And they talked about anything, everything which made their world. They talked a lot. Laughed a lot. And after a while, both knew its the time for him to go. He din’t want to go. But he couldn’t ask to stay. Neither she would ask him to stay.

And she leaned towards him. Slowly, unknowingly, instinctively. She must have felt good but he felt like heaven. Then she rested her head on his lap. He started pampering her by stroking her head gently, with all the love he had for her. The moment vanished, but the memories, he knew, the memories will always stick to him. The fragrance would never be lost and he would always preserve, rather treasure the feelings he had.

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No one possessed anyone. It wasn’t needed. He experienced a great joy with her. Just a touch thousand times splendid than an Orgasm. Just a smile million times better than kiss. But the most painful and most beautiful ‘Good Bye’.

And he has to experience it everyday, in the evening. He hated to say bye but he was always glad he left. He left smiling always. But he never wanted to leave. Even for a moment. Only thing he loved about ‘good bye’ was the intensity with which feelings are expressed.

A gaze, a smile, a tone. Its all beautiful when it comes to welcome an old friend and say bye to one you love. Its even more beautiful when the love is truly unconditional. Without any benefits. Just a pure, simple love. Far from the hint of lust. Saying bye, a sacrifice worth doing, love worth falling into.

And whole night waiting for sun to rise again, thinking about her and new day to see her again.