Persona Design

I certify that the images for the two female personas included in this assignment are my own work, based on my personal image creation and manipulation from my own photos and graphics.
Persona Design
Ryan Short – University Lecturer
{draw:frame} Ryan Short is a lecturer at a major university based primarily in Brisbane, Australia. He is in his mid 30s and has been a lecturer for nearly 7 years. Before becoming a lecturer, he was a high school teacher for 5 years. He is recently divorced and lives alone in a rental house close to the city centre. He likes to play tennis at the weekends to relax, and also enjoys painting.
(Image from Green Light Office Products Inc n.d)
His usual daily routine includes making time to talk to his students about any of their issues with course material, and finding new and interesting ways to help his students engage with course
topics. He finds lecturing interesting, as well as using technology to help him teach more effectively. He uses slideshows and video clips in his lectures to help him get his points across in a more interesting way and to help to be more engaging for his students. He also enjoys using social networking websites to help him stay connected with friends without having to take time out of his busy schedule. He likes to find time to visit his mother and maintain a good relationship with his family.
What he finds most tedious about his everyday life is the amount of marking he has to do with his students’ assignments and keeping up to date with paperwork, since he much prefers to be teaching his students. What he finds most frustrating in his life is traffic jams, so he cycles to work instead of driving. He interacts with other lecturers and his students mostly, but tries to keep an active social life at weekends. He uses technology often, whether it be creating visual aids for his lectures, or by logging onto his facebook profile. He likes to download music often, to put onto his mp3 player to.