My First Time I Started To Drive

My First Driving

At first I thought driving was easy and simple. After I have taken my first two hours of the behind the wheel, it felt that I had lack of experience to manage to drive in a properly way. It included getting used to how to operate the car and also paying attention when I meet any traffic lights or an intersection. While I am on the road, there might be some unexpected things happens. Then I have to be careful and avoid any accidents. As I get older, I will be able to drive my parents to long trips and to make my own decisions.

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On November 21, 2011, it was my first day of driving with the tutor together. Her name was Kristin. I was my very good memory which I had in my life. I had never sat on the driver’s seat before. I was excited I had to calm my mind to focus. Kristin arrived on time to pick me up. She checked if my permit was there and so we were set to go. She drove me to a residential area near Newark. When we had arrived, she parked along the slide of the curb, and then we both switch seats. After I got into the driver seat I closed the door and buckled my seat belt. Later she taught me the general idea of driving, like the ways not to start a car is by slamming on the brake or gas. “People at your age would do things like that but its bad for the car.”

For the next hour my tutor focused me on making turns. I was doing so well on my left but not on my right. It was because I always ignored the traffic light. I would usually drive on the sidewalk or drive so near to the cars that are parked along the side. My tutor keeps on emphasizing me to slow down or go faster. With more practice, you can accomplish anything.” In my heart, I was beating, which I was bearing left and right. She was friendly to tell me how to drive the car correctly.
Even though I learned driving, I also learned decision making. I will have my own driver license in six months from now and I am still practicing day and night..