Keep Young Forever

Why we human beings are afraid of becoming old? In another word, we want to stay young as long as possible. We are so looking forward to growing up when we were children, but start to worry about aging after 30. Ladies will buy expensive cosmetic to maintain a good condition of the skin, spend money on SPA to keep the body in a healthy status. Men as well, there are more and more anti-aging products for men. Why? Because it has a big potential to share the market!
What’s the difference between the young and the old? Overall speaking, there are three signs of growing old.
First, you might lose you courage or forget how to do something crazy or dareful, because you think you are no longer young.
Second, you become very sensitive to hear whoever asks for your age. because you don’t want them to judge you from the age.
Third, you start to have some negative thoughts towards the surroundings, forget your original aspiration on enjoying the life instead of concerning about the bad consequences, the family, the mortgage, the future of your kids, the position in the company, the salary and so on. You finish your work, become tired, just wish you could have a rest, go to bed just to wake up in the next morning to repeat the same tiring and boring routine, day after day.
Growing old is a natural part of our life, it wont be so intimidating if we focus on enjoying the journey but not the result.
Feeling old: it is something from inside out. for example, I have a friend, he is 28. he told me last time he went out with his older sister who is 40 years old. And the people mistook her as his younger sister! Age won’t be measured chronological but mentally.

Nevertheless, we want to stay young, look younger than the day before. We have a famous saying in china; keep younger than how you looked yesterday. But the problem is, how?
When I searched from the internet, there are a lot of answers. 21 tips to keep young, 9 recommendations for younger skin, 12 receipts for to.

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