Internet Activities

The Internet is one of the greatest inventions in the 20th century. It facilitates the life and makes it much easier. Because of that, statistics show an increasing usage of the Internet worldwide. There is a lot of activities can be done through using the Internet. Most people use the Internet for academic, business, and fun activities.
Nowadays academic education is easier with the existence of the Internet. There are three academic purposes through using the Internet. First, doing researches. There is a huge amount of information available on the Internet, that helps for doing research in any domain. For example in science, technology, and art. Second, distance learning. Students can communicate with instructors to ask any question and to submit their assignments directly through the Internet. Also they can communicate with their classmates to share ideas and help each other. Last purpose is gaining an academic degree. There are some universities provide online degrees for bachelor, master, and PhD completely through the Internet.
The Internet facilitates doing most kind of businesses. Modern companies depend on the Internet to advertise and sell their products directly to the customers. Also some people, especially those kind of people who are mostly busy and find it’s difficult to reach a bank at specific time, prefer using online banking services to check their account, transfer money, and pay bills. In addition, email service helps companies to order their employees to accomplish needed assignments and to communicate with their customers to get feedback about their services.
Seekers for fun and entertainment define the Internet as the source of quenching their thirst. They are addicted to games. There are many professional websites provide different kinds of online games divided into action, sport, and adventure games. Also they love watching movies and tracking their favorite actors to get more information about their personal lives and.