Mother and Fathers Day

Zohura Choudhury March 16, 2011
ASR Official Class: 104
Mother’s and Father’s Day Party
What is your host’s purpose in having a party? Surely not for you to enjoy yourself, but for them to enjoy themselves as well. Everyone loves a party, though we are all individuals. For example a mother and a father want nothing more then love from there children. Though its always considerate and adoring for the son or daughter to do something a little in return for there parents hard work. In my perspective mothers would savor any moment of gardening and fathers would relish over a football, basketball, baseball ect. game with their friends. Sometimes it’s the other way around mothers might want to sit down and rage over a football game and fathers possibly would rather read a book out in the garden and relax. You just need to gather up the facts and start from there.
If I were to throw a party or do something special for my mother I would start with a breakfast in bed. If there’s one thing my mom loves it is to be left alone in the mornings. So I will leave a note letting her know I love her and leave a gift card for a day out to the spa. I know she will love it because when she is stressed she complains about how it would be delightful if she had a day off out to the spa. Now to plan the party, I know where it will be, in the backyard where her garden is. My mom’s hobby is gardening. She says it’s relaxing and she’s always talking about how she wants her garden to be the capital of all gardens. I wouldn’t do much to decorate cause she loves flowers and there already set. I’d probably grab some balloons and place up a banner saying “HAAAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, BESTFRIEND !” I would want it to be at night, because my mom loves candles, so I would light up some candles. Like vanilla flavored.