy scum!
“Damn you” is a way of expressing anger. “Scum” is a powerful
insult word meaning asshole, creep or vicious or ruthless jerk.

Shut up, you freak! — It’s a madhouse!
A “freak’ is a powerful and widely used word for a very strange
or physically bizarre person, perhaps one that you would see in a
circus. A “madhouse” is a place where crazy people are forced to live.

The most precious cargo we brought along!
“Precious” means valuable and much desired, and “cargo” usually refers to
boxes of goods such as furniture or TVs, that are transported by ship
or truck. Here, however, Taylor uses it to refer to a person.

She was to be the new Eve.

In the Bible, Adam was the first man and Eve was the first woman.

With our hot and eager help, of course.
“Eager” is an adjective that means with enthusiastic desire (Here, “hot”
has a sexual connotation since he’s referring to having sex with Stuart).

Probably just as well she didn’t make it this far.
“Just as well” is a poetic way of saying better.
Zira and Cornelius are brought before a tribunal of the National
Academy, as Taylor is accused of being a danger to “the faith.”
What is this? — A hearing.

An official process in which people are interviewed
in order to investigate the truth of a situation.

Be clever.

Be quiet! — All rise.

“Clever” is another word for smart or intelligent. “All rise” is a way
of telling everyone in a room to stand up when an important person,
such as a judge, walks in.

This ad hoc tribunal of the National Academy is
now in session, President of the Academy presiding.

If something is “ad hoc,” it is done for a very specific and special
purpose. A “tribunal” is a type of trial where the facts of a situation are
investigated. A “National Academy” is an official state or academic group,
and if a person is “presiding” over it, they are in charge of it.

Appearing for the state, Dr. Honorius, deputy Minister of Justice.

As an adjective, “deputy” means second in command, and a “Minister
of Justice” is a high ranking government official involved in legal issues.

Bailiff! You had instructions to clean up the beast!
A “bailiff” is a low level messenger or security official in American
courts. A “beast” is any type of non-human or dangerous animal.

These rags he’s wearing give off a stench that’s
offensive to the dignity of this tribunal.

“Rags” are old and worn out clothes. If clothes “give off” a smell, they emit
or create it. A “stench” is a powerful word for a very bad smell. In this case,
“the tribunal” are the government officials hearing testimony.

You may proceed, Dr. Honorius.
“To proceed” is to move forward.

This tribunal has not yet defined the purpose for this inquiry.

An “inquiry” is an official investigation or search for the truth.
At the very least, this man has the right to know
whether there’s a charge against him! — Objection!
In this case, a “charge” is an official accusation of having committed
a crime. “Objection” is the word that all lawyers yell in a trial when they
think a particular question or comment from another lawyers is unfair and
should not be allowed.

This exhibit is indeed a man. Therefore, he has no rights under ape law.
An “exhibit” is usually a document or material object that is presented
in court, but here the word is used in a derisive way to refer to Taylor.

Perhaps the question is the point at issue.

— Is he a man, a deviate, or a freak of nature?
The “point at issue” is a fancy way of saying the specific topic that is
being discussed. A “deviate” is a person or animal who has what is considered
abnormal behavior or physical appearance. A “freak of nature” is a powerful
and negative phrase for an extremely bizarre or strange animal.

Objection! — Sustained!
In a courtroom, if a lawyer yells “objection!,” he is asking the judge to not
allow into the official record what was just said before. If the judge says
“sustained,” he agrees to strike the previous statements from the record and
not allow the person speaking to continue (But if the judge yells “overruled, ”
he is disagreeing with the objecting lawyer, and will thus what was previously
said to continue).
Why is he called the accused? Your honors must think him guilty of something.
In law, “the accused” is a person on trial who is charged with a crime.
“Your honor” is the most common way to address a judge (though it is rarely
heard in the plural, as it is here).

The creature is not being tried, he’s being disposed

It is scientific heresy that is being tried here.
“To try” a person is to charge them with a crime and then judge their
guilt or innocence in a court of law. “To dispose of” a person or a thing
is simply to throw it away or get rid of it. “Scientific heresy” is the
declaration of a belief that goes against everything that a society has
been told is true (In this case, truth concerning science and religion).

Well put, Dr. Zaius.
If a statement is “well put,” it is well said or said in an articulate manner.

Learned judges, my case is simple. It is based on our first article of faith, that
the almighty created the ape in his own image, that he gave him a soul and a mind.

If a person is “learned,” they are well educated. An “article of faith” is
a statement or belief that is accepted as true, often just because it has been
accepted as true for many generations! “The almighty” is one way of referring to
God, and if something is made “in his own image,” it looks just like him.
A person’s “soul” is the spiritual or non-physical part of themselves, and a
person’s “mind” is their intellect or intelligence, literally in the brain.

He set him apart from the beasts of the jungle and made him
the lord of the planet. These sacred truths are self-evident.

The “jungle” is the thick tropical vegetation that covers places like central
Africa and many Pacific islands. “Lord” is another word for God. “Sacred truths”
are those beliefs that are so deep or important that it is often thought that
knowledge of them came directly from God himself. If something is “self-evident,”
it is so obvious that it does not need to be shown or proven.

The proper study of apes is apes. Certain cynics have chosen to study man.
A “cynic” is a person who is skeptical or who does not
easily believe things that the rest of society accepts as true.

Perverted scientists who advance an insidious theory
called evolution.

— Come to the point, Dr. Honorius.
If a person is “perverted,” they are morally corrupt or sick (This word often
has a negative sexual connotation, though not here). If something is “insidious,”
it is very harmful and dangerous, though it is often not seen as such by most
people. “Evolution” refers to the theory that apes slowly became humans over
millions of years (or in this film, that humans evolved into apes). If you tell
a person to “come to the point,” you are telling them to say exactly what it is
they need to, and nothing more.

The state charges that Dr. Zira and a corrupt surgeon
named Galen experimented on this wounded animal.
In this context, the state is the government. If a person is “corrupt,” they are
willing to do illegal or immoral acts if they can profit from it. “To experiment”
with an animal is to explore its body for scientific purposes, and if an animal
is “wounded,” it had been injured or physically hurt.

.tampering with his brain and throat tissues to produce a speaking monster.
“To tamper” with something is to try to weaken or adjust it, often in a dangerous
or foolish way. “Tissue” refers to the various biological cells of a body.

Mind your tongue, madam!
One way of saying “Watch carefully what you say!”

He can reason! — With this tribunal’s permission,
allow me to expose this hoax by direct examination.

“To reason” is to think in a logical or rational way. A “hoax” is a good word
for a trick or plan that is designed to fool people, often in order to get their
money. Here, “direct examination” refers to the act of interviewing people in
a court room.

Do not turn this hearing into a farce.

A “farce” is a ridiculous or empty show that becomes a mockery of what was
originally hoped for (The hearing may have been set up for serious investigation,
but if the questions become ridiculous, it becomes a farce).

Some apes, it seems, are more equal than others.
A famous line about socialism comes from a book by George Orwell called
Animal Farm: All animals were equal, but some were more equal than others.

Why do men have no souls? What is the proof
that a divine spark exists in the simian brain?
A person’s “soul” is the spiritual or non-physical part of who they are.
If something is “divine,” it is magnificent or directly inspired by God.
A “spark” is a hot or bright particle that can help start a fire.

I have come to you from a planet in a different solar system.

A group of planets that revolve or go around the same sun or star.

You also state that Bright Eyes had two intelligent
companions with him at the time of his capture.
“To state” is to say or declare. A “companion” is a
friend or colleague or someone with who you work.

That is his assertion.

An “assertion” is a forceful declaration or statement.

Do you acknowledge kinship with any of these creatures?
“To acknowledge” something is to admit that it is true. “Kinship”
refers to the state of being biologically related to another person.

You cut his brain, you bloody baboon!
“Bloody” is a British filler adjective used to express emotion such as
anger or frustration. A “baboon” is another type of monkey or ape.

The human specimen you saw outside suffered
a skull fracture in the course of the hunt.
A “specimen” is an individual who is part of a bigger group or class,
or perhaps a biological sample. A person’s “skull” is the shell of the head
that covers their brain, and if it is “fractured,” it has been cracked or torn.

You did that to him, damn you!
A way of expressing great anger at a person
(but this is not nearly as vulgar as “fuck you”)

Bailiff, gag the animal!
“To gag” an animal is to prevent them from being able to speak, often
by putting tape over their lips or stuffing something in their mouths.

I grant you that this creature could not have come from another
planet, but he does come from somewhere in the forbidden zone.

Here, “to grant” something is to admit it. In this film, the
“forbidden zone” is the Eastern desert where apes are not allowed to go.

He exceeded his orders.
If you “exceed” your orders, you go beyond or past what was allowed or permitted.

Objection! The remarks are profane and irrelevant!
A “remark” is a comment. If it is “profane,” it is considered
horribly disrespectful to things that are religious or sacred. If a
statement is “irrelevant,” it is not important or related to the topic
under discussion.

Sustained! Your archeological theories have
no bearing on the disposition of this creature.
In court, if a lawyer’s objection is “sustained,” the judge agrees that previous
comments should be ignored. “Archeological” is an adjective that refers to the
study of ancient civilizations or societies. If a theory has no “bearing” on a case,
it has no influence on it. The “disposition” of a case or situation is the final
arrangement or agreement on how to treat it.

Let us assume, as common sense dictates, that the prisoner’s story is false.
But if he did not come from another planet, then surely he sprang from our own!
In this context, “to dictate” means to require or demand.
“To spring from” some place is to be born or created there.

I see no physiological defect to explain why humans are mute.

If something is “physiological,” it has to do with the normal functioning
of the physical body. A “defect” is a physical imperfection, deficiency or
mistake. If a person is mute, they can’t speak.

Their speech organs are adequate.

The flaw lives not in anatomy, but in the brain.
“Adequate” means sufficient, or literally , good enough. A “flaw” is an imperfection,
defect or small problem. “Anatomy” refers to the physical structures of the body.

Behold this marvel, this living paradox, this missing link in an evolutionary chain.

“Behold” is a poetic word meaning to observe or look at. If something is a “marvel,”
it is extraordinary or amazing. A “paradox” is a contradiction that could still
be true, such as the statement that two parallel lines will intersect. In the theory
of evolution, the “missing link” is an animal that is between two animals that appear
to be related to each other (such as man and ape), and the “evolutionary chain” refers
to all the animals that evolved or changed into other animals over millions of years.

I think an indictment is in order. —.The state charges Dr Zira and Cornelius
with contempt of this tribunal, malicious mischief and scientific heresy.

An “indictment” is a legal word for the act of officially accusing a person of a
crime. In this context, if something is “in order,” it is justified or appropriate.
“Contempt” is a legal term referring to the official refusal to follow the orders
of a judge. If an act is “malicious,” it is done on purpose with the intent of causing
harm, and “mischief” is an interesting little word that means trouble-making, or
behavior that annoys or causes damage to property. “Scientific heresy” is the act
of claiming something that is against the most basic scientific or religious beliefs
of a society.

It is so ordered.

This tribunal will examine all the evidence
presented here and in due course render its verdict.

“It is so ordered” is a judge’s way of saying “This must be done.” If something
will be done “in due course,” it will be done at some point in the near future, but
it’s not clear exactly when. “To render a verdict” is to officially decide a legal
issue, in this case whether Cornelius should be charged with heresy (A “verdict”
refers to a person’s guilt or innocence).
.as to the proposed indictment and as to the disposition
of the deviate in question. This hearing is adjourned.

A “disposition” is an agreement, in this case on what will happen to Taylor.
A “deviate” is a negative word for an abnormal or strange animal. If a hearing
or meeting is “adjoined,” it is officially brought to an end.
Dr Zaius threatens Taylor, but Zira and Cornelius save him,
and with Lucius and Nova, they head off to the Forbidden Zone.At the moment, your two Simian friends and sponsors
are free on bail, but they’ll soon be brought to trial for heresy.
A person’s “sponsor” is someone who supports them, often by giving them money or other
kinds of financial assistance. If a person is “free on bail,” they have been charged
with a crime but are free to stay out of jail until their trial is over, because they have
paid bail money, which is seen as a type of guarantee that the person will not try to escape.

Your case was preordained.

If something was “preordained,” it was inevitable or bound to happen,
because it was so decided earlier, perhaps by God or some type of fate.

You made it possible for us to expose Zira and Cornelius.
In this case, “to expose” a person is to show or let it be
known how their actions or beliefs are dangerous to others.

Emasculation, to begin with. Then experimental surgery on the
speech centers of the brain, eventually a kind of living death.
“To emasculate” a man is to castrate them, or to literally
remove their testicles so they cannot reproduce.

I have it in my power to grant you a reprieve.

That is why I summoned you here tonight.
In this case, “to grant” a person something is to give it to them.
A “reprieve” is an official delay, cancellation, or punishment.
“To summon” a person is to officially call them to a meeting.

Where is your tribe?
A “tribe” is a group of people from the same ethnic background that live together.
This word is often associated with the various Native American Indian peoples.

Even in your lies, some truth slips through.

If something “slips through,” it is able to get by or move forward despite the efforts
of others to prevent it. Here, Dr. Zaius is saying that Taylor is trying to tell nothing
but lies, but he still tells an occasional truth (“To slip” means to accidentally fall on
a slippery surface like a banana peel).

The mythical community you’re supposed to come from, Ft. Wayne.

A fort! Unconsciously, you chose a name that was belligerent!
If something is “mythical” it is not real, but often a fantasy of the popular imagination.
“Ft. Wayne” is a city in the state of Indiana, and a “fort” is an outpost or base where
soldiers live. If you do something “unconsciously,” you do it without being aware that you’re
doing it. If a person is “belligerent,” they are acting aggressively or in a hostile way.

Where were you nurtured?
“To nurture” an animal is to raise it and take care of it from childhood.

You’re a mutant.

— You’re talking heresy, doctor.
Another biological word for a mutation, or a person or animal who is
physically very different from the normal ones of their species or group.

I admit that where there’s one mutant, there’s probably
another and another, a whole nest of them.
A “nest” is a home for birds, or as in this case, a place where
many of an individual class or species of an animal live.

How in hell did this upside down civilization get started?
“In hell” is a filler phrase added to Wh questions to express anger, frustration or
other emotion (“the hell” is more common). If something is “upside down,” the top
is where the bottom should be and the bottom is where the top should be.

You occupy its lowest level, and deservedly so.
“To occupy” a place is to live in it or be positioned there.

If you try to protect others of your kind, it will cost you your identity.

A person’s “identity” is both how they see themselves and how other see them, in terms
of their name, job, race, goals, values, etc. (“A young Chinese-American chef”). It is
the distinguishing characteristics of a person or individual.

The whole thing is insane.

What have I done?
An excellent word for crazy.

You are a menace, a walking pestilence.

A “menace” is a person that is a constant danger. “Pestilence” is a
contagious and dangerous disease, or anything that can cause great harm.

I’ll give you six hours to make a full confession.

A “confession” is the act of admitting to having done something wrong.

The anti-vivisectionist society is up in arms.

The “anti-vivisectionist society’ is a well known political group that fights against
vivisection, which is the act of cutting up and scientifically experimenting on animals
that are still alive. If a person is “up in arms” about something, they are extremely angry
about it and may be trying to do whatever they can to stop it.

They’re gonna save this beast from the butchers in the lab.
Note that “going to”—-&gt “gonna” in rapid speech. A “butcher” is a meat
cutter, or more generally, as here, anybody who is very cruel or vicious.

Some money-mad grown-up will put him in a circus.
If a person is “money-mad,” they are obsessed with money.
A “grown-up” is an adult (as opposed to a child).

This abduction was her idea.
An “abduction” is the act of kidnapping a person, or taking them by force.

What do you expect? An ape’s new suit.

A “suit” is a formal pair of pants and coat.

Put it on, keep quiet, and we may just get away with this.
“To get away with” something is to do it without being caught or punished.

Well Taylor, we’re all fugitives now.
A “fugitive” is a person who is running away or trying to escape, often
because they’re wanted by the police after having done something illegal.

Do you have any weapons, any guns?
A “weapon” is a gun, knife or anything that is used to injure or harm.

Look Taylor, I’m in charge of this expedition.

An “expedition” is a trip for a specific purpose, such as to
study or investigate the environment of a certain area.

We’re being indicted for heresy. Unless we can
prove our theories, we don’t stand a chance of acquittal.

If a person “doesn’t stand a chance” at something, it is almost impossible that they will get it.
In law, an “acquittal” is the state of being found not guilty of having committed a crime.

We’re going back to the diggings I worked on over a year ago.
An archeological word for the area that has been dug and
explored in order to find artifacts of an ancient society.

An empty rubber life raft, a little flag, the emblem of my countrymen.
A “life raft” is a small boat that is used to save people if a bigger ship
starts to sink. An “emblem” is another word for a symbol or sign.

The terrain around that lake is poisonous. There’s no fresh water or vegetation.

“Terrain” refers to the ground, land or soil of a place,
and “vegetation” is a word for any type of plant life.

If the mounted police pick up our trail, they’ll come this far at least.
The “mounted police” refer to those policemen on horses (To mount a horse is
to get on top of it). “To pick up the trail” of somebody is to see evidence of
where they have traveled, perhaps in the form of foot prints.

Let’s get the water and provisions into the wagon.

“Provisions” refers to those things that are necessary to survive on a camping trip,
such as food and water. A “wagon” is a 4-wheeled vehicle that is pulled by a horse
and used for transporting people and goods.

You can’t walk along the shore at high tide,
and we had no boats on our last expedition.
“The shore” is the beach, or the part of the land right by the water. “High tide” is the
period of time when the water is highest on the beach or shore (the opposite is low tide).

It’s an ancient taboo set forth in the scrolls.
The lawgiver pronounced this whole area deadly.
If something is “ancient,” it is extremely old and perhaps dates back thousands
of years. A “taboo” is a powerful word for any act that is considered immoral or
so horrible it must be prevented by society. “To set forth” something in writing is
a formal way saying to express it. Here, the “lawgiver” is the ape’s word for God.

Shouldn’t we be moving on?
A common way of saying to move forward into the future (as opposed to focusing on the past). Cornelius shows Dr. Zaius, Zira and Taylor the evidence
for a more advanced civilization that existed before apes.
Why did you do that, scrape off your hair?
To “scrape off’ something is to remove it, usually with the edge of a blade or sharp knife.

Beards? I don’t go in for fads.

“To go in for” something is to enjoy participating in it. A “fad” is a good word for a
practice or interest that is extremely popular for a short time, but then quickly disappears.

Lucius, don’t fire at him! — You’re all under arrest.

If you “fire at” a person with a gun, you are trying to shoot them. If a person is
“under arrest,” they’ve been stopped and held by the police, often because they’ll be
officially charged with having committed a crime.

Tell them to pull back around the rocks, out of range.

— Withdraw!
If a person with a gun is “out of range,” they are not close enough
to shoot you. “To withdraw” is to pull back, go back or retreat.

Only an apostate would flee to the forbidden zone.
“Apostate” is an educated word for a person who has given up or
abandoned their religion. “To flee” is to run away from danger.

I didn’t realize that man could be monogamous.

If a couple is “monogamous,” they only have sex with each other.

I’ll ask you to reconsider the rash course you’ve undertaken.
As an adjective, “rash” refers to an act done with great speed, but without
careful thought or consideration. Here, a “course” is a plan of action.

If you’re convicted of heresy, the most you’ll get is two years.
To be “convicted” of a crime is to be found guilt of having done it. Here, Dr. Zaius
is saying that for heresy, the most time that Cornelius will spend in prison is two years.

But if you persist in pointing guns in my direction, you’ll hang for high treason.

“To persist in” doing something is to continue doing it, often after being
told not to. “To point” a gun is to aim it, in this case at Dr. Zaius. In this
context, “to hang” is to be killed or executed by hanging from a rope that is tied
around the neck. “High treason” is the official legal term for betraying or fighting
against your own country.

We never meant to be treasonous, Sir. But up there, in the face of that cliff,
there is a vast cave, and in that cave a fabulous treasure of fossils and artifacts.

If a person is “treasonous,” they have assisted an enemy country against their own.
A “cliff” is the edge of a mountain, and “vast” means extremely big or spacious.
If something is “fabulous,” it is wonderful, and a “treasure” is a collection of valuable
things. A “fossil” is a very old human or animal bone, and “artifacts” are anything that
was part of an ancient civilization, from toys to tools, later found in the ground.

There’s your minister of science, honor-bound to expand the frontiers
of knowledge, except that he’s also chief defender of the faith.
If a person is “honor-bound” to do something, they must do it in order to keep their
dignity. The “frontiers” of knowledge are its most advanced borders or limits. This is
Taylor’s way of saying that Dr. Zaius can’t do his best to promote science while at the
same time trying to defend the ape religion, because the two are clearly in conflict.

There is no contradiction between faith and science.
If there is a “contradiction” between two things, one must be false if the other is true.

Are you willing to put that statement to the test?
If a person is “willing” to do something, they agree to do it. If a person “puts a statement
to the test,” they perform experiments or carefully investigate to see if it really true.

Take it easy.

You saved me from this fanatic and maybe I can return the favor.
“Take it easy” is a very common way to tell a person to calm down if they are too excited.
A “fanatic” is a person who is obsessed with something or is too enthusiastic about it to
be healthy, or a person with very extreme views on a subject.

What is your proposal?
A “proposal” is a suggestion or plan.

If they find real evidence of another culture
from some remote past, will you let them off?
The “remote past” is the very distant past, in this case, perhaps thousands
of years earlier. In this context, “to let off” a person is to agree to not
punish them for what they had done.

It was at this level that I discovered traces of an early ape creature ,
a stage of primitive barbarism, dating back some 1,300 years roughly.

A “trace’ is a very small amount of something. “A stage” is a period of time, and
if a culture is “primitive,” it is not yet civilized or marked by modern institutions
such as writing and advanced technology. “Barbarism” refers to societies in which the use
of force and violence are dominant over the rule of law. Here, “roughly” means approximately.

It was at this level that I discovered cutting tools and arrowheads
of quartz, and the fossilized bones of carnivorous gorillas.

“Arrowheads of quartz” are tools for hunting animals made of quartz, which is a type
of hard rock. “Fossilized bones” are bones that are found buried in the ground and are
at least thousands of years old. If an animal is “carnivorous,” it eats meat, and
a “gorilla” is a type of ape or monkey.

That’s the paradox! For the more ancient culture is the more advanced!
A “paradox” is a contradiction that could still be true, such as the statement
here that the older civilization is more advanced than the younger one.

Clearly, they were fashioned by beings with a knowledge of metallurgy.

In this context, “to fashion” a tool or plan is to create it by giving it
shape or form. “Metallurgy” is the study and use of metals such as steel.

Indeed, the fact that many of these tools are unknown to
us suggests a culture, which, in certain ways, equals our own.
“Indeed” is a British word used for emphasis, or as away of saying “in fact.”

Some of the evidence is uncontestable.

— Don’t speak to me in absolutes!
If evidence is “uncontestable,” it is so strong or obvious that it can’t be
challenged (Incontestable is more correct). To speak “in absolutes” is to use
superlative language like “the best, the most, without question,” etc

Your methods of dating the past are crude, to say the least.

If a scientific method is “crude,” it is seen as not highly accurate or advanced.
“To say the least” is a common way of saying that what was just said is too gentle
or restrained, even if it is more polite than the truth.

There are geologists on my staff who would laugh at your speculations.

A “geologist” studies rocks and the surface of the earth. A person’s “staff” refers
to the people who work for them in a business or office. “Speculations” are guesses
or beliefs, based on intuition or experience, but not actual knowledge.

Your conclusion is premature.

Have you forgotten your scripture, the 13th scroll?
If a belief is “premature,” it is not yet justified or backed well enough by
the evidence. “Scripture” refers to holy religious texts, such as the Bible,
or in this case, the sacred scrolls.

“Proteus brought the upright beast into the garden and
chained him to a tree, and the children did make sport of it.

If an animal is “upright,” it stands on its legs, like a human. A “beast” is any
non-human animal. “To make sport of” something is to laugh at it or not take it seriously.

For a time, the ancients kept humans as household pets
until our lawgiver proved that man could not be tamed.

“The ancients” refers to old civilizations that date back thousands of years
(for humans, the ancients were the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans). A “household” pet
is a domesticated animal like a cat or dog, and if an animal is “tamed,” it is taught
to be not dangerous and to live with man.

Whoever owned them must have been in pretty bad shape.

If a person is in “bad shape,” they are physically weak, run down or not healthy.

He had this prefabricated valve put into it.
If a device is “prefabricated,” it is made before hand or in advance.
A “valve” is mechanical part or device that shuts on and off the flow of
air or a liquid, and in this case is used to help assist a weak human heart.

He must have been a close relative because he had all the same weaknesses.
A “relative” is a person who is biologically related
to you, such as an aunt or great grandmother.

He was a weak, fragile animal, but he was here before
you and he was better than you are! — That’s lunacy.

If a person (or thing) is fragile, it can be easily broken or harmed. “Lunacy” is an
excellent word to describe anything that is completely crazy or ridiculous.

I can offer alternative descriptions of every one
of those articles which is just as ingenious as yours.
An “alternative” is a second possibility that can be chosen instead of a first one.
If something is “ingenious,” it is extremely intelligent or clever.

But it would be conjecture, not proof.
“Conjecture” is speculation, or a belief based on guesswork rather than real evidence or proof. Taylor frees Dr. Zaius, says goodbye to Cornelius, Zira and
Lucius, and heads off with Nova for a new life in an old world.Tell them to pull back, right now. — Cease fire! Withdraw!
“Cease fire!” is a way of telling a person to stop shooting
a gun. “To withdraw” is to pull back or retreat from a place.

They took me by surprise. Sneaked up on me when I was feeding the horses.
“To sneak up” on a person is to secretly approach them
from behind when they are not looking or are unaware.

What happened to honor? I got off two rounds to warn you.
In this context, “honor” is a good alternative to integrity or dignity. Here, “to get
off two rounds” means to fire two shots from a gun, in this case to warn Taylor.

They left a hostage behind.
A “hostage” is a person who is taken by force in order to
secure the taker’s demands for money or something else.

How are you feeling? — Disillusioned.

You can’t trust the older generation.
If a person is “disillusioned,” they are greatly disappointed or
saddened by somebody or something that they had great faith in.
I want a horse, food and waterand 50 rounds of ammunition.

A “round of ammunition” is a set of bullets for a gun or cannon.

What if they won’t agree to your terms?
The “terms” of an offer are the conditions or details.

The way I was humiliated by all of you?
“To humiliate” a person is to make them feel horrible about
themselves, usually by embarrassing them in front of others.

If man was superior, why didn’t he survive? — Wiped out
by a plague, some natural catastrophe, a storm of meteors.

“To wipe out” something is to completely destroy it. A “plague” is a contagious disease
that kills thousands or even millions of people. A “catastrophe” is a horrible tragic event
that causes great suffering or calamity. A “meteor” is a comet-like group of particles that
streak through space and are seen by their light.

From the looks of some parts of this planet, I &#145d say that was a fair bet.

One way of saying a reasonable possibility.

Defender of the faith. Guardian of the terrible secret.
This is Taylor’s way of making fun of Dr. Zaius for not being
able to promote both science and religion at the same time.

Read to him the 29th scroll, sixth verse.

A “verse” is a short division of writing, often in a poem or religious work.

“Beware the beast man, for he is the devil’s pawn.

among primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed.
“Beware” is a way of saying caution or warning! “The devil’s pawn” is a poetic way of
saying anybody who is willing to be used by evil forces (A “pawn” is the weakest piece in
the game of chess). “Lust” is intense or unrestrained desire (It is usually sexual, but
one can have a lust for money, power, etc).

Let him not breed in great numbers, for
he will make a desert of his home and yours.
“To breed” is the word used when humans get animals to have sex in order to reproduce.

Shun him, drive him back into his jungle lair, for he is the harbinger of death.”
“To shun” a person is to avoid or stay away from them. A “lair” is fun old word
for a bed, or a room that’s used as a resting place. A “harbinger” is a sign or
precursor of what is likely to come in the future.

I found nothing in the cave to alter that conception of man, and I still live by its injunction.

“To alter” a belief is to change it, and in this context, a “conception” is a belief,
perspective or point of view. An “injunction” is an order to not do something (in this case,
an order to not get too close to humans).

I’ll follow the shoreline and my nose. —
But suppose you find nothing but wasteland?
Land where nothing grows or nothing can live.

They can’t convict us of heresy. You helped prove our innocence.
“To convict” a person of a crime is to officially find them guilty.

That’s the spirit! Keep them flying, the flags of discontent!
A person’s “spirit” is their enthusiasm and energy. “Discontent”
is a good alternative to frustration or unhappiness.

Remember, never trust anyone over 30!
In the 1960’s, the young hippie generation liked to say “Never trust anyone over 30.”

You’re so damn ugly.
A filler adjective that is used to express emotion such as anger,
or in this case, is used just for emphasis (“You are so very ugly).

I’m pretty handy with this!
To be “handy with” something is to be skilled at using it (In this case, in using a gun).

All my life I’ve awaited your coming and dreaded it like death itself.
“To dread” something is to fear it with great emotion.

I’ve terrified you from the first.
“To terrify” a person is to scare them intensely.

From the evidence, I believe his wisdom must walk hand in hand with his idiocy.

“Wisdom” is great intelligence, insight and judgement,
and “idiocy” is great stupidity and foolishness.

Your greed made a desert of it ages ago.
“Greed” is the uncontrolled or excessive desire for wealth and personal gain.

Lieutenant, fetch your explosives.

“To fetch” something is to go and get it, usually in order to bring
it back (A dog fetches his master’s newspaper). “Explosives” are weapons
that explode or blow up, such as a bomb.

Seal up the cave.
“To seal up” a cave is to close it off tightly, usually
so no air can go between the inside and outside.

Dr. Zaius, this is inexcusable.

An excellent word for something that is so bad
or unjustified that it cannot be excused or forgiven.

What will he find out there, doctor? — His destiny.

A person’s destiny is their fate or unavoidable future.

You maniacs, you blew it up! Damn you, damn you all to hell!
A “maniac” is a good word for a lunatic or crazy person. “Damn you”
is a way of expressing great anger, but it’s less crude than “fuck you.”