Local Jail

During our visit to the local jail, I not only learned new things, but also realized that I would never want to find myself in that situation. It is a very interesting procedure in which the offenders are processed; from mug shots, to prints, to the system which stores it all! I also learned about the distinctive colors of the uniforms and their meanings, such as yellow uniforms mean drug/intoxication charges and gray/tan mean federal. I was able to see how some of the less serious offenders have the opportunity to wander freely and work for the prison doing things such as cleaning the cells, floors, and even the kitchen. We saw all of the security measures that are taken such as cameras and extra surveillance according to the serious charges. Something else that I found interesting was that if you try to commit suicide, they will stop you and isolate you in nothing but a paper gown. I also learned that the guards and officers eat whatever the inmates eat, and they cannot go out to buy other food, unless it is brought to them. All of the officers are also trained for cpr and many other emergency procedures in case of any emergency. All of the inmates that are new are first isolated in a holding cell until all medical examines clear. Over all this was an eye-opening experience and hopefully I will never have to be in there again other than for tours.