Is Playing Game Fun When You Are the Winner ?

In busy life,game is an useful method to feel relief.Some people say that playing game is fun only when you are the winner,but i do not agree with this sentence,because most of my friends like playing games to relax rather than compete with other people.
Firstly,playing games help people to ease their anxiety and reduce stress in working life.Take the sporting game for example,players believe that playing these games is not only good for health but it is also an effective way to make new friends.When they are playing team sport,they are inclined to communicate easily.Shy people also have chance to speak loudly their opinion to make the team becomes better and better.Sometimes,it might have the competition between different teams,but personally i think it just make the game more exciting.The person who know how to enjoy the game is the winner.
Secondly,some people play games to explore the world of technology and tricks behind the perfect schemes.My close friend who often plays online games said that he loves these games because of the tactics.You have to find out more information on the internet from other gamer to pass some hard levels.Colorful and beautiful pictures are popular traits to make online game favorite
Finally,i believe that people play game for fun not for competition.Remember that when you was a child, you played with toys in order to not feel lonely.Thus,is the purpose of playing games just for finding the winner or loser?