Immigrate to Australia

In this day and age, migration is increasingly prevalent in our society and it has transformed immigrants` lives. But in the meantime, many problems have arisen. In this essay, I will analyse some possible causes of this phenomenon and then propose some solutions.
It is obvious that the difficulties of living in Australia are diverse. The first is culture shock, which comes from suddenly being placed in a strange foreign environment and it is the root cause of the difficulty. It takes a while to be used to, so they should give themselves enough time, but not infinite. An illustration of the point would be that there is a big different between the eastern and western culture. People living in different countries may lead to different understanding and explanation on the same thing. Killing dogs are illegal in Australia, while it is common in China. So many Chinese could not understand it, because in their opinion, dogs are just a kind of animal or one kind of dish. While Australian believed that dogs are pets, they are human`s friend and they can help people to do many things. Therefore, it is easy to cause any unnecessary troubles. In the second place, language is also a problem for many immigrants, especially for Investor immigrants. The reason is that their English is not good enough to living in Australia, they could not communication with locals. The result of that is the community of invertor immigrants is limit to who has the same language. It just like living in the countries which they come from. Last but not the least, racial discrimination is still an intractable problem and we do believe that occurs far too often in the employment context in Australia. A number of employers prefer to hire people who is an Australian. So they have inherent advantages in career in Australia and the other people must pay for more than locals to get the same job and earn same salary. It seems that they live a more stressful life and leads to crimes. Moreover, it is.