In America Movie Review

Major Characters

Johnny Sullivan.Paddy Considine A struggling Irish immigrant and aspiring actor who settles in New York City with his family, in hopes of making a career in Broadway plays. SarahSamantha Morton Johnny’s wife, who faithfully tries to support him and their children, but who is suffering deeply from the death of their only son a few months earlier.Christy.Sarah Bolger Johnny and Sarah’s very sweet, smart and mature 12 year old daughter who is the narrator of the movie, and who spends much of her time filming her family’s adventures in New York with a Camcorder video camera.Ariel.Emma Bolger Johnny and Sara’s absolutely adorable and innocent 8 year old daughter.Mateo.DjimonHounsou A Nigerian immigrant who is suffering from a horrible disease, who lives in the same building that Johnny and his family settle in. At first he seems very strange and distant, but he later becomes a dear friend of Johnny and his family.Plot SummaryThis film is the touching story of the Sullivan family, Irish immigrants who cometo the United States in the late 1980s, so that the family’s father, Johnny, canfollow his dream of becoming a Broadway play actor in New York City. Johnny and hiswife Sarah have many problems, including the fact that they are struggling to survivewith little money in a new and strange country, and that both of them are stillemotionally devastated by the death of their son Frankie, who apparently died a fewmonths earlier of cancer. On the other hand, Johnny and Sarah are blessed by two verymature and adorable daughters, Christy, who is 12, and Ariel, who is 8.After arriving in New York, the family settles into a poor part of Manhattan Islandcalled Hell’s Kitchen, in a building filled with drug addicts and other strugglingpeople. Johnny sets out to become a Broadway play actor, but has little success andmuch frustration, while Sarah works hard to keep her children happy. The childrenare generally wonderful and in fact happy and healthy, but the entire family is stilltrying to deal with the loss of Frankie, who is deeply missed by everyone.When Christy and Ariel become friends with Mateo, the mysterious but ultimately gentleNigerian immigrant whose loud screaming is famous throughout the building, a new chapterin their lives begins. Mateo himself is apparently dying of a horrible disease (mostlikely AIDS), but he has much to teach the Sullivan family about life and dignity,and after Sarah becomes pregnant with another child, the family soon goes throughone more emotion-filled chapter in the fragile circle of life.

Some Words and Expressions that You May not Know

The Sullivans make it to New York City, and the struggle begins for housing and jobs.He told me I only had three wishes.

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A “wish” is a strong desire that you hope or pray will come true.Knock it off, Christy. An excellent colloquial way of saying “stop it!”And that was my first wish used up? If something is “used up,” it is no longer available, or there is none left.We looked all over Manhattan for a place to live &#145til we finally found the home of the man who screamed. An island which is the most important of the five sections of New York City.Keep an eye on their car. “To keep an eye” on something is to watch over it, to make sure it is not hurt, or in this case, perhaps, stolen.Welcome to your new mansion.

A very large house, usually owned by rich people.Look, a lift.

— That hasn’t worked forever. A “lift” is the British word for an elevator.Nowhere else will take us. They don’t want kids in Manhattan. A comment on the fact that many New York apartment buildings do not allow children.I know who the hell it is, man.

“The hell” is added to WH questions and some sentences to show emotion such as anger or frustration. “Man” is a common and overused filler word at the beginning or end of sentences.I’m clean, man. In this context, a drug addict who is “clean” is not taking drugs at the time.Maybe he sees ghosts. — Is this a haunted house? If a house is “haunted,” it has ghosts or other types of bad spirits inside it that are always scaring the occupants. It’s like Fort Knox.

— Cool! Fort Knox is a huge fort or military base where the American government keeps most of the gold it owns. “Cool” is a very common slang word for good, excellent, etc.It’s huge! — I know, it’s enormous.

Two useful adjectives that both mean extremely big.I get top bunk.

A “bunk” is a type of furniture, often found in military bases, in which one bed is built on top of another.Wow, there’s pigeons.

A type of annoying bird commonly found in many cities.It’s a bit of a hole.

— It will be fine when we do it up.

In this context, a “hole” is common slang for an apartment that is in poor condition. “Fine” is widely used for good or satisfactory, and to “do up” an apartment is to improve it with new paint, carpet and other things that make it nicer.We have to leave’em go. Note that in American English, we would say &#145let them go.’Why don’t you go on your skates? Shoes with wheels underneath them for moving faster than walking.I’ll fast-forward through this bit.

To “fast-forward” a video is to move through it quickly or skip it. In this context, a “bit” is a small part of a bigger story.She got a job in the ice cream parlor, so dad could go to auditions.

A “parlor” is a room for guests or socializing, or in this context, a type of old-fashioned restaurant. An “audition” is an event in which play directors observe actors performing various parts, to see if they should be hired for that play.I’m glad you asked me back. I’m really pleased about that. A useful word for content, satisfied or pleased.I really like the character.

A “character” is a person or part in a book, play or film.He’s a bit of a stereotype, but if you want him, you got him. A “stereotype” is a good word for how a person from a particular ethnic group (Italian, Jewish, African-American, etc.) is believed to act by others. I wanted to cast you, but you’ve got to give me more. “To cast” an actor is to hire them to play a certain part or character.Summer came, and with it, the heat. And a new word humidity.

The wetness in the air (In New York, summers are hot and humid).Well done, dad! It’s lovely and cold! “Lovely” means pretty, attractive, or in this case, just agreeable (This is a much more widely used word in England than the US).What are you doing? — I’m reading me script.

A “script” refers to the written words of a play actors must memorize. Note that in the US, you would always say “my script.”Why? — Cause I’m learning me lines.

Note that “because” can be shortened to “cause” in colloquial speech. In this context, “lines” are the words or sentences of a play. Again, in the US one would never use “me” as a possessive pronoun.Ariel’s upset.

She spent too long in the bath. A good word for angry, frustrated or worried.My feet are like prunes! — Oh, Jesus, where’s your ma? A “prune” is a fruit with lots of wrinkles on its skin. “Jesus” is a common way expressing frustration or anger.Hey, can I have some of whatever he’s on? In this context, to be “on” a drug is to be using it to get high, the way people do when smoking marijuana.Crazy, freaked out Irishman. If a person is “freaked out,” they are extremely upset, scared or worried. Johnny almost loses the family fortune, and with Frankie on their minds, the Sullivans decide to have another baby. What’s wrong? — Wrong plug.

The device that is used to connect to the electricity in a wall.102 Sizzler! [Newspaper headline] “To sizzle” is to make the noise that a piece of meat on a hot frying pan will make.I gotta make a living.

“To make a living” is to make the money necessary to survive.You’re from the junkie’s building, right? — So? A “junkie” is a drug addict, and in this case, a person who needs the drug heroin (taken with needles).I got 25 stitches.

He got probation.

A “stitch” is a piece of thread that is used to sew two things together (In this case, pieces of skin!). “Probation” is the act of letting a prisoner free into society before they serve their time in prison, if they agree to certain conditions, such as seeing their probation officer every week,And 25 cents, Mr. American dream.

“The American Dream” is the idea that if you work hard in the United States, you can make a lot of money, buy a house, and maybe even become rich.The lemon drops, they’re magic. You take them, and you forget about your breathing. A type of candy or medicine that you suck on. Say your prayers! Scary dad! A “prayer” is the act of talking or preying to God.Gringo, what the hell is going on up there?! “Gringo” is a well known Mexican word for an American. “The hell” is added to Wh questions to show emotion such as anger, frustration, etc.We got out of there as fast as we could. A colloquial way of saying to leave.Don’t be upset. E.T. has gone to heaven. The abbreviation for “Extra Terrestrial,” or a being from another planet. This refers to the famous 1980s movie directed by Steven Spielberg.You have your sister to play with. — No, she plays with her camcorder.

A video camera that became popular in the 1980s.I do play with youse.

— Not like you used to. Note that “youse” is never used in the United States (You would say you guys instead).It’s a game of chance. It’s as simple as pie.

If something is “simple as pie,” it is very easy to understand or learn. All you have to do is throw the ball through the hoop seven times and you win. A “hoop” is a circular ring that one can jump through or things can be thrown through.You’re excellent, you’re brilliant! A useful word for extremely smart or intelligent.I didn’t need a crowd.

— Well, you’re the main attraction over here. A “crowd” is a big group of people gathered together, often to watch a show. The “main attraction” of a concert or show is the act or star that attracts the most people of all those who are performing.It doesn’t matter. “It’s not important.”Don’t let him break your concentration, Johnny. Another word for focus, or the ability to think clearly on just one subject.Give me the rent money.

Money that is used every month to pay for the rent on an apartment.Wow, go for it, man. A colloquial and widely used way of telling a person to try and do something that may be risky.We can’t blow all our money! — I believe in you, and the kids believe in you. “To blow” something such as money is to waste it or throw it away (“To blow it ” means to do something very badly). “To believe” in a person is to have faith in them and their abilities to do something.And then I used all my will power to quieten the crowd. A person’s “will power” is their determination to do something (Note that in the US, you can quiet a crowd, but &#145quieten’ is not a word).Every cent of every penny we owed was down for an E.T. doll worth $30. A “cent” is 1/100th of a dollar, and a “penny” is a one cent coin. Here, to be “down for” is a slang way of saying being gambled on, or bet on.I said Frankie, I have to ask you for a second wish, and to this day, my dad still believes it was him who won the E.T. doll. This is Christy’s way of saying she believes it was her asking her brother for a second favor or wish which brought good luck to Johnny. Fee, fi, fo fum, I smell the blood of an Irishman. The first words of a poem from several hundred years ago.Run, it’s a monster! A horrible, large and dangerous animal, often found in children’s stories.I was looking for I going insane? An excellent alternative word to crazy.Where are the kids? —They’re in Heaven. Note that in this film, “Heaven” is the name of the ice cream parlor!And that was the moment the baby was conceived.

If a baby is “conceived,” the sperm and egg of the parents join together (In reality, a baby can be conceived days after a couple have sex!)Come here to me. — I can’t. Note that in the US, you would say &#145come here by me.’Frankie had your eyes, Johnny. A way of saying that Johnny’s and Frankie’s eyes looked alike.You blame me. I should’ve been there to catch him when he fell down the stairs. “To blame” a person is to accuse them of being responsible for something bad that has happened.We had to go to a Catholic School, so my dad took a night job. Private schools that are run by nuns in the Catholic church. Everybody smile and say &#145cheese.’ Note that when someone takes a picture of you, they will ask you to say &#145cheese’ because, in theory, this will cause you to smile.Why can’t Jose not see? — It’s not “‘Jose,’ it &#145s &#145oh say can you see?'” A silly play on words: The first words of the Star Spangled Banner (the national anthem of the United States), are “Oh say, can you see?”, which, for Ariel, sounds like “Jose can not see.”Statue of Liberty, nation, friends and caring. The Statue of Liberty is the famous statue in New York harbor that has greeted immigrants as they arrive in the US since the 1880s.Keep your eye on the meter and get in the cab, and keep your ear on the radio. In this case, a “meter” is a device that takes money and measures how long a car has been parked at a place. A “cab” is another word for taxi.401 to base.

If you can hear me, come in.

In this case, a “base” is the organizational headquarters of the taxi company. “Come in” is a way of saying “talk to me and show me that you can hear me.”He’s in his audition.

An “audition” is the chance for an actor to show their acting skills in front of a play director, in hopes of getting a part in the play.Are you on Broadway.

— Yeah, I think so. A famous street in New York where the best plays are shown in expensive theatres. Christy and Ariel bring the mysterious Mateo into their family.Well, youse look great. You’ll knock them out.

In this context, to “knock out” a person is to totally impress them with beauty or talent (If a boxer knocks out an opponent, they are hit so hard that they lose consciousness and fall).Ariel’s an angel, Christy is a forest. — She’s autumn.

An “angel” is a good servant of God, usually with wings. “Autumn” is another word for the season called &#145fall’ in the US.Spare a quarter, please. There you go. “To spare” a quarter (25 cents) is to give it away.Everyone else has bought their costumes.

We look stupid. A “costume” is an outfit that is worn to create the appearance of a particular time, person, place or thing.And last but not least, a special prize this year for the best home made costume goes to the Sullivan sisters. “Last but not least” is a poetic way of saying &#145finally,’ especially when you want to also say that just because something is last, it’s still important.They made it up cause they pity us. You get it cause you’re different. In this case, “to make up” something is to create it. “To pity” something is to feel sorry for them. Note that &#145because’—&gt&#145cause’ in rapid speech.Why would you want to be the same as everyone else? — Cause everyone else goes trick or treating.

“To trick or treat” is to knock on people’s door and ask them for candy during the Halloween holiday (A “trick” is the act of fooling a person, and a “treat” is a little gift, often some food or candy).It’s what they do here for Halloween. The much loved holiday of October 31st, when kids trick or treat at night.Trick or treat. You don’t ask, you threaten.

“To threaten” a person is to warn them that you might do something to hurt them.You can’t do that on the street.because you can’t threaten drug addicts and transvestites.

A “drug addict” is a person who needs a particular drug to avoid great emotional or physical pain, and a “transvestite” is a man who pretends he’s a woman and wears woman’s clothes.Why am I so anxious? If a person is “anxious,” they are very nervous or worried.Knock again, I dare you. “To knock” on a door is to tap on it, and “to dare” a person to do something is to challenge them to do it, even if it’s risky or scary.We thought he was ok, but there was something in his brain. A brain tumor.

A “tumor” is a growth or lump in the body that often is cancer.It was malignant.

If a tumor is “malignant” it is cancerous and dangerous, and if it is benign , it is not cancerous or dangerous.So, what’s in the fridge? A common colloquial way of referring to a refrigerator.Mateo’s fortune.

A “fortune” is a huge amount of money or things that are worth a lot.When luck comes knocking at your door, you can’t turn it away.

“To turn away” a person is to refuse talk to them when they approach you, and perhaps to tell them to leave.How much does it add up to, Christy? — 240 pennies, 12 nickels and two dimes.

A “penny” is a one cent coin, a “nickel” is a five cent coin, and a “dime” is a 10 cent coin.We should invite him over. — No way He gives me the heebie-jeebies.

“To give somebody the heebie-jeebies” is to make them feel very uncomfortable and nervous, the way a snake or spider might.It’s called colcannon. It’s potatoes mixed with curly kale.

“Curly kale” is a type of green leafy vegetable (Colcannon is Irish food that is not known in the US).Halloween is called the day of ancestors, when the dead come back and we hear their voices. A person’s “ancestors” are their relatives who lived before them, including grandparents and generations further back.You have us figured out, huh? “To figure out” a person is to truly understand them.Put the script down. A “script” is the written words for a play or a movie that actors study.This baby will not go full term, and if it did, it would be extremely dangerous to your health. In this context, if a baby goes “full term,” the unborn child will be in their mother’s womb the normal nine months before being born.Every time he spoke, you kicked, like you were applauding him. “To applaud” is to clap hands in approval, often at a concert or play.You kicked like a mule, night and day. A “mule” is a very stubborn animal that is half horse and half donkey.You’re the only actor in the world who can’t lie, even for the sake of the kids. To do something “for the sake of a person” is to do it for them, usually in order to help them.If you can’t touch somebody you created, how can you create somebody who’ll touch anybody? This is Sarah’s way of telling Johnny that if he is so hurt that he can’t get close to anyone emotionally, he won’t be able to father a child who will be able to become emotionally close to anyone themselves.I’ve had to get over him, for the sake of the kids. “To get over” a person is to emotionally move on or recover from the pain of them hurting or leaving you (in this case, because they died).So you’ve got to put your life on the line for the sake of the kids. And that’s protecting them!? “To put your life on the line” is to risk your life doing something that is considered very dangerous.That’s a total contradiction.

An important word that refers to a statement that implies both the truth and falsity of the same thing (i.e.”Two parallel lines intersect in space”).I gotta bleeding get out of here. Note that “have got to”—-&gt “gotta” in rapid speech. “Bleeding” is a filler adjective that is common in England and Ireland, but not the US.The baby could infect her, and the two girls will be left without their ma. “To infect” a person is to give them a disease.So keep your trap shut! In this context, a slangy word for mouth.I asked him to take me instead of him. He took the both of us. This is Johnny’s way of saying God killed both his son, and his own spirit or desire to live.Look what he put in my place. I’m a fucking ghost. Johnny’s way of saying after the death of his son, he became an emotionally dead person because of so much pain.Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses? [Song] An old word for a person who is desperately trying to survive or deal with their problems.It’s gone. I can’t make-believe anymore. In this case, to “make believe” a situation is to pretend it is better than it really is.Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this sun of York. Famous words from Shakespeare. “Discontent” is sadness or frustration.So I’m a little high at this moment. In this context, if a person is “high” they are feeling the effects of a drug such as marijuana.Sometimes it seems everyone in New York was an actor, even the stockbrokers.

A “stockbroker” is a person who sells company stocks, such as those listed on the New York stock exchange.I know I’m white and everything, but I can rap.

“To talk in a poetic song form,” as is done in rap music.Call an ambulance! Someone help! A car or van designed to quickly transport sick or injured people to a hospital.He just fainted! “To faint” is to fall and lose consciousness.He locked me out! — That’s because you’re a junkie, Papo. “To lock out” a person is to make sure they can’t get in. A “junkie” is a person addicted to illegal drugs like heroin.I can’t seem to catch my breath.

To be able to breath normally.They’re magic. If you suck on some, they’ll make you better. “To suck on” a pill is to keep it in your mouth while moving it on your tongue.All right, that’s it.

Get out of the damn car. In this context, “that’s it” is a way of saying you will no longer accept certain behavior which has been so annoying or bothersome. “Damn” is a filler word used to express emotion such as anger or frustration.I was right in the middle of a flow there. A “flow” is regular movement, often of water or another liquid, though here it refers to the flow of words out of the speaker’s mouth.What the hell is the matter with you!? Where’s the Bill of Rights!? “The hell” is added to Wh questions to express emotion such as anger. “The Bill of Rights” is the first 10 amendments to the US Constitution that guarantee fundamental rights like freedom of speech and religion.I got rights, Bro! — Take your fancy handbag! A person’s “rights” are the things they are allowed to do in life simply because they are human. “Fancy” means elegant, brightly colored or perhaps just expensive looking. As Mateo grows sick, the Sullivans face yet one more crisis with a very fragile baby.A warrior who is not afraid to go to the other side. A “warrior” is a solider or fighter, and in this case, “the other side” is life after death.Did he not take the lemon drops? — I don’t think they agree with him anymore. If food does “not agree” with you, it makes you sick.Why do you have sores? A “sore” is a spot on the body that shows signs of injury or sickness.I’m an alien.

Like E.T., from a different planet. An “alien” is a person of a different race or nation, or perhaps planet.My mom had to go into hospital, so I had thought about using my 3rd wish. Note that in the US, one would say to go into the hospitalA dollar a day keeps Frank away. Hey, I’m joking. A well known expression is &#145An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”They’re food stamps.

Come on, you helped me and I’m just trying to help you out for once. “Food stamps” are government paid stamps that allow poor people to get free food. Come on, I’ll tuck youse in.

“To tuck in” a person is to put them into bed, under the blankets.Who is going to iron our school uniforms? “To iron” clothes is to move a hot metal iron on them in order to eliminate wrinkles. A “uniform” is a set of clothes that are worn for a particular school, business or other organization.Will you kneel? “To kneel” is to get down on your knees, often to prey.No monsters, no ghosts, no nightmares, no witches, no people crying in the kitchen smashing the dishes. A “witch” is usually an ugly old woman who flies through the air on a broom handle (in many children’s stories). “To smash” a dish is to hit it violently against something else so that it breaks into many small pieces.No devils coming out of the mirror, no dolls comingalive. Mateo going home, Frankie in heaven. “A devil” is an evil being who fights against God and goodness (In many cultures, the devil is thought to have horns growing out of his head).All together in one happy family, and all well with the world. Amen.

“Amen” is the word that is used to end a prayer and thank God.”To be or not to be,” blah, blah, blah. This is a colloquial way of ending a long sentence when you don’t want to continue speaking, or you don’t want to continue saying words that it’s likely the listener already knows you’re going to say (“To be or not to be” is a very famous line from Shakespeare). Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to stick me head in the damn oven and end it all.

More Shakespeare! If something is “noble,” it is honorable or dignified. In this context, “to end it all” is to commit suicide). (‘&#145tis’ is Shakespearean English meaning &#145it is’, but of course it is no longer used).I need a morphine drip! “Morphine” is a drug that is used to kill pain, and in a hospital context, a “drip” is medicine that is dripped into the blood with a small tube.We’ve stabilized her for now, but she will need a blood transfusion in the next couple hours. “To stabilize” a person’s health is to create conditions so that it doesn’t get any worse. A “blood transfusion” is the injection of another person’s blood into your body.We have to sign this consent form, the pair of us. A “consent form” is a legal document that allows a hospital to do various medical procedures or operations.Mateo said all our blood is bad. You’re not giving our baby bad blood! This suggests that Mateo may be dying of AIDS, since in the 1980s, many people became sick with AIDS when they were given infected blood.He tried to climb the gate and he fell. A “gate” is an opening in a wall or fence to walk through.Christy is 0 negative.

A type of blood (Major types are A, B and O, positive and negative). She can’t survive without it. — That’s what the doctor said before they opened Frankie. In this case, “to open up” a person is to cut them open in order to perform surgery on them.Don’t &#145little girl’ me. I’ve been carrying this family on my back for over a year! This is Christy’s way of telling her father to stop treating her like a little girl, since she is the one who has acted like the family leader, helping it survive this difficult time.Your check bounced.

If a check “bounces,” it is no good because there is not enough money in the bank to cover it. All I could hear was the blood thumpingin my ear, but for some reason, I felt happy. If blood “thumps,” it makes the sound of something being hit.Did Frankie know he was going to die? Is that why he kept nodding and smiling to us? “To nod” one’s head is to move it up and down, as if to acknowledge what is being said.When he died, I cursed God. “To curse” a person is to say or scream vulgar or profane words at them, almost certainly in anger.I told him how you’re not going to see these snottytears running down my cheeks ever again. In this context it appears to mean dirty with nasal mucus (the stuff in your nose), though note it can also mean snobby and arrogant. We need a miracle, Mateo. The word for a event that is so unexpected and apparently so in violation of the laws of science it’s as if God must have caused it.You can’t say hello? Come on, what’s up? An alternative way of asking &#145what’s happening’ or &#145what’s new?’Joe, gimme a few bucks.

Note that “give me” —-&gt “give me” in rapid speech. A “buck” is a very common word for a dollar.I shouldn’t be bothering you. “To bother” a person is to annoy or irritate them.Come on, Irish. Fighting Irish! An expression used in the US to refer to the fighting spirit of the Irish people, and the name for the sports teams of Notre Dame University!Gimme some money! In your pocket! — Take it easy! A widely used way to say calm down! In the right context, it also is used to simply mean goodbye.We’re still friends! — Go to hell.

A crude insult expression (though not as vulgar as &#145fuck you’). The circle of life continues as the Sullivan family grows again, but with bittersweet final goodbyes to those who did not survive. Look, just get me in the door for the audition.

Here, “to get in the door” means simply to be given a chance. An “audition” is a opportunity for an actor to act in front of a director in hopes of getting a part in a play or film.The bill’s been paid. A Mateo Kwane paid it. There’s no balance.

A “bill” is the amount owed after services have been given, and if there is “no balance” on a bill, than nothing is owed (In this case, because it’s already been paid by another person).Big yawn.

The act of opening one’s mouth wide and breathing in deeply.Look up there. It’s Mateo riding past the moon on his bike. Note that the correct verb is to ride a bike.He’s waving goodbye, just like he promised. “To wave” at somebody is to move your hands up and down while looking at them.Look after Frankie. “To look after” a person is to keep an eye on them and make sure that they are OK.It was as hard for Frankie to smile when the tumor was malignantas it was for my dad to cry after. But they both managed it. A “tumor” is a growth or lump of cells in the body, and if it is “malignant,” it is cancerous and dangerous. “To manage” a situation is to be able to handle it or survive it ok.I’m going to switch this off.

It’s not the way I want to see Frankie anymore. “To switch off” an electronic device is to turn it off.So when you go back to reality, I’ll ask Frankie to please, please, let me go. “Reality” is an important word for the real world or real life, as opposed to illusions or fantasies that are simply in people’s heads.