Lennie Smalls Case

CASE: Lennie Small vs. Curley’s Wife
VERDICT: I think Lennie Small should be charge for the murder of Curley’s Wife and Sentence to either death row or life in prison
Lennie Small should be GUILTY because he doesn’t know how to behave without guidance not only is that bad but what else would he do besides kill somebody because they don’t want him to rub/feel their hair when somebody else is not present in the area to guide him. Also Lennie Small has a problem touching what he likes and he touch it a lot which he has big hands and not knowing his strength and force. What do I mean by Lennie Small has a touch problem? like him and George got ran outta of the previous city they was in because Lennie Small like this lady dress fabric and refused to let go so the lady thought he was going to rape her so by the time she got loose her dressed ripped and she ran and told some of the men in the town and they were out with the dogs and guns ready to kill Lennie Small. Another example of his touching problem is with Murder of Curley’s Wife before Curley’s Wife was Murdered Lennie Small had just finished killing a puppy by handling it too roughly. But Curley’s wife was murder because she let Lennie Small rub her hair and after she started to feel uncomfortable with him rubbing her hair she tried to pull away but he keep rubbing and handling her head roughly so Curley’s Wife Screamed and George told Lennie Small not to mess with Curley’s Wife so when she screamed he didn’t want attention in his direction so he tripe to put his big hand over her mouth and turned her neck too much which cost her, her life because he broke her neck. Lennie Small is very gullible too so he will listen to whatever somebody says to him. I know he has a disability but that’s not really a good excuse because I know a few people who have disability’s and they don’t say anything about it till they get in trouble so I can understand that he has a disability but that does not give you permission to.