Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear Power Plants and Turkey 2


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Today it is clearly seen that energy is the most essential source that a country requires to satisfy most of its needs. There are many power plant technologies as gas, coal or solar. However, as people generate energy for their needs, resources have started to decrease at the same time. Thus, the population of earth is still growing and this makes the energy problem of earth more considerable. According to World Energy Council’s Statement (2000) “although global reliance on fossil fuels and large hydro will remain strong through 2020, these will not be able to meet the world’s long-term electricity demand sustainably” (par.1). At that point, countries have needed to search a new type of energy which can last long, so they have started to control and produce electricity from atomic radiation. After that nuclear power, which supplies most of world’s energy in last three decades, has become an important source in generating electricity. However, there is an issue on which people in world or in Turkey have different ideas about using power plants whether it is beneficial or harmful. This paper will also attempt at answering the following question:

• Do the benefits of nuclear power plants overweigh their harmful effects?

There are many ideas claimed about benefits and harmful effects of nuclear power plants, and most commonly claimed effects can be centered on safety, environment and economy. Those 3 factors are also the most important factors for power plants which are considered by scientists too.

To begin with, after The Chernobyl Accident in 1986, which was the most tragic nuclear accident in Ukraine, scientists started to pay more attention on safety of nuclear power plants About this issue Cohen (n.d.) says that nuclear power plants produce radioactive materials which can emit radiation, and small release of these materials principally continues during.