My Reasons for Selecting Nursing as a Career

Question 4. Your reasons for selecting nursing as a career?
Nurses make miracles happen everyday, by being able to make patients smile through their pain and help them get through what may be one of the worst times in their lives. I have chosen to go into the field of nursing because I love helping people and I get satisfaction from knowing that I am able to help somebody even if it is in a minor way.
Nurses have made a huge impact on my life. I grew up surrounded by nurses; my grand mother is a nurse, and a handful of my aunts and uncles are nurses as well. Besides growing up in a family of nurses, I have been impacted by nurses in other ways. One major event that contributed to how nurses have impacted my life was when my elder brother Ibukun was terminally ill with brain, during this time I saw firsthand how nurses use their passion, kindness, and empathy to make a patients last days as painless as possible.
My elder brother Ibukun always used to say “your goals are not accomplished by strength, but by determination.” I am determined to become a nurse, therefore I will become a nurse. After successfully completing this program, I plan to further my education and I will do so by first obtaining my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing Degree. I will not stop there, I will continue my education and advance at every possible opportunity.
Since graduating high school in 2002, I have matured and learned how much it means to have a goal, passion, & most of all an education. Education is the key to success and the education that I will receive at the School of Nursing at Team Work Vocational Nursing School will provide me with the tools that I need to succeed as a nurse.