Personal Experience

One such experience in my life that I had enough strength to get through would be the time when I met my first friend. I think we became friends so quickly simply because we both liked almost everything alike, we did everything together, and always stood up for each other, no matter what. To me, it is meaningless to live without friends. They are like wonderful gifts that God has placed in our life. My friends can be classified into two categories : good friends(normal friends), and bad friends(so-so friends). In daily life, I have been friends with many people anywhere such as in school, in class, or even on bus, on the street. In my opinion, them kind of friends are called “good friends”. They can be my classmates, my schoolmates who study and exchange about everything with me, or even a friend that I have met just once in my life. Sometimes I can get more knowledge and experience from them. For example, when I know nothing about the lesson that someone has tried to teach me, I can depend on my friends for help or maybe I can absorb new experiences through them. So, they seem to be good friends that worth for me to keep the friendship. My good friends consider to be more than just a good friend because they seem to be someone so close as a family member. And I had figured out a friend like that, is most definitely a true friend. Although, there are still “bad friends” that try to influence us in doing the wrong thing, we just push that to the side . For instance, I used to be acquainted with two friends , they were very close together. Once one of them got into some trouble at school , all because of the “bad friend”. When it was time to get to the bottom of everything, the “bad friend did a whole turn around, and made it seem like the blame was suppose to be all on myself. Although I was truly made at them, I had to kind of thank them in the end, because if it wasn’t for them I would have never been able to learn the difference from a good friend, and a.