Legally Blonde Movie Review

Major Characters

Elle WoodsReese Witherspoon A very pretty, smart and sweet young woman who decides to completely change her life and go to Harvard law School, in order to follow her boyfriend, who has decided to break up with her.Warner Huntington the 3rd.Matthew Davis Elle’s boyfriend, who is both snobby and shallow, who decides to leave her because he feels he needs to find a more serious looking girlfriend that will help him with his future career in politics.PauletteJennifer Coolidge An insecure working class hairdresser who becomes Elle’s best friend.VivianSelma Blair Warner’s new girlfriend at Harvard, who at first treats Elle very poorly.Brooke Taylor WindhamAli Larter A successful business woman who makes well known exercise videos, who is charged with the murder of her rich husband.Professor Callahan.Victor Garber A criminal defense lawyer and Professor at Harvard, who is hired to defend Brooke, and who agrees to let Elle work as an intern on the case.Emmett.Luke Wilson A young lawyer and Professor Callahan’s assistant.

Plot Summary

This is the story of Elle Woods, a very cute and friendly student who is alsothe most popular girl in her Los Angeles sorority (A house and club for femalestudents). Elle has just finished her studies in Fashion, and is getting preparedto marry her boyfriend, Warner, who will soon be going to Harvard Law School,in Boston. Unfortunately, Warner, who is actually a somewhat superficial ass,decides to break up with Elle, because he wants to find a more serious lookinggirlfriend who will help his career in politics after he gets out of law school(Elle, unfortunately looks like the stereotypical dumb blonde, though of coursethis is a look that many men find very sexy).At first, Elle is emotionally crushed, but she soon decides to get Warner back byapplying to Harvard Law School herself, as a way of impressing him with how smartshe really is. In fact, Elle is extremely smart (much more so than Warner!), butit’s also true that her bubbly “sorority personality” is very different from thetype of people who go to Harvard Law School. Still, Elle is accepted to the school,and after a few months of struggling, she soon becomes an accomplished law studentwho clearly has the potential to become an actual lawyer. On the way through Harvard,she makes many friends, saves a wrongly accused woman from murder charges, and soondiscovers that it is Warner who is not smart enough or good enough for her, andcertainly not the other way around.

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Some Words and Expressions that You May not Know

Elle is heartbroken when Warner breaks up with her.I heard Madonna went into labor there. “To go into labor” is to give birth to a baby.I’m not positive if it’s going to happen tonight. — Hello, he just had lunch with his grandmother! When “hello” is said with great emotion or energy, it is a way of expressing the opinion that the listener is being na or stupid.It’s not like she fed ex’d a six carat diamond. “To fed ex” a package is to send it through the private Fed Ex mail service. If a diamond is “six carats,” it is very valuable.I can’t believe you’re getting engaged. To be “engaged” is to be officially planning to get married.I don’t understand why you’re completely disregarding your signature color.

“To disregard” something is to ignore it or not pay attention to it. A person’s “signature color” is the color that people associate with them.He’s proposing&#151I can’t look like I went on any other date. If a man “proposes” to a woman, he is asking her to marry him.This is the date. Note that if “the” is pronounced “thee,” it means the most important (Though here, Elle actually misspeaks and just says “the” with the usual pronunciation).Bridal.

But not like I’m expecting anything. The adjective for a bride, who is a woman about to get married.There’s nothing I love more than a dumb blonde with daddy’s plastic. In this case, a reference to a credit card, which is made of plastic.Is this low-viscosity rayon? “Viscosity” refers to how sticky something is, and “rayon” is a type of man-made material for clothing.With half loop and top stitching on the hem? A sentence that only those who sew would love! A “loop” is a hole made by a circular piece of cloth. “Stitching” is a type of sewing, and a “hem” is the border of a piece of cloth.It’s one of a kind.

If something is “one of a kind,” it is truly unique, with no others like it.It would snag the fabric.

“To snag” a piece of cloth is to catch, trap or accidentally attach to it. “Fabric” is another word for cloth.I saw it in the June Vogue a year ago, so if you’re tryingto sell it at full price, you’ve picked the wrong girl. “Vogue” is a famous fashion magazine. This is Elle’s way of saying she knows a lot about fashion, clothes and fabrics.This is it. In a few hours, I’ll be the future Mrs. Warner Huntington the 3rd. Note that when women get married, they sometimes still refer to themselves with their husband’s full name (though this seems a bit dated).Here’s to us. “Here’s to” is a common way of beginning a toast, in which glasses are raised at a formal meal in order to honor somebody or something.I am fully amenable to that discussion. If a person is “amenable to” doing something, they are happy to do it.I plan on running for office some day. This means to run for a political office, such as mayor or President.If I’m going to be a Senator by the time I’m 30, I need to stop dicking around.

A “Senator” is a representative in the upper house of the Congress “To dick around” is a somewhat crude but fun phrasal verb meaning to waste time, or to not take things seriously enough.Elle, pooh bear, I think we should break up.

“Pooh bear” is a ridiculous term of endearment, like dear or sweetheart (Winnie the Pooh is a famous character from children’s literature that is a gentle bear). If a couple “break up,” they decide to no longer see each othe, at least in a romantic way.Proposing? Elle, if I’m going to be a Senator, then I need a Jackie, not a Marilyn. If a man “proposes” to his girlfriend, he asks her to marry him. Jackie refers to Jackie Kennedy, and Marilyn to Marilyn Monroe (Warner is saying he needs a pretty but serious wife for his career).Elle, your boobs are fine. A widely used slang term for breasts.My family has five generations of Senators,and my brother’s in the top three at Yale law. Yale University has one of the best law schools in the United States. This is all Warner’s way of saying his family has a tradition of succeeding in school and politics.He just got engaged to a Vanderbilt, for Christ’s sake.

To get “engaged” to a person is to officially declare that you plan to marry them. The Vanderbilts are a very rich American family who made their money in the 1800s. “For Christ’s sake” is a way of expressing emotion such as anger or frustration.Come on, let me take you home. One of the most widely used phrasal verbs in English, and almost always used in the command form (Here, used by Warner to tell Elle to stop crying, or perhaps to cooperate).Because I’m not a Vanderbilt, suddenly I’m white trash? I grew up in Bel Air! “White trash” is a crude term for poor and uneducated whites, often who live in small towns in the Southern States of the U.S. Bel Air is a very rich suburb of Los Angeles.I grew up across the street from Aaron Spelling! I think most peoplewould agree that’s a lot better than some stinky old Vanderbilt! Aaron Spelling is a well known Hollywood producer. This is Elle’s silly way of saying new, celebrity money is better than old industrial wealth from the 19th century (If something stinks, of course, it smells bad).You’re gonna ruin your shoes. Note that “going to”—&gt “gonna” in rapid speech. “To ruin” something is to totally destroy it.I’ve had trouble with their whole lip liner thing. A type of cosmetic that is similar to lipstick.It’s terrible. He dumped her. If a man “dumps” his girlfriend, he decides to break up with her (To dump something is to literally throw it away).Manicures and pedicures. The words for putting colored paints on your fingernails and toenails.She stuffed them in her mouth all at once. “To stuff” something in your mouth is to force it in, even if there really isn’t enough room. We all thought she’d be the first to walkdown the aisle and now she’s totally adrift.

“To walk down the aisle” is to get married in a church (The aisle is the pathway in the middle between the sets of chairs or benches). If a person is “adrift,” they are moving aimlessly or without direction, like a piece of wood on the ocean.She hasn’t conditioned her hair in like a week. “To condition” your hair is to wash it with hair conditioner, which makes it softer after it’s been shampooed. Note the use of the meaningless filler word “like,” which some groups of people, such as girls who live in a sorority, tend to use way too often.Maybe she’s going for the grunge look. A type of fashion in which young people intentionally looked dirty and poor. This was popular among the young in the early1990s.And her nails are full on chipped.

— So trailer park.

“Full on” is a slangy way of saying fully. If your nails are “chipped,” they are broken off on the edges. As an adjective, “trailer park” probably means poor, white and uneducated, but this is never used (A “trailer” is literally a home on wheels that some poor people live in).She’ll never get him back with those cuticles.

A type of hang nail, or skin that grows out from a nail.No shit?! [Written] A crude but colloquially excellent way of saying “Really?!”Warner’s brother, and his fianc&eacutee, Ellen Vanderbilt. A man’s “fianc&eacutee” is the woman they are going to marry.What? Practically deformed? If a person is physically “deformed,” they look horrible and abnormal, perhaps because their face or body has been burned or twisted.Honey, you were first runner up at the Miss HawaiianTropics contest? Why are you going to throw that all away? If a person is a “runner up” in a contest, they finish in second place. The contest in the question most likely refers to a Hawaiian beauty contest (The Tropics refers to small islands in the middle of a big ocean). Elle decides to win Warner back by following him to Harvard Law School.Harvard is the only way I’m going to get the love of my life back. A very romantic way of referring to the person you are most in love with.Law school is for people who are boring and uglyand serious, and you, button, are none of those things. This is Elle’s dad’s ridiculous way of saying that she (Elle) does not have the right personality type for law school (This also shows most Americans have very conflicted views about lawyers, in that they respect them, but also hate them at the same time).But that’s a top three school.

— Oh, I have a 4.0 If a school is “top three,” it is considered one of the three best in the country. If a person has a 4.0 grade point average (GPA), that means they got all A’s for their grades.Your major is fashion merchandising.

Harvard won’t be impressed that you aced history of polka dots.

A student’s “major” is the subject they focus on while in school (History, Math, etc). “Fashion merchandising” is the creation and promotion of clothes. “To ace” a class is to get an A in it, and “polka dots” are different sized dot patterns that are found on clothes, walls and other surfaces. I don’t need back-ups.

I’m going to Harvard. A “back-up” is an alternative if your first plan doesn’t work (In this case, it refers to a back-up school for Elle if Harvard doesn’t accept her).You’ll need a heck of an admissions essay, and at least a 175 on your LSATs.

“A heck of a” is a slangy way of saying excellent or powerful. An “admissions essay” is a personally written letter explaining why you deserve to study at a certain school. The LSAT is the Law School Admissions Test, which all students take before applying to law school.Trust me, I can handle everything. “To handle” something is to take care of it, or be able to do it.I have a really high metabolism.

The part of your body that burns up food and turns it into energy (Note it’s mispronounced here as metrabolism , with an extra &#145r’).My cousin had that. Apparently you get a really bad rash on your. A “rash” is a reddish streak or other problem on the skin.Let’s all go! Road trip! A much loved expression for a long trip in a car, often done spontaneously or without planning. Isn’t it hard to get into law school? — I had the highest GPA in Delta Nu.

A student’s GPA is their grade point average, which refers to the grades they got for their classes (4.0, or all As, is the best GPA you can get). “Delta Nu” is the name of the sorority that Elle is in. A sorority is a group of female college students who lives in the same building and do many social activities together (for males, it is called a fraternity ). You passed Spanish because you gave Professor Montoya a lap dance at the final.

A “lap dance” is a very sexually suggestive dance, often performed close to naked and right above one seated person. A “final” is short for a final exam , which is the most important test for a class.As President of my sorority, I’m skilled at commanding the attention of a room. If a person is “skilled,” they are talented. “To command attention” means to be so striking or interesting that people naturally focus on that person.It’s come to my attention that the maintenance staff is switching all toilet paper from Charmin to generic.

All those opposed to chafing say “aye.” “Maintenance staff” are responsible for cleaning and taking care of a building. If a product is “generic,” it is not packaged as a famous brand (such as Charmin toilet paper), but as part of a store’s own brand (Walmart toilet paper). If skin “chafes,” it is rubbed in such a way that it becomes red or irritated. “Aye” is an old English word that means yes, which is still used to vote out loud.I’m able to recall hundreds of important details at the drop of a hat.

“To recall” is to remember, and to do something “at the drop of a hat” is to do it immediately, often without any special effort.Do you know what happened on Days of Our Lives yesterday? A famous TV soap opera that is shown in the afternoon.As you know, she’s been brainwashed by the evil Stefano. “To brainwash” a person is to seduce or trick them into thinking in a certain way, or to believing in a certain religion or ideology. I feel comfortable using legal jargon in everyday life. A word for the language or slang of a particular subculture (Lawyers, doctors and scientists all have their own jargon).I object! A legal expression used in court to protest what has been said, though of course, as in this case, it more generally means to disapprove.A fashion major? — We’ve never had one before, and aren’t we always looking for diversity? A key word in modern American culture that refers to the variation and differences in people lives, from their ethnic backgrounds (Asian, African-American, etc.), to their life experiences (Doctors, athletes, etc.)Her list of extra-curricular activities is impressive.

A student’s “extra-curricular activities” refers to the things they do outside of class (sports, clubs, volunteer projects, etc). If something is “impressive,” it attracts attention or has the power to excite or cause admiration or reflection.She designed a line of faux fur pantiesfor her sorority’s charity project.

“Faux fur panties” are underwear which is made of fake fur, instead of real fur (as a way to help protect animals who are killed for their fur). A “charity project” is done to raise money for a “charity,” which is a non-profit organization with a specific social goal, such as helping poor people.She’s a friend to the animals as well as a philanthropist.

An educated word for a person who spends lots of time and money helping other people or charity organizations. Sweetheart, you just look parched.

If a person (or dog) is “parched,” they are very dry and thirsty.Hey Brad, check out Malibu Barbie.

“To check out” something is to look at it. “Malibu” is a famous beach town by Los Angeles, and “Barbie” is the name of a very famous doll.You know, mixes, formals, clambakes, trips to the Cape.

“Mixes” and “formals” are ways of describing small and somewhat formal parties, where people dress in nice clothes. A “clambake” is like a barbecue except the main food is clams (similar to oysters), and the Cape refers to Cape Cod, which is a thin piece of land East of Boston.Has Warner Huntington the 3rd checked in yet? “To check in” to a hotel is to officially register there.No, maybe you could check with the cruise director on the Lido deck.

A “cruise director” is responsible for ships that carry tourists from one port to another. A “deck” is a flat and open outdoor area for entertaining.I have a Masters in Roman literature, a Ph.D. in biochemistry, and for the last 18 months, I’ve been deworming orphans in Somalia. A Masters and Ph.D. are advanced university degrees. “To deworm” a person is to eliminate the worms and parasite that are found in their stomachs. An “orphan” is a child without parents.Awesome! What about you? A slangy adjective meaning excellent or wonderful.A Ph.D. from Berkeley in women’s studies, emphasis in the history of combat.

The “emphasis” of an academic program is that area which is most studied. “Combat” is another word for military conflict or battles..and last year I single handedly organized the march for lesbians against drunk driving. “To single-handedly” do something is to do it by yourself. A “lesbian’ is a female homosexual. Killer.

— Thanks. Good times.

“Killer” is a very slangy way of saying excellent, or more colloquially, awesome. “Good times” is a silly way of saying “that was enjoyable.’I graduated first in my class from Princeton and I have an IQ of 187. Princeton is a well known university in New Jersey. “IQ” stands for intelligence quotient, and is seen by many people as an accurate description of a person’s overall intelligence..and it’s been suggested that Stephan Hawking stole his Brief History of Time from my 4th grade paper. — Cool.

“A Brief History of Time” is a famous book, published in the late 1980s, that tries to explain the physics of Einstein. “Cool” is perhaps the most common slang word for good or excellent.We’re both Gemini vegetarians. “Gemini” is one of the 12 astrological signs (along with Libra, Leo, etc)I have a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising from CULA and I was a Delta Nu sweetheart.and last year I was homecoming queen.

A “bachelor’s degree is the most common university degree, usually earned after four years of school. A “homecoming queen” is the girl who is voted the most beautiful at the most important dance in high school.I saw Cameron Diez, and I talked her out of buying this truly heinous angora sweater. “To talk somebody out of” doing something is to convince them not to do it. If something is “heinous,” it is horrible or disgusting. “Angora” is a type of wool or fabric. Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.

If a person is “disturbed,” they are bothered or annoyed, or in the right context, emotionally unstable or sick. I’m thinking like a luau or casino night. A type of Hawaiian barbecue where a whole pig is cooked on the fire.This is going to be just like senior year except funner. Note that the undergraduate college years are freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior. Also note that “more fun” is more correct than funner! Elle struggles with classes and discovers Warner is engaged to Vivian, but she also meets Paulette and Emmett, who help her through the hard times.You will be taught to achieve insight into the world around you, to sharply question what you know. “To achieve” is to accomplish and “insight” is intelligent reflection or wisdom. “To sharply question” a belief is to think very seriously about it.Those of you in the front row, beware.

An important word meaning be careful because there is danger.The law is reason free from passion.

Does anybodyknow who spoke these immortal words? “Reason” is logic, and “passion” is strong emotion. If something is “immortal,” it never dies. Would you be willing to stake your life on it? This is to risk your life on something, on the belief that it is true.The law leaves much room for interpretation, but very little for self-doubt.

“Interpretation” is the act of deciding what something really means. “Self-doubt” is a lack of faith in your own abilities or potential.I assume all of you are well versed in subject matter jurisdiction.

To be “well versed in” something is to know it well. “Subject matter jurisdiction” is a legal term about what topics a judge can decide.Who can tell us about Gordon vs. Steele? Note that in the law, cases are named for the two sides that fight each other, and these cases are later studied by both law students and lawyers.Do they put you on the spot like that all the time? “To put a person on the spot” is to suddenly put them under a lot of pressure to do something, often in front of many others.They tend to do that. Socratic method.

If a person “tends to” do something, they do it a lot over time. The “Socratic Method” is a way of teaching in which teachers ask students lots of questions. This method, named after Socrates, is popular in law schools. If you don’t know the answer, they’re just going to kick you out? “To kick out” a person is to force them to physically leave.Yeah, she’ll kick you right in the balls.

She’s really tough.

“Balls” is a very common word for men’s testicles. If a teacher is “tough,” she can be very difficult and also assign a lot of work.Speak up in Callahan’s class. He really likes people that are opinionated.

He spits when he talks about product liability.

“To speak up” is to talk a lot, or to talk more loudly. If a person is “opinionated,” they have lots of strong opinions about many issues and are not afraid to express them. “Product liability” is a legal term that refers to the legal responsibility of a company that makes something that later hurts others. Make sure you read the footnotes, because that’s where he gets a lot of his exam questions. A little numbered note at the bottom of the page of a book.Are you a 3rd year? Note that law school lasts three years.This horrible preppy girl who tried to make me look bad in front of the professor. No biggie.

If a person is “preppy,” they went to a preparatory school for college, and are often seen as rich, conservative and as very serious students.I’m sorry. I just hallucinated.

What? “To hallucinate” is to see things that don’t really exist (People who take drugs like LSD will often hallucinate).You can’t even imagine! — Spill! “To spill” a liquid means to let it accidentally fall out of its container, but in this case, it is short for “spill your emotions,” which means to let your anger, frustration and tears out in public.I blew off Greek week just to study LSATs. “To blow off” something is a very slangy way of saying to decide to not take part in it. At colleges, “Greek Week” refers to the week when the school’s fraternities and sororities try to get students to join them.He’s engaged to this awful girl, Vivian. A strong adjective for horrible or perhaps disgusting.She’s got this six carat Harvey Winston on her bony, unpolished finger. A “six caret Harvey Winston” is a type of expensive diamond ring. If a finger is “bony,” it is all bone and no muscle, and thus looks way too skinny. If a finger nail is “unpolished,” it doesn’t have any cosmetic or coating on it.Dewey kept the trailer and my precious baby, Rufus. A cheap pre-fabricated house that can be pulled by a truck.He’s a guy who followed his pecker to greener pastures, and I’m a middle aged high school drop out whose got stretch marks and a fat ass. A “pecker” is a silly slang word for a penis (to peck is to poke or stick). If a person is looking for “greener pastures,” they’re looking for something better (A “pasture” is an open field or prairie). A “high school drop out” is a student who never finished school, and “stretch marks” are unpleasant scars or markings on your skin, often caused by tearing.What’s Vivian got that you don’t have? Three tits? A crude word for females breasts (Boobs is a safer choice).She belongs to his stupid country club.

Generally speaking, a club where rich people play golf and tennis.She could use some mascara and some serious highlights,but she’s not completely unfortunate looking. “Mascara” and “highlights” are types of cosmetics or makeup.Could I have been any more goddamn spastic looking? “Goddamn” is a crude and common filler word to express anger, frustration and other emotions. “Spastic” means shaking or moving violently, or in an uncontrolled fashion. If a girl like you can’t hold on to her man, then there sure as hell isn’t any hope for the rest of us. “Sure as hell” is a slangy way of saying certainly or surely.Steal the bastard back. A crude but common word for a mean, abusive or horrible man.You will also be competing for one of my firm’s highly contested fourinternship spots next year, where you’ll get to assist on actual cases.

“To compete” against another person is to try and beat them in achieving a goal. A “law firm” is a group of lawyers who are in business together. If a position is “highly contested,” many people are trying to get it. An “internship” is a temporary job, often unpaid, where people are trained or taught in different skills and activities. A “case” is a trial in court.Let the bloodbath begin. A violent and bloody fight or battle, often where many are killed.Let’s commence with our usual torture. Another way of saying “to begin.” Ms Woods, would you rather have a client who committed a crime malum en se or malum prohibitum? Note that the correct verb is “to commit” a crime (to do it). In the law, many words are still used from Latin (The Latin phrases above have to do with the nature of crimes and criminal intent).Dare to dream, Ms. Woods. A way of telling a person they should imagine the best possible future.The client would have committed a regulatory infraction as opposed to a dangerous crime. A “client” is a person who pays a lawyer for their services. A “regulatory infraction” is a the breaking or violating of a regulation, which is a very specific law passed by a specialized agency (such as when a food company adds more alcohol to a product than is allowed). I’m not afraid of a challenge.

Any job, task or goal that will be difficult to achieve or accomplish.I’ve come to join your study group.

And look, I’ve brought sustenance.

A “study group” is a small group of students who agree to study together. “Sustenance” is a formal word for the minimum amount of food and water that is required to keep a person alive.Is this like an RSVP thing? — No, it’s like a smart people thing. An abbreviation which means you should respond yes or no to a specific invitation. Note the overuse of the of the word &#145thing,’ often said in a humorous manner.We’ve already assigned the outlines.

“To assign” something is to give it out as a job. In law school, “outlines” are summaries of specific areas of law.If you had come to a rush party, I would have at least been nice to you. A “rush party” is a party at fraternities and sororities where new students decide if they want to join.Is that before you voted against me and called me a dyke behind my back? A crude word for a lesbian or female homosexual.I miss you guys too. The people here are so vile.

A very crude and insulting word for disgusting or horrible.I got bangs.

My hair is so now.

“Bangs” are a type of hair style, cut at a different length than the rest of your hair. In this case, “now” is used to mean fashionable.Keep June 1st open You’re one of my bride’s maids.

To keep a date open” is to keep it free for a specific purpose. A “bride’s maid” is one of a few female friends of the bride who have official roles or duties at the wedding.Don’t forget to bring your own Merlot.

A type of wine.I like your outfit too, except when I dress upas a frigid bitch, I try not to look so constipated.

An “outfit” is another word for a costume or set of clothing. If a women is “frigid,” she is unable to become sexually excited, or more generally, she is cold. A “bitch” is a very crude word for a mean or abusive woman. If a person is “constipated,” they are unable to go to the bathroom because they are physically plugged up. Elle uses her legal knowledge to get Paulette back her dog, and then becomes an intern for Professor Callahan, who is defending a woman that Elle knows well.The English language is all about subliminal domination. “Subliminal” is another word for subconscious, or just below the level of consciousness.The word semester is.a perfect example of thisschool’s discriminatory preferences of semen to ovaries.

A “semester” is a set of time that school years are divided into, often lasting about 20 weeks. If a policy is “discriminatory,” it favors one group of people over another. “Semen” is the liquid that men have to carry their sperm, and “ovaries” are the sexual organs that develop eggs in women.That’s why I’m petitioning to have thenext one referred to as the winter ovester.

“To petition” is to officially request something from another person or organization. “Ovester” is a silly word that doesn’t exist, which looks more feminine than semester.Don’t you look like a walking felony? A “felony” is a serious crime for which you can be sent to prison.What’s with the costume? I just decided to dress up. “What’s with.?” is a slangy way of asking a person why they are doing something, or perhaps why something unusual is happening.I’m so busy with those case studies and hypos.

In law school, “case studies” are summaries of important cases or trials, and “hypos” are made up facts that students discuss in order to analyze how the law would be applied in such cases.Am I on glue, or did we not get into the same law school? To be “on” an illegal drug such as marijuana is to be under its influence. Unfortunately, “glue,” which is a white sticky substance, is sometimes sniffed by people in order to get high or stoned, the way people use marijuana. Unlike marijuana, it probably causes immediate brain damage.I’ll show you how valuable Elle Woods can be! If something is “valuable,” it is worth a lot.So, you’ve filed a claim.

In law, “to file a claim” is to officially sue somebody in a court.You need reasonable belief that your claimshould have, like evidentiary support. Note that much of law school is actually spent debating what the word “reasonable” means (which literally means logical or not extreme, but that doesn’t help when actually applied to real world situations!) A “claim” is a formal belief or charge. “Evidence” is anything, from blood samples to photographs, that tends to prove the truth of a statement or claim.Corrupt cops who are wheeling and dealing.

If a government official is “corrupt,” they are willing to take bribes or accept gifts of money for illegal favors. A “cop” is a very common word for a policeman. If a person is “wheeling and dealing,” they are constantly negotiating or trying to make money by making different types of deals.And the purpose of diminished capacity is? — To negate mens rea. “Diminished capacity” refers to the reduced ability of a person to know what they are actually doing (Mens rea is a Latin term for intention).I’m Miss Bonifonte’s attorney, and I’m here todiscuss the legal situation at hand.

— Come again? If something is “at hand,” it is right there, or in the present. “Come again” is a way of saying you didn’t understand what was just said.Due to habeas corpus, you and Miss Bonifonte had a commonlaw marriage, which, heretofore, entitles her to do. “Habeas corpus” is a famous Latin legal term which refers to the right of a person not to be held in jail without being charged with a crime (And it has nothing to do with anything Elle is saying here!). A “common law marriage” is one in which a couple live together so long as if they were married that the state considers them legally married, even though they never formally got married. “Heretofore” means previously or before, and if a person is “entitled” to something, they deserve it..what is legally referred to an equitable division of the assets.

If something is divided “equitably,” it is shared fairly or justly. “Assets” is an important legal word that refers to anything of value, from money to stocks to jewelry to houses.Due to the fact that you’ve retained this residence, Miss Bonifonteis entitled to full canine property ownership right now. “Due to” is one way of saying because. “To retain” something is to keep it, and a residence is a building, such as a house, in which a person lives. “Canine” is an adjective that refers to dogs. I’m taking the dog, dumbass.

An excellent and crude insult word for a jerk, idiot, moron, etc.That’s awesome We did it! A popular word among the young that means excellent, great, or more colloquially, very cool.He’s still scratching his head! — Whichmust be a nice vacation for his balls.

If a person is “scratching their head,” they are probably trying to understand something that just happened, that makes no sense to them. A man’s “balls” are his testicles. This is a very funny line.Swimney, who was a private sperm donor, was allowed visitation rightsas long as he came to terms with the hours set forth by the parents. A “sperm donor” is a man who lets his sperm be used to get women pregnant that he doesn’t even know. A divorced parent’s “visitation rights” are the rights they have, given by a judge, to visit with their children. “To come to terms” with something is to accept it, and “to set forth” a policy is to officially announce or declare it.If we’re sticking to past precedent, Mr. Latins wasn’t stalking.

“Past precedent” is a legal term that refers to what judges in past cases have decided about how the law is applied in certain situations. “To stalk” a person is to harass them by always spying on and trying to be physically close to them.Our defendant was an habitual sperm donor, who also happensto be harassing the parents in his quest for visitation.

A “defendant” is a person charged with a crime. If a person’s behavior is “habitual,” they do it all the time, over and over. “To harass” a person is to bother or annoy them consistently. A person’s “quest” is the act of looking for or seeking something, and in this context, “visitation” is the right to visit with your biological children. I have to wonder if the defendant kept a thorough recordof every sperm emission made throughout his life. “Thorough” means complete, and an “emission” is anything that sprays or shoots out into general circulation (Here, a reference to semen).Unless the defendant attempted to contact every single one night stand in an attempt to determine if a child resulted in these unions. A “one night stand” is the act of having sex with a person, often who you just met, and then never seeing them again..he has no parental claim over this child whatsoever.

A “parental claim” is a legal argument for saying you have the right to raise the child as your own. “Whatsoever” is a way of saying not at all.For that matter, all masturbatory emissions where his sperm wasclearly not seeking an egg could be termed reckless abandonment.

“For that matter” is a way of saying &#145in fact’, and “masturbatory emissions” is a ridiculous way of referring to semen that comes out of a man when he masturbates. “To term” a word is to define it, and “reckless abandonment” is a legal expression that refers to the act of a parent irresponsibly leaving their children to try and survive on their own.Do you have a resume? A summary of a person’s past job experience, as well as their education, specific skills and other facts that would be of interest to an employer.It’s pink and it’s scented.

I think it gives it a little something extra.

If something is “scented,” it is usually treated in such a way that it smells like perfume. “A little something extra” is often anything that makes it stand out and be noticed more easily than the competition.That lapse in judgement aside, I think she’s got a lot of potential.

A “lapse in judgement” is the act of doing something foolish or dangerous without thinking about the possible negative results. “Aside” is a short way of saying “put that to the side and don’t even think about it.” “Potential” is a critical word that means existing in real possibility.Here’s the Windham file.

In the context of an office, a “file” is group of papers that are put together on a single topic.His case load is so big, he’s taking in first year interns.

A lawyer’s “case load” is the amount of work they have to do, often in the form of cases or trials they must work on. An “intern” is a student or other young person who works at an internship, often for a year or less, in order to get professional training.Remember when we spent those four amazinghours in a hot tub after the winter formal? A “hot tub” is a large bath that can fit several people, used for relaxing in hot water. A “winter formal” is a formal school dance where the students dress up in fine clothes. We’re defending Brooke Windham, whose very wealthy husband wasfound shot to death in her Beacon Hills mansion. — Gold digger? If a person is “wealthy,” they have lots of money. A “gold digger” is a very negative expression for a person who becomes close to, or even marries, somebody else, so that they can get their money. You’d think so since the stiff was 60, but she was rich on her own. A “stiff” is a crude term for a dead body (As an adjective, stiff is the opposite of flexible).Some kind of fitness empire.

You can buy her exercise tapes on infomercials.

“Fitness” refers to the practice of staying in good physical shape. Note that an “empire” can refer to the control of large areas of the world by one country, or, in this case, a successful business. An “infomercial” is a long commercial, often over 30 minutes, that is made in such a way that people view it as a regular TV show for entertainment.Maiden name, Taylor. — You know her? A woman’s maiden name is the family name that she had before she got married.She’s a Delta Nu. She wasn’t in my pledge class.

In a sorority, a “pledge class” refers to all the girls who joined it in a particular year.She’s completely gifted.

— In all likelihood, she’s completely guilty as well. If a person is “gifted,” they are extremely skilled or talented in a particular field. “In all likelihood” is a way of saying probably or most likely.This is Emmett Richmond, another associate.

Top three in his class, and former editor of Harvard Law Review.

An “associate” in a law firm is usually a lawyer who is working full time, but does not have a leadership or directing role. Note that all major law schools publish a “Law Review,” which is an academic journal about developments in the law, that is edited by students at that school.You’ve probably seen him lurking around campus doing my research. “To lurk” is to stay a long time in an area, waiting, passing time, and hoping not to get noticed. A “campus” is the physical area of a school.The coroner said he’d been dead 30 minutes when thecops arrived, giving Brooke plenty of time to stash it. A “coroner’ is a person who examines dead bodies. “Cops” are policemen, and “to stash” a gun is to hide it in a secret place.Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. “Endorphins” are a chemical in the blood that gives you energy. Elle works on the defense for Brooke, convinced that she is innocent.I went down to check his heart, screamed myhead off, and Enrique and Chutney came inside. If you “scream your head off,” you’re probably screaming so loudly that people far away can hear you.Why would I kill my husband? — Insurance, a love affair, pureunadulterated hatred. The DA will come up with plenty of reasons. “Unadulterated” is a powerful adjective meaning pure and complete. A “DA” is a district attorney, the lawyer for the government that is responsible for prosecuting accused criminals. “To come up with” something is create it or think of it.He was 30 years older than you. That doesn’t look so good to a jury.

— Show them a picture of his dick. That might clear up a few things. A “jury” is the group of people at a trial who decide if an accused criminal is guilty. A “dick” is a slang word for a penis, and “to clear up” a story is to make it clear, or at least make it less confusing.I believe you, but a jury is going to want an alibi.

An important legal word for a claim or explanation of having been elsewhere when a crime was committed.If you put me on the stand, I’ll lie. In this context, the “stand” is the chair from where a person testifies or is questioned, during a trial.I’m a Delta Nu, and I’m a huge fan of yours. Another word for extremely big.You took my class in LA. You have the best high kick I’ve ever seen. LA is Los Angeles, America’s most beloved city. A “high kick” is the act of kicking your leg up high in order to exercise.Are you one of my lawyers? — Yeah, sort of.

One way of saying kind of, or not completely.That’s because men are big fat retards.

A crude insult word for a very stupid, idiotic or retarded person.I’ve got a package . A funny play on words. Note that a “package” can be a small box or container, or in the right context, a person’s body or sexual organs.Take it easy! A common way of saying goodbye, or of telling a person to calm down. Is this the only interaction you’ve ever had? “Interaction” refers to the act of two people speaking to each other.Why don’t you offer him a cold beverage, neck massage or something? — What’s the point? A “beverage” is another word for a drink. “What’s the point?” is an excellent way of asking “Why?”You have all the equipment. You just need to read the manual.

A “manual” is a small instruction book. This is Elle’s way of telling Paulette that she has the looks and personality to attract men, but she needs to learn how to do it. I’m going to show you a little maneuver that my mother taught me in junior high. A “maneuver” is another word for a procedure or action, often involving exact physical movements.When used appropriately, it has an 83 percent rate of return on a dinner invitation. It’s called the bend and snap.

“Appropriately” means correctly, or in a way that is acceptable to people. “To snap” is to move suddenly in a dramatic fashion.If Brooke didn’t kill the guy, who did? — My money is on the angry daughter or the ex-wife. If a person’s “money is on” a particular person in a crime investigation, they believe that is the person who committed the crime.Chutney had a trust fund.

She didn’t need the insurance or the inheritance.

A “trust fund” is money set aside by one person for another, to be paid out over a period of time. An “inheritance” refers to the money and other property that a person receives from their parents after they die.That’s touching, Elle. But we need an alibi. If something is “touching,” it cause emotions of compassion and tenderness.I brought you some necessities.

Some Calvin Klien720 count sheets.

and aroma therapy candles. “Necessities” are those things that people need to survive. A “720 count sheet” is made of very high quality fabric. “Aroma therapy” is a way of psychologically helping people through the use of odors or smells.He means well.

He’s very brilliant. — He better be for what I’m paying for him. If a person “means well,” they are truly trying to be nice or helpful to others although they often are not very successful at being so.You don’t understand. It’s so shameful.

An excellent adjective that means disgraceful, or something that a person should be totally ashamed of.I’ve made my future on the ability to perfect women’s bodies with Brooke’sbutt-buster workout.

— I know, you helped me go from a 6 to a 4. As a verb, “to perfect” means to make perfect. A “workout” is a period of intense exercise, and if it is called a “butt-buster,” it is designed to reduce the size of a person’s butt or ass (More generally, to bust a person is to stop or arrest them). In this context, 6 and 4 are women’s clothing sizes.On the day of his murder, I was getting liposuction.

“Liposuction” is the surgical removal of body fat which is sucked out through a vacuum and tube. Yuck!I’m a fraud! It’ not like normal women can have this ass! If a person is a “fraud,” they are living a life that is based on a lie.I’d rather go to jail than lose my reputation.

Your secret’s safe with me. An important word to describe what other people or the general public think of you.Vivian, grab me some coffee. “To grab” something is to forcefully or quickly take it.According to the communiqu&eacute from the prison,our client apparently had a visit from her sister. A “communiqu&eacute” is an official written communication, such as a letter.I promised her I’d keep it a secret and I can’t break the bonds of sisterhood.

This is Elle’s poetic way of referring to the emotional connection that women have with each other.Screw sisterhood! This is a murder trial, not some scandal at the sorority house. In this context, “screw” is a crude insult word directed at somebody (or something) else. It is a gentle version of “fuck.” A “scandal” is the discovery of embarrassing, illegal or immoral behavior (often involving sex). A “sorority house” is the actual house where girls in a sorority live. Someone reason with her while I take this. “To reason” with a person is to try and use logic in order to convince them of something.I gave her my word, Warner. — So what?! “To give a person” your word is to make a promise to them.She’s at a spa in the Berkshires. Here, a resort where people go to get massages and relax in hot tubs (The Berkshires is an area outside of Boston where rich people go to vacation).She seems completely untrustworthy to me. If a person is “untrustworthy,’ they can’t be trusted because they lie a lot. You know, you’re really being a butthead.

A funny insult word for a jerk, idiot, asshole, etc.So this is what a spa looks like. Wow! A common way to express emotion such as amazement or great surprise.We’re from Austin, Platt, Janet and Callahan.

Note that law firms are often named after the first three or four lawyers who started it.I hear that little tart from Columbia shot poor Hayworth. A “tart” is a slang word for a prostitute or sexually loose woman.My daughter tells me she can be quite the little bitch.

In certain contexts, “quite” can be used for emphasis or to mean very. A “bitch” is a mean or abusive female. A very crude word.She did say they humped like guerillas.

“To hump” is to rub up and down, like a dog on a person’s leg, or more generally, to have sex. A “guerilla” is a type of monkey or ape.Haven’t you seen the cabana boy? A “cabana” is a small shelter or hut for hotel guests that usually faces a pool, and thus a “cabana boy” is a man who takes care of the pool and hotel guests by the pool.Did you see the icky brown color of her hair? An excellent adjective meaning gross, disgusting, or, of course, yucky.Now you discriminate against brunettes? “To discriminate against” a person is to treat them unfairly, often because of their race or religion. A “brunette” is a person with brown hair (as opposed to a blonde).You hold more cards than you think you do. A way of telling a person they have more power or possible options than they think they do.I’d like to see you take that power and channel it toward the greater good.

“To channel” power or energy is to direct it in a certain way. “The greater good” is a way of referring to the good things that will result from a particular action, often within the bigger community as a whole, and not just for the person doing the action.I was thinking maybe we could go out some time. — No, you’re a dork.

In this context, to “go out” with a girl is to take them out on a date, perhaps to a restaurant or movie, with possible romantic intentions. A “dork” is a socially awkward or nerdy person who is, colloquially speaking, not very cool.Girls like me don’t go out with losers like you. A very insulting word for a person who is not considered as good as others, or more generally, who has lots of problems.Are you done with that deposition yet? A “deposition” is a legal word for an official written statement or declaration, in which the person legally swears to tell the truth.I thought that was very classy of you. An excellent word for behavior that shows elegance, style or an admirable attitude.Did you know that when he first applied, he got wait-listed? “To apply” to a school is to officially try and get accepted there. If a student “applies” and is “wait-listed,” they are not yet accepted, but put on a list of students who may get in later, if other accepted students choose to not go to that same school.His father had to make a call. — You’re kidding! No way! If a person is “kidding,” they are joking or not being serious. “No way!” is a very common way of expressing disbelief or shock.That is such a precious day! If something is “precious,” it is highly valued or much loved.First to testify are the victim’s daughter and ex-wife. “To testify” in a trial is to answer questions after swearing to tell the truth.The Superior Court of Suffolk County is nowin session, Judge Marina R Buckford presiding.

A “Superior Court” is where criminal and civil trials are first held. A “county” is an administrative area that is usually much bigger than a city. If a court is “in session,” it is open and being used for legal procedures or business. If a judge “presides” in a trial, they are the one’s leading it.She was sitting next to the pool, topless, when the Latin boy handed her a drink. If a person is topless, they are not wearing any clothes on their chest. “Latin” is a silly way of referring to a person from Mexico or other Latin American country.This is the uniform Mrs. Windham asked you to wear while cleaning her pool. A “uniform” is a particular type of clothes that people wear in order to be identified with a company or other organization.Are you or you not having an affair with Brooke Windham? A secret sexual or romantic relationship, often involving married people.Court will reconvene tomorrow morning at 9AM. Court adjourned.

If a court “reconvenes,” it starts up again. If it is adjourned,” it is closed down for the day.You know a Delta Nu would never sleep with a man who wears a thong.

A very thin type of sexy underwear that is made with straps.You broke his nose?! — I blew it, Elle. “To blow it” is an excellent colloquial expression which means to do something very badly, or to fail at what you were trying to do.We have to cross-examine Enrique. But don’t worry, my girlfriend once barfed on a guy during the Blair Witch Project, and they ended up dating three months. In a trial, “to cross-examine” a witness is to ask them questions after they already answered questions from the other side’s lawyer. “To barf” is a crude way of saying to vomit or throw up. “The Blair Witch” trial was a popular movie in the late 1990s. “To date” a person is to go out with them, with the possibility of a romantic relationship developing.Don’t stomp your little last-season Prada shoes at me. “To stomp” is to hit the floor with great force. If a shoe is “last season,” it is no longer fashionable (though this is a totally silly adjective).He’s gay! He isn’t Brooke’s lover. He’s making it up! “To make up” a story is to create something that is totally false or fictional but then to say that it is true and really happened. Back up! How do you know he’s gay? — Gay men know designers, straight men don’t. In this context, to tell a person to “back up” is to tell them go back and clearly explain what they’re trying to say. A clothing “designer” creates or designs new clothes and fashions. “Straight” is a slangy adjective for a heterosexual (as opposed to gay or homosexual).While I appreciate your masterful legal theory, I have a murder trail to attend to. If something is “masterful,” it is brilliant or extremely well put together. A “theory” is an educated guess based on logic, experience and researchIf that’s all the proof that he has your honor, then I’m done here. “Proof” is an important word for evidence, or anything that would tend to show the truth of a statement. Note that in a court, the judge is always addressed as “your honor.” Elle discovers an unpleasant side to Professor Callahan, but she also finds new faith in herself, saves Brooke, and unfortunately for Warner, soon learns who her true friends are.You followed your intuition today and you were right on target.

A person’s “intuition” is what they feel inside, based on past experience and a certain feeling that’s hard to explain. If a person is “right on target,” they are completely correct (A target is the exact spot or thing that one is trying to hit).I’m impressed that you took the initiative to go there and get it. If a person “takes the initiative,” they go out and do what is necessary, instead of waiting for somebody else to do it.On top of that, you gained the client’s trust. “On top of” is another way of saying “in addition to.” If you “gain” a person’s trust, you earn it or get it over time. You’re smarter than most of the guys on my payroll.

A “payroll” is a list of the people that are paid by a company, firm, or other organization.I think it’s time to discuss your career path.

The direction a person moves in over the long term, in order to get better jobs with time.Have you thought about where you want to be a summer associate? A law student who works as a lawyer for a firm over a summer, in order to get much needed experience.You know what the competition is really about. It’s about ferocity, carnage.

Balancing human intelligence with animal diligence.

“Ferocity” is a ruthlessly violent animal behavior, as when a lion attacks a horse. “Carnage” refers to death and great bloodshed, and “diligence” is another word for discipline, determination or persistence over time.Are you hitting on me? — You’re a beautiful girl. “To hit on” a person is to try and seduce or sexually attract them.I’m a man who knows what he wants. — And I’m a law student who just realized her professor is a pathetic asshole.

If a person is “pathetic,” they’re so pitiful, bad or ridiculous that one feels sorry for them. An “asshole” is crude word for a jerk, idiot, creep, etc.You almost had me fooled.

If you “have a person fooled,” you trick them into believing something that is not true.No more panty hose, no more boring suits.

“Panty hose” are the nylon coverings that women wear on their legs, and a suit is a formal pair of pants and coat that go together.The hell with Callahan! An alternative, and gentler way of saying “Fuck Callahan.”Callahan never saw me as a lawyer. He just saw me as a piece of ass.

A crude way of referring to a woman when she is seen only as a sexual object.Turns out I am a joke. “Turns out” is a way of saying “in the end.” All of this is Elle’s way of saying that people do not take her seriously,If you’re going to let one stupid prick ruin your life, you’re not the girl I thought you were. A “prick” is a very crude word for a penis, or more generally, a jerk or bastard. “To ruin” something is to totally destroy it.Did you go in knowing that you were going to discredit Mr. Salvatore? — Absolutely: It’s a little thing I like to call strategy.

“To discredit” a person is to show that they are not honest, or as good or accomplished as others think they are. “Strategy” is the act of planning ahead in business, war, or in this case, law, to try and efficiently reach a goal, or to deal with all possible problems that may appear in the future.He’s the top defense attorney in the state. Of course he’s an ass.

“Defense attorneys” are lawyers who defend people who are accused of a crime. An “ass” is a butt or behind, or more generally, a jerk, idiot, etc.Ask Elle. She looked pretty cozy with him last night. —You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. If you are “cozy” with another person, you are physically close to them, perhaps almost as if you’re holding each other. “The hell” is a filler expression added to show emotion such as anger or frustration.Callahan hit on her, so she quit. — My God, scumbag.

“To hit on” a person is to try and seduce or sexually attract them. A “scumbag” is a very strong insult word for a bastard, asshole, etc. (Scum is the filth that is found on bathroom tiles that aren’t clean).You’re fired! I have new representation.

“To fire” a lawyer is to tell them they can no longer work for you. “Representation” refers to any person, in this case a lawyer, who speaks for you, or represents you in an official process, such as a trial.Counselors, approach the bench. A “counselor” is another word for a lawyer or attorney.A law student may appear on behalf of a defendant in a criminal proceeding. “To appear on behalf of” a person is to officially represent them.The ruling also states that you need a licensed attorney to supervise you. A “ruling” is an official interpretation or explanation of a law. If an “attorney” is licensed, they have been given official approval to work by the state. “To supervise” a person is to watch over them.I’ll supervise, your honor. — Well then, Ms. Woods, proceed.

One way of telling a person to move forward or continue.Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God? This is what every person must say, with their hand on the Bible, before they are allowed to testify in a trial in a court room (“To swear” to tell the truth is to promise to).There is no proof in this case, and in addition, there is a complete lack of mens rea, which by definition tells us there can be no crime without a vicious will.

If there is a “lack of” something, it doesn’t exist, or there is too little of it. If something is wrong “by definition,” this means the very words themselves means it is wrong. A “vicious will” is a way of saying an immoral or ruthless desire to do something wrong. I saw Brooke standing over his body, drenched in his blood. If a person is “drenched” in blood, they are soaked in it, or covered by it.She stashed it by then. “To stash” something is to hide it, or store it in a secret place for later use.Move to strike that from the record, your honor. It’s speculation.

— So stricken.

In a trial, “to strike a statement from the record” is to remove it from the official written record, because it is thought to be inappropriate (Note that the past participle of strike, with this meaning, is stricken ). If a statement is “speculation,” it is something that the speaker believes may be true, but that they do not for sure.Where is she going with this? — Have a little faith, Gerard. “To have a little faith” in someone is to trust them. I got up, got a latte, went to the gym, got a perm, and came home. A “latte” is a type of popular coffee, a “gym” is a building with exercise equipment (and space for playing various sports), and a “perm” is a type of haircut in which the person is given curly or circular hair that will last for at least a few weeks.We all tried to talk her out of it.

Curls were not a good look for her. “To talk a person out of” something is to convince them not to do it. As a noun, a person’s “look” is the way they look in terms of their clothes, makeup and general sense of style and fashion.She entered the Beta-Delta-Phi wet T-shirt contest, where she wascompletely hosed down from head to toe. — Objection, why is this relevant? A “wet T-shirt’ contest is a contest in which women are judged for how sexy they are while wearing a wet T-shirt. If a person is “hosed down,” they are sprayed with water from a garden hose. “Objection” is a legal term in which a lawyer protests the use of various words or lines of questioning. If something is “relevant” in a trial, it is important because it will help prove or disprove something that is being debated.Isn’t it the first cardinal rule of perm maintenance that you’re forbidden to wet your hair for at least 24 hours. A “cardinal rule” is a critical or super important rule. “Perm maintenance” is the act of taking care of a perm haircut so that the curls will last as long as possible. If something is “forbidden,” it is not the risk of deactivating the ammonium thioglycolate? “To deactivate” something is to stop it from continuing to work (The last two words are probably scientific terms for some chemical).It would mean that you would have had to have found Mrs. Windham with a gun in her hand to make your story plausible! Isn’t that right?! If a story is “plausible” it is reasonably possible that it is actually true.I didn’t mean to shoot him! I thought it was you walking through the door. — Order, order! The words that a judge will scream when they want to restore order in the court after too much noise and emotion breaks out in the courtroom.Bailiff, take the witness into custody, where she will be charged with the murder of Mr. Windham. A “bailiff’ is an official assistant to the judge who maintains peace and order in the courtroom. In a trial, a “witness” is a person who testifies or answers questions under oath (after legally swearing to tell the truth). In the matter of the State vs. Brooke Windham, this case is dismissed.

“In the matter of” is a legal way of referring to a particular case. If a criminal charge is “dismissed,” it is legally dropped or ended.The rules of hair care are simple and finite.

Any Cosmo girl would have known. If something is “finite,” it has an ending or is limited (as opposed to those things that are infinite ). A “Cosmo girl” is one who reads the magazine Cosmopolitan , which discusses fashion, makeup and relationships.If I’m going to be a partner at a law firm by the time I’m 30, I need a partner whose not such a complete bonehead.

In a law firm, a “partner” is a lawyer who is one of the official leaders of the firm that shares in the profits (Note that there are also other types of partners, for example, in both business and romance). “Bonehead” is a fun insult word for a jerk, idiot, moron, etc.She graduated today with an invitation to join one of Boston’s most prestigious law firms. “To graduate” school is to successfully finish it (Note there the noun form of the same word has a different pronunciation). If a firm is “prestigious,” it is considered of top quality and has an excellent reputation.No offense to Aristotle, but in my three years at Harvard, I have come to find that passion is a key ingredient to the study and practice of law, and of life. “No offense to.” is a way of saying “I do not mean to offend, but.” An “ingredient” is any subpart of any food or other product.It is with passion, courage of conviction, and a strong sense of self that we take our next step into the world, knowing first impressions are not always correct. “Passion” is great emotion or determination. “Courage of conviction” is a poetic way of referring to a person’s strong desire to follow what they believe in their heart, and a “sense of self” is one way of referring to a healthy self-confidence or self-respect. A person’s “first impression” of something is what they believe about it when they first see it, before they get to know it better.Vivian dumped Warner. If a woman “dumps” her boyfriend, she leaves or break up with him.Warner graduated without honors.

In a university, “honors” are special credit or recognition for having done very well (Note that it usually only noted when a person graduates with honors).Emmett quit Callahan’s firm and opened his own practice.

In a legal context, a lawyer’s “practice” is their career as an attorney.